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Jhin Build Guide by unhben

Support [11.10] Jhin Traps Your Heart

Support [11.10] Jhin Traps Your Heart

Updated on May 20, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author unhben Build Guide By unhben 6 1 7,274 Views 2 Comments
6 1 7,274 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author unhben Jhin Build Guide By unhben Updated on May 20, 2021
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Runes: Arcane Comet

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[11.10] Jhin Traps Your Heart

By unhben
Who am I?
Hey! My name is bembo and im a gold support player :3

My goal here is to make unreasonable guides that sorta make sense and have super low chances of actually working but sometimes I make actual guides that do work for real champion picks in the support role!

Today I have decided to grace you all with support Jhin!

If you have any questions or concerns about the build or written guide, or maybe even some suggestions on how to improve the build, just let me know in the discussion section! (or let me know if you want an in depth guide on another funny support build hehe...)
Why Jhin?
Jhin support is a very straight forward pick! This pick should be used to provide your team with lots of ranged poke if that's what your composition lacks. As well as ranged poke from Jhin's Curtain Call and Deadly Flourish your E, Captive Audience, helps to provide extra vision on enemies, block off entrances into the jungle or river, slow enemies during an engage or even using them as cover for disengages.

Think of support Jhin as a long ranged Teemo support, or maybe something like an awkwardly scaling Senna! This is definitly a pick you want to go into the late game for either a huge Gathering Storm bonus or lots of Dark Harvest souls.
As you saw above in the build path, your mythic of choice on Jhin support is going to be Imperial Mandate! 3 out of 4, yes count 'em, all apply the Imperial Mandate passive to enemy champions. This is especially useful considering 1 of the abilities, Captive Audience, is a stealthed trap that can be spammed with the bountiful amount of haste this build gives you. As well as the traps the other two abilities that proc the Imperial Mandate passive, Deadly Flourish and Curtain Call, are extremely long range abilities and can be applied from downtown during laning phase or a teamfight.

A recommended item that can help to guarantee the Imperial Mandate proc on ALL of Jhin's abilities including Dancing Grenade and a Deadly Flourish hitting an enemy with no stack for root, is Rylai's Crystal Scepter. I have this item on here more as a precaution if your team is not able to help you proc your W or if your traps aren't packing enough of a punch. The downside to building this item is less its cost but more the fact that it doesn't provide Jhin with the haste he wants to spam all his abilities, especially his traps Captive Audience.

After you build your Imperial Mandate there isnt much else that synergizes with Jhin's kit that's very affordable, so we opt for more utility and haste options!

Building Umbral Glaive second item gives Jhin tons of AD, haste, and a nice passive to help him destroy wards and control vision for his traps! Jhin also struggles taking wards because of his passive Whisper only giving him 4 shots at a time, so this will make clearing enemy vision quickly way better. This vision passive also pairs nicely with Zombie Ward from the Dark Harvest rune page.

Next on the item path is Cosmic Drive or a Stirring Wardstone. If the enemy team really isnt keeping up with the vision game, (shame on the enemy support), you should opt for Cosmic Drive as your third item. It gives Jhin some much needed AP for his trap damage as well as a butt load of haste to reduce those pesky Captive Audience recharge cooldowns. The movement speed provided from Cosmic Drive's passive (given you have over 160 ap at the time which you should by third item + Gathering Storm) is also very nice to have on Jhin since he is very immobile and at risk when ulting or trying to wander around and trap up the area. If you need to control the vision a little more you should opt in for the Stirring Wardstone and try to get it to a Vigilant Wardstone as soon as possible. The movement speed and haste are super valuable to Jhin as well as the extra Stealth Ward and Control Ward being allowed on the map.

After that in the build path are your booties, which arguably should be build right after or before your mythic depending on how much gold you have acquired. I will almost always go with Ionian Boots of Lucidity, but depending on the enemy teams champions you could always go with Boots of Swiftness.

The rest of the items on the list: Chempunk Chainsword, Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil, and Quicksilver Sash are all very matchup dependent whether you need a stasis or spell shield, or maybe some anti-healing for a pesky Soraka or Senna.
With how poke heavy this Jhin build is, I strongly recommend taking the first shown rune page: Arcane Comet, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, Gathering Storm, Biscuit Delivery, and Time Warp Tonic. Using any of your abilities on Jhin can proc your Arcane Comet but it will always be guaranteed when your root your target from an E+W combo. Manaflow Band helps Jhin keep his mana up in lane on top of having Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic. Gathering Storm slowly stacks up but will turn you into a late game monster and you'll be dealing some serious damage.

If youre looking for a bit more of a punch with your build, you can go the second runepage: Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Zombie Ward, Relentless Hunter, Transcendence, and Gathering Storm. This rune page will help provide Jhin with more power behind his abilities on low health targets, help to control more vison paired with an Umbral Glaive, and give you a little more movement speed to bob and weave during fights or be able to rush and set up before an objective faster than the enemy team can show up.

I think for the most part I really recommend taking the Arcane Comet rune page because it's more reliable for a safer laning phase which Jhin wants as a support. This is obviously not going to win 100% of the time but you always want to maximize your survivability so you can really show off the power of your Captive Audience and Imperial Mandate.
Okay so you chose to play the trap master Jhin support! Lets walk you through on how to play and how to efficiently play your very normal and meta pick!

The first thing to consider is the enemy team, specifically the jungler. If you think youre going to get ganked a lot in your lane by a Nunu & Willump, Xin Zhao, or maybe an Elise, you should focus a lot on placing your traps, Captive Audience, in on your side of the river entrance. Jhin support wins lane even if you leave lane going even. As long as you can deter jungle ganks and keep it to a safe and even 2v2 you should be able to scale up safely.

With the junglers out of the way, your goal for early game is to just hang out in lane and poke the **** out of the enemy laners. Besides clearing vision and preparing for dragons, you aren't going to do much before you have your Imperial Mandate.

Your goal from mid to late game is to litter the map with you Captive Audience traps and provide long range poke during teamfights. Unless the enemy team wants to waste resources diving the support Jhin, you should have a clear shot at any enemy 90% of the time. If your team is squishy and vulnerable to being dove or hard engaged on, make sure to trap up against walls and along the jungle paths in an attempt to catch someone else or deter the enemy from jumping onto your team. You should be playing just about the farthest back in the actual fight once you're done planting your Captive Audience throughout the map off cooldown.

Another strong purchase to aid you in your gameplay is swapping your Oracle Lens for a Farsight Alteration. Being able to catch enemies on non warded spots and open up with a Curtain Call is super strong and gives you the ability to gain more information than the enemy wants you to gain on them. Make sure to have crucial spots warded first before using your Farsight Alteration on dark places. If you can catch them and know where the enemy is pathing, whether its a drake or baron, you can save your farsight for a teamfight to find assassins or carries deep in either teams backline.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author unhben
unhben Jhin Guide
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[11.10] Jhin Traps Your Heart

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