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Riven Build Guide by laoshin3v3

Top [11.13] Lao's Riven - Master's Onetrick Guide

Top [11.13] Lao's Riven - Master's Onetrick Guide

Updated on June 30, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author laoshin3v3 Build Guide By laoshin3v3 388 24 799,792 Views 17 Comments
388 24 799,792 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author laoshin3v3 Riven Build Guide By laoshin3v3 Updated on June 30, 2021
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Hunipop (2) | October 25, 2019 7:13pm
i got the new riven skin out of an orb, ig im a riven main now.
i watched OTP riven players recently, and i've finally managed to get myself into a game to play her. never thought i'd have this much fun in league, at least it was only fun when you're the one winning.
anywho, verrrry splendid guide! i could tell a definite difference in my gameplay after checking out a few riven guides over the course of the week.
F1SHEYES (3) | January 27, 2019 11:28am
Thoughts on Electrocute?
laoshin3v3 | January 27, 2019 11:58am
Some Riven players take it against matchups where u have to do short trades like Kennen. Personally I don't like it and won't ever use it.
F1SHEYES (3) | January 28, 2019 2:53pm
RivenMainInTheMaking | January 10, 2019 9:35am
Why run essence reaver? I've heard its good if your ahead, but curious for why to run it.
lLuucas18 | November 22, 2018 5:11am
What do you think about the new shield rune ? Is not good ?
laoshin3v3 | November 27, 2018 11:59am
It's overated and most likely u won't take it with you. Other choices are better most of the Time and u want to take sorcery with u for the cdr, otherwise u'd have to change ur whole itembuild.
Neviir | November 21, 2018 9:06am
Just a little suggestion for the first bonus rune. Wouldn't it be better to go for the cooldown reduction because once it carries over into ad due to transcendence, wouldn't it be more than the adaptive ad?
laoshin3v3 | November 21, 2018 10:51am

Thanks for your suggestion, in my opinion this is the best setup and i can list you a few points which may change your mind too.

- Games go shorter from time to time and you won't get the full scaling of the rune anyway most games.
- Riven's lanephase can be very harsh and you need early power
- No matter vs what champ you play you always have a disadvantage since they have more stats at the start
- 10 Adaptive force = 6 AD and transcendence 10% cdr equals 12 AD so you only get 6 AD more but need to be lvl18 for it.

In my opinion it's not worth at all but you can play what fit's best for you!
RoBeetle | October 12, 2018 3:31am
can you explain why you are telling us to buy warhammer then kindlegem then cdr boots? Because I personally think that buying finished items is "stronger" than buying items that do not build in to one complete finished item.
laoshin3v3 | October 14, 2018 3:09am

The main reason is because you want to get to your cdr cap as soon as possible. If you don't like the build path i'd strongly recommend warhammer kindlegem and then finish Death's Dance and then build the other Items. You just can do a lot more with such low cooldowns that's why rushing all of these items is very strong.
Babboo | October 11, 2018 8:43am
Hi! I watch Riven streamers: Boxbox & Viper mainly,but I cant seem to do much in games. When I first started I was doing really well, but then things just went downhill. I play too passively because I'm scared of a lot of champions and as a result I screw myself over. Also farming is kind of hard, I usually have to do short trades to get some CS as well. I fall behind on gold and as a result cannot reach my spikes. Any tips? I tried some other guides and things but they told me to just quit Riven and etc, which didn't help at all. I really like this champion and like a challenge, so I'd appreciate the help thanks
laoshin3v3 | October 14, 2018 3:14am
There are a few things that can put you behind such as going for the montage plays for no reason lacking on farm or building wrong Items. Practice makes perfect, take your time watch your replays and you'll instantly recognize mistakes you'r doing. Nobody really likes to watch their own replays but it helps trust me! If you play too passively you probably often gift your lane opponent the lane for no reason. Don't be scared to fight every single matchup has a few different aspects that you can abuse. If you struggle with matchups i'd highly recommend Adrian Riven's matchup Guides on youtube. With playing more and more you'll know your limits better so how i said at the beginning practice makes perfect. Everyone has to start somewhere keep up your motivation and good attitude and you'll climb in no time!

I hope this helps. Wish you the best of luck and most importantly have fun!
Agent00tod (1) | July 4, 2018 6:38am
Yes Yes very good Nesquik slurper
laoshin3v3 | July 7, 2018 10:26am
Slimybaitor | July 1, 2018 1:02am
Hello great guide but I have a question, whenever I play riven my damage on the chart is so low, is it because I farm to much or what
laoshin3v3 | July 1, 2018 12:30pm

That issue could have many reasons why. Maybe try to watch your replays and see why, try to autoattack more, it's Rivens highest damage. If u can't identify the reason in your replays, watch some Riven streamers and see what they do different.

Hope that helps you!
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