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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Riven Build Guide by laoshin3v3

Top [11.13] Lao's Riven - Master's Onetrick Guide

Top [11.13] Lao's Riven - Master's Onetrick Guide

Updated on June 30, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author laoshin3v3 Build Guide By laoshin3v3 388 24 800,867 Views 17 Comments
388 24 800,867 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author laoshin3v3 Riven Build Guide By laoshin3v3 Updated on June 30, 2021
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Runes: Conqueror

Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Shield Bash
Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[11.13] Lao's Riven - Master's Onetrick Guide

By laoshin3v3

Hello there!

My name is Lao Shin, I'm 21 Years old and I'm a high elo Toplane Main!

I've played League of Legends since season 1, and have mained toplane since season 2. My second best role is midlane. Ever since season 3 I've been high Diamond and peaked Challenger multiple season's. League of Legends has always been my main game, the most fun part of the game is never learning out, there is always something new.

I've mostly been stuck to playing Riven in soloQ but i also have some competetive experience, I've played in some different team's from my country and always really enjoyed the competetive aspect of the game.

If u have any questions or simply want to see me play, u can check out my Twitch channel. I'm trying my best to teach toplane/midlane to everyone who is interested!

Riven is one of the hardest champions to master, but also one of the most rewarding. She has a very unique champion kit and also some mechanics like the doublecast combo, no other champion in the game has to offer.

Riven has a lot of Pro's why u want to play her,the most important factor why u should want to play her is because she is a lot of fun and u have a lot of different possibilities what to do with her spells.

She is great in every state of the game. Lanephase u can always outplay and snowball. Midgame is where Riven begins to shine, u get the 40% powerspike and get your teammates and yourself a huge lead. Lategame u'r an unstoppable splitpush beast who's really hard to deal with 1v1.


+Unique Champion Kit

+Insane Scaling

+Outplay Potential when getting ganked

+High Carry Potential

+High Mobility

-High Skill Cap


-Gets Countered Easily

-Vulnerable to CC

Skill Order

> >

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Passive: Runic Blade

Riven's blade gains a Charge for 6 seconds every time she uses an ability (stacks up to 3 times). Riven's basic attacks consume a Charge when available to deal 25 - 50 (based on level)% AD bonus physical damage.

Hitting the enemy with a single auto attack after every Q does really help u doing a lot more damage, so use ur passive wisely

Q: Broken Wings

Riven dashes towards the target nearest to the cursor or in the direction she is currently facing, dealing physical damage to all enemies in front of her. Broken Wings can then be reactivated twice within the next 4 seconds, with the second cast refreshing the timer.

Broken Wings' third cast damages all enemies around Riven in an expanded radius, knocks them up, and can be used to go through narrow terrain.

Each Broken Wings cast resets Riven's basic attack timer.

As i said above always auto attack after every Q.
If u have below 550 Ms, use ur Q and E to run faster to ur lane.

W: Ki Burst

Riven's sword emits a burst of runic energy that shocks nearby enemies, dealing physical damage and applying a stun for 0.75 seconds.

Ur stun duration is very low, but u can cancel a lot of things with it. Ornn R, Jax E.. etc.

E: Valor

Riven dashes in the direction of the cursor, shielding herself for 1.5 seconds.

With ur shield u re - position a lot and can jump easier over walls. Also only with ur E doublecast works, more information below.

R: Blade of the Exile

Riven transforms her sword for 15 seconds, gaining (20% AD) bonus attack damage, 75 bonus range on her basic attacks, increased range on Broken Wings, and Ki Burst, as well as becoming able to cast Wind Slash once for the duration.

Use ur first cast of R at the beginning of the fight so u have all the bonus damage from the beginning. The second cast is a execute spell so it does more damage when the enemy is low life. "Last hit" with it.

Flash is ur most important teamfight spell. It can change everything and turn the game for ur favor, never waste it for a solo kill except it's like a shutdown with a lot of gold. Try to communicate with ur team so they know when flash is up and u can fight. Don't hurry too much take ur time and get the perfect engage.

Teleport is great for ganking botlane or counter ganking botlane when the enemy jungler is there, sometimes u can get a tripple kill or simply save ur team, it wins games don't underrestimate it. Usually in the late game u can splitpush botlane and TP to ur team when a baron fight comes up.

Ignite enables u some games to snowball out of controll, but also can completely kick you out of the game when there is a huge minion wave and u get killed. If u know u can win the lane or maybe even 1v2 the enemy toplaner + jungler, sure go for it. But for ranked Teleport is the savest option.

Precision and Inspiration

ConquerorWith the Death's Dance change in Patch 8.24 Conqueror heals with Deaths Dance a huge amount of health. The Rune was incredible good before that change but now it's even better.

Precision & Inspiration

Conqueror gives u a lot of AD once it's active and it is the reason tanks frighten fighters like Riven again, Death's Dance first item became really good because the rune scales so well with it. Always try to get it active stacked before u engage on the enemy, it makes a huge difference.

Triumph can save u multiple times in a single teamfight, in lanephase it can also give u that little extra HP u need to survive when u towerdive the enemy.

Legend: Tenacity is simply the best choice of those 3 runes you could take because you don't really need the attackspeed, you already have enough lifesteal and since Riven is very vunerable to CC Tenacity is the best you could wish for.

Last StandNot much to say about this rune, gives a good amount of bonus damage which really helps a lot no matter if lanephase or teamfights later on.

Magical Footwear means free boots with even more movementspeed awesome rune.

Cosmic Insight is for more cd which means even more spamming! Lowers cooldown for basically everything.

If u play against a heavy AD teamcomp or a lot of autoattacker's like Yasuo Jax etc. u definitly want to pick up Ninja Tabi

Mercury's Treads or how i like to call them: anti CC boots, are very important for Riven. Crowd Controll is her most scarry enemy, if u get cc'd too much or need magic ressist pick them up.

Even tho we all miss our good old The Brutalizer this is what we got for it, and it's pretty good. this is the item u try to rush first, it gives great cdr, ad, and it's really cheap. After u bought it u can deciede to get Black Cleaver or Death's Dance . Both choices are fine, it highly depends on ur matchup if u play vs a tank u should take Black Cleaver , but if it's a fighter matchup take Death's Dance

Don't get Tiamat early, it's not as good anymore except u need the waveclear. After u get a lead and ur first item u can always grab it push the wave and roam for ur team, also u can combine it into every combo existing it just fits in everywhere. Get enemy jungle camps or spot the enemy jungler is really important and higher's ur lead by a lot. Later in the game u can upgrade it to Ravenous Hydra and ur splitpush potential highers up a lot. Need more HP? just upgrade it to Titanic Hydra the active of it is a autoattack reset and enables some good combos.

Riven's hardcounter is crowd controll, with Quicksilver Sash u prevent it and if u play against something like a malzahar he can't ult u anymore or it's a waste. Also the magic ressist it gives makes u more tanky. I wouldn't recommend upgrading it into Mercurial Scimitar except it is ur last item or u need the lifesteal really badly.

If u snowball u can always pick up some lethality like Youmuu's Ghostblade it's also nice because of the movementspeed active. It helps to get closer to the enemy or escape from a bad position. Don't buy this vs tanks.

Similar like Youmuu's Ghostblade it's good for snowballing, it gives more damage than Youmuu's Ghostblade but u don't have the MS active. But u can roam great with this item, because u always know when u step on a ward.

Black Cleaver is probably the best item ever for Riven. It gives u a lot of cooldown reduction so u cap at 40% easier, u can shred tanks with it and it gives u some health. It's very very rarely that u don't get it in a game.

Riven is a duellist champ, really strong in 1v1, 1v2's. Getting Death's Dance double's the amount of your duelliing potential, it gives u lifesteal and a tanky passive. Having Black Cleaver + Death's Dance its one of ur hardest powerspikes. Almost no toplaner can beat u in a 1v1 anymore. Also the lifesteal is kinda nice to clear enemy jungle camps and stay full life.

U can get Ravenous Hydra almost every game, it's great because it fits into every combo and the active lifesteals too. Also it turns Riven into a splitpush machine! Never forget to use the active, it can deciede between killing the enemy and dying.

Riven's hardcounter is crowd controll, with Quicksilver Sash u prevent it and if u play against something like a malzahar he can't ult u anymore or it's a waste. Also the magic ressist it gives makes u more tanky. I wouldn't recommend upgrading it into Mercurial Scimitar except it is ur last item or u need the lifesteal really badly.

Enemys stack armor? They patched Last Whisper so it's now not only bonus armor. U always need it in matchups like Dr. Mundo or Malphite. Important is to look what kind of last whisper u want to upgrade it. There is Lord Dominik's Regards when the enemys stack hp, but if they have a lot of healing u always want to upgrade it into Mortal Reminder.

If u need some extra health and get bursted too hard u might wanna buy
Sterak's Gage. It's especially good vs champions like Darius Rengar Wukong Camille.

Short said, it's anti crit. If u struggle against a fed adc, a Tryndamere or a Yasuo this is the item u want to get as fast as possible after ur 40% CDR core. It gives armor health and most importantly -10% Crit damage.

if u already bought Quicksilver Sash and u need extra lifesteal upgrade it into Mercurial Scimitar also the active effect changes a little bit, now u get extra movementspeed when u active it.

Guardian Angel is a great item overall, it gives u some armor a lot of AD and revives u if u die. It's perfect for teamfighting u wanna engage really deep in the enemy backline, and a lot of times u don't survive that, well with this item u do!

What's Important?

Try to create ur own Playstyle, enemys won't expect what they have never played against before. Usually u obviously want to win ur lane and try not to die. Always buy a Controll Ward when u have that 75 Gold left. It won't hurt u, i promise.

Early Game

The lanephase highly depends on the matchup. In some matchup's you can snowball out of controll and in some matchup's you just farm up and try to outscale the enemy, no matter if it's a hard or easy matchup u always want to have perfect CS, if u struggle with that try to improve it on custom games it's your main gold income. If u get ganked and you are lvl6 a lot of times u can kill them both, if the enemy jungler is a squishy champ or underleveld. If u manage to actually kill them both the game is almost yours.

Mid Game

This is the time u want to have ur Black Cleaver + Caulfield's Warhammer finished. It's your 40% Cdr powersike. If u got a lead and manage to get first tower try to gank mid or get a TP on botlane and get drake. If u can't do anything of these try to get Herald with ur jungler or simply get the enemy junglers camps. But always be aware that u don't die and keep up the perfect farm.

Late Game

In the lategame your job is to kill the enemy carrys like the midlaner or Adc. U should always try to keep ur Flash and Teleport up because the game deciding teamfight could happen every second. If nashor is up u can go botlane and splitpush, but only if ur Teleport is up! If the enemys engage on your team instantly teleport, don't think about staying and pushing except you are sure u can finish the game. Teleporting is the saver way tho.

Riven's job in a Teamfight is to hard engage into the enemy backline and get the Adc, Midlaner or Both. Learn to be patient and don't randomly flash in because u think that's your opportunity to be a hero/playmaker. Play with your team, not against them. A lot of players like to spam their abilitys on cooldown so wait for them to burn anything important and then hard engage.

This is probably the hardest and one of the most usefull things u can do with Riven. This is the difference between a Riven player and a true Riven Onetrick. The Fast Q is simple but still hard to learn and to perform in a live game. But its hella worth.

Simple but usefull, if u hold ur mouse over the enemy and press Q it will just dash and do dmg, but if u hold ur mouse behind the enemy it will dash through the enemy and allow u to dodge some skillshots.

Here is an example:

If u really want to master Riven u need to learn how her combo kit works. Jump into the Sandbox mode and try it out ur self. As soon as u understand how everything works and in which order u have to Combo u can try new things out ur self and won't ever need to watch a video like this. But for the start to get u inspired it can help a lot.

Double Cast is awesome its one of a kind, a comepletly unique technique its simple to understand especially if u already understand how to combo, here is how it works:
Riven can use two spells at one time while her E is active.

The most used doublecast is the E - AutoAttack - W - Q u can also combine it with Flash, its really usefull u can suprise the enemy and instantly delete him.

Here is a more detailed explanation by Adrian Riven

Wallhops are very important for a good Riven player if u are new to this i would highly recommend to only walljump with using E before ur 3rd Q. Hop into the Sandbox mode and try every wall, practice is everything. After some time u get a feeling for it and u will know where exactly the perfect position is to get every walljump.

Here is a graph what walls and cornercuts are jumpable.

If u want to learn the really hard walls here is a perfect video made for that. All Credits for the Video go to Dekar173!

If u still have any questions left, feel free to comment,
ask me on twitter or on

I'd like to give a special thanks to:

> Anney a good friend of mine who created the Pictures
> everyone who helped me to create this masterpiece
> everyone who votes and gives me feedback
> everyone who read the guide

Thanks for reading, i hope u learned something and good luck in soloQ!

League of Legends Build Guide Author laoshin3v3
laoshin3v3 Riven Guide
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