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Yone Build Guide by freddy66623

Top [12.15] πŸͺ€ Yo-Yo πŸͺ€ Yone - In Depth - Combo's + Video

Top [12.15] πŸͺ€ Yo-Yo πŸͺ€ Yone - In Depth - Combo's + Video

Updated on August 9, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author freddy66623 Build Guide By freddy66623 147 19 474,977 Views 4 Comments
147 19 474,977 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author freddy66623 Yone Build Guide By freddy66623 Updated on August 9, 2022
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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
Aggressive Mid / Top
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
My Other


Yone - The Unforgotten
Melee, DPS, Assassin, Jungler

Synergy: Goes well in nearly any team.
Jungler ganking potential: High burst damage makes for good ganks.
Speciality: Burst Damage
information: Welcome to my Yone guide. Why Yo-Yo? πŸͺ€πŸͺ€ Yasuo is known as the beyblade and Yone is the calmer, more controlled version of his brother, making him the πŸͺ€ Yo-Yo to Yasuo's beyblade.
Yone is a potentially amazing solo carry champion, very much like his brother Yasuo. He is a quick burst assassin who is somewhat hard to play and will take some dedication to master. In this guide I will cover everything I have learned so far and I hope it help you become a better Yone player.

My name is Freddy!

Hi everyone, my name is Freddy! I'm one part of the duo channel Timnfreddy We are 2 good friends who go way back and play games together! We're a small channel, but steadily growing with a nice community building up!

We stream almost every day from 19:00 - 23:30 +1GMT (Brussels Time)(Times may vary but this is what we generally aim for). We have a Discord Server where you're more than welcome to come hang out or ask any questions you might have.

What can you expect from our channel? A fun duostream where Timmy and I try to tackle league together while being as interactive with the chat as we can! We also do RP giveaways to celebrate our milestones so try your luck on those!


βš”οΈ Strong Early Game
βš”οΈ Excellent Waveclear
βš”οΈ Snowball Potential
βš”οΈ Good in all ELOs
βš”οΈ Solo Carry Potential

πŸ—‘ Squishy
πŸ—‘ Easily CC'ed
πŸ—‘ High Skill Cap
πŸ—‘ High ban rate
πŸ—‘ Often Focused by Enemies

Is Yone's passive, This makes his every second attack to do magic damage, making him difficult to lane against and counter build. His critical chance is also doubled and the critical damage is reduced just like Yasuo

Is your Q ability. It stacks gathering storm up to 2 times before you're able to release a tornado while dashing forward knocking up enemies after a dash.
Tip 1: This ability allows you to jump over walls, EVEN THICK ONES, so make sure to really abuse it in jungle.
tip 2: Use this ability together with your ultimate for maximum damage combo.

& is your basic combo. You Fate Sealed towards an enemy, then Spirit Cleave to hit them for a % of their health.[/color]
Tip: be careful not to put yourself too far forward. It is still easy to get CC'd and get caught out of position

Is your bread and butter. It allows you to leave your body behind and snap back to it at a later time. It also gives you a mini Zed ultimate of sorts and works wonders if you combo it with your [mortal steel] [fate sealed][/color]
Tip: Your E allows you to somewhat safely commit or scout out the fog of war and retreat at a really quick pace.

Finally this is Yone's ultimate ability. Of course as [yasuo]'s brother, their ultimates work very well together. Yone charges forward knocking enemies airborne, after which he appears behind the furthest enemy hit.

Full Rotation

Of course the rotation may vary depending on your opening as an assassin but this is your highest damage output possible.
♦️ Prepare
Mortal Steel stack 2 stack of [gathering storm], before you want to press your E and use Soul Unbound
♦️ 2. knockup engage
Soul Unbound is followed after your 2 stacks of Gathering Storm by Mortal Steel, then you want use your Mortal Steel to dash towards your enemy and follow it up immediately with an W Spirit Cleave!
♦️ 3. max damage You only have 5 seconds before Soul Unbound pulls you back, now after you have used Spirit Cleave you will want to follow it up with a Mortal Steel and finish it with a Fate Sealed
♦️4. final damage Fate Sealedis your final burst of damage before Soul Unbound pulls you back in. This on top of an Ignite should be more than enough to kill almost any mid-laner even allowing you to dive under turret


Yone can be run in a few different ways but Conqueror and Domination is the most successful due to the fact that it gives you attack speed, assassin potential, and life steal. An argument can be made for Fleet Footwork but personally I think Conqueror is much safer.


Precision is really great on Yone, it works exceptionally well with attack speed champions and continues to take the cake on solo carry assassins. Yone being one of them of course this is my go to rune when playing him.

Why Conqueror? Well it is a rune that works wonders with most attack speed champions. That and the fact that you can proc it using Mortal Steel allows you to get the 12 stack really fast in early game. Its damage is only rivaled by Fleet Footwork in my opinion

I chose Triumph because its just such a good survivability rune. As Yone you are an assassin that will jump in and out of team fights. But you are still quite squishy. Triumph allows for you to survive after taking damage.
Next up we have Legend: Alacrity now this is the primary choice for almost any champions that runs Conqueror as it allows you to attack at and have one fuel the other which of course on assassins like Yone works beautifully, this can is only rivalled by Legend: Bloodline for its life steal... which does give him some more early game sustain but if you feel confident enough I would suggest Legend: Alacrity.
I chose Coup de Grace to stay within the realm of being an assassin. My goal is to burst down an enemy at an unreasonable rate forcing them to lose any and all option on a counter play. It works wonders with [yone]'s ultimate [fate sealed]
So why Offense attack speed & armour followed by adaptive. Well Your can be traded out for magic resist depending who you are going up against, but the attack speed and adaptive is just generally what you will always want on Yone


Domination is definitely your second pick. Due to its ability to give you more attack damage and sustainability through life steal.

Taste of Blood is a great rune, it allows you to heal from your bonus AD giving you that little bot lane sustain that you will desperately need in the early game.

Now Ravenous Hunter is basically a free Rengar passive but then on an actually stupid over powered champion like Yone

Yone Basic Build

Immortal Shieldbow is your go-to mythic item. It offers you everything you need in terms of offence and defence. Excellent item overall!
Berserker's Greaves is your start! The mobility and attack speed is way too important.
Infinity Edge is key, it will get you 100% critical chance due to your passive Way of the Hunter and will cancel out the fact that you lose critical damage.
Bloodthirster is your self heal! So you are now crit striking on every single hit and the Bloodthirster will give you an immense amount of damage and life steal on top of it.

Yone's Yo-Yo Combo's!

Where Yasuo has the bay blade combos, Yone is a Yo-Yo.

First Combo:

So the Q + Flash combo is your basic assassinate move. You use Flash followed by Q to gap close and kill your opponent.

Flash Cleave

Spirit Cleave + Flash Is where you want to use your Spirit Cleave then follow it up immediately with a Flash as a gap closer.

+ + + + +

1. First thing you will want to do is have 2 stacks of Mortal Steel
2. Second you start the Yo-Yo by using Soul Unbound
3. Mortal Steel to dash towards your enemy,
4. follow this with a Spirit Cleave,
5. auto attack,
6. Mortal Steel,
7. auto attack,
8. Mortal Steel then snap back with your
9. Soul Unbound, and dash back to them with the
10. Mortal Steel

+ + + + + + +

1. First thing you will want to do is have 2 stacks of Mortal Steel
2. Second you start the Yo-Yo by using Soul Unbound
3. Fate Sealed towards your enemy,
4. follow this with a Mortal Steel to fly back,
5. Spirit Cleave
6. Mortal Steel,
7. auto attack,
8. Mortal Steel
9. Soul Unbound, and dash back to them with the
10. Mortal Steel to finish whatever is left

+ + + + + + +

1. First thing you will want to do is have 2 stacks of Mortal Steel
2. Second you start the Yo-Yo by using Soul Unbound
3. Fate Sealed towards your enemy,
4. follow this with a Mortal Steel to fly back,
5. Spirit Cleave
6. Mortal Steel,
7. auto attack,
8. Mortal Steel
9. Soul Unbound, and dash back to them with the
10. Mortal Steel to finish whatever is left

+ + + + + + +

0. First thing you will want to do is have 2 stacks of Mortal Steel
1. Second you start the Yo-Yo by using Soul Unbound (pref over a wall)
2. Mortal Steel towards your enemy,
4. follow this with a Fate Sealed charge them back after the knockup
5. Mortal Steel
6. Spirit Cleave,
7. Mortal Steel
8. Soul Unbound
9. watch them trying to figure out why you are 10 miles away

Early game

Control yourself

Early game! Early game on Yone is not super tricky but you do have to be careful. The key is CONTROL YOURSELF! He can do quite a big chunk of damage but is also super squishy. Whereas Yasuo needs minions in order to hop around... Yone does not! So it does allow you to push and roam. But what I mean by control is for the first 3 levels you just want to keep your enemy at bay and freeze lane. It's super easy to push on him so try not to be too hyper active. Once you are 3 and have your Soul Unbound you can start to engage on the enemy using your basic combo to poke them out. Remember to focus on farming and lane control. Try to see if you can get a deep ward in around 6 minutes as you will be able to absolutely destroy almost any jungle with Yone. Once you are 6 you can try an all-in combo if you feel your enemy is squishy enough! Try to have at least a Cloak of Agility with Berserker's Greaves to get some critical strikes off. You will be running ignite so winning lane is a must!

Mid Game,

So when mid game rolls around the teamfights will start to happen. One thing to keep an eye out for is focus. Who do you focus? Who are they focusing? On Yone the focus of them will be most likely on you! So when it comes to team fights make sure you get your Soul Unbound somewhere safe if you are not ready to fight 5 instantly turning on you. But you are however still an assassin! Personally I prefer to play him a little more KDA styled as that is what he is intended to be, and just focus on backline squishies and cleanups. The second play style is just split push! You will be able to apply a lot of pressure and you will almost always be able to 1V1 a top or even 1V2 if you play your cards right allowing your team to secure objectives.

Mid Game

Yone Late game.

Yone's late game is where he shines in the hands of someone who knows how to play him.


This is where he destroys. He now has the sustain and damage to destroy any ADC and APC with his Fate Sealed. Remember to use Soul Unbound because you will still need a get away in case of the inevitable focus they will lay upon you :p.


When it comes to split pushing you are still very strong. Remember they will have to send a lot your way! HOWEVER! with a Bloodthirster or a Blade of the Ruined King you can solo baron ! So if you see the opportunity to catch that sneaky baron play, remember that with your Spirit Cleave and your lifesteal it's an easy clap.

Thanks for reading my guide guys! I will continue to update and keep my guides up to date, if there is any kind of question or information you would like from me feel free to come ask on twitch, send me a DM on this account or hop over to our discord:
League of Legends Build Guide Author freddy66623
freddy66623 Yone Guide
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[12.15] πŸͺ€ Yo-Yo πŸͺ€ Yone - In Depth - Combo's + Video

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