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Tryndamere Build Guide by King Turtle

Top [12.8] Menace To LoL Tryndamere

Top [12.8] Menace To LoL Tryndamere

Updated on April 26, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Build Guide By King Turtle 12 5 56,238 Views 4 Comments
12 5 56,238 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Tryndamere Build Guide By King Turtle Updated on April 26, 2022
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Runes: Tankmere

1 2
Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Sudden Impact
Ingenious Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
The Holy Crusader
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[12.8] Menace To LoL Tryndamere

By King Turtle
Build Introduction
This build is meant to take the advantages of Tryndamere kit and combine them with tank stats. I thought of this build because of the rise of tank based builds on champions like Kog Maw. You still have good pushing power, and your late game potential is off the charts. One big part of this build is your options for CC. You have 3 seperate slows you can use to stick on people, so when one slow wears off, you can use another, and then do it again until you're out of slows or the enemy is dead. Those 3 slows are Stridebreaker slow which is 40% over 3 seconds, Randuin's Omen has a 99% slow which lasts for .25 seconds, and Trynd W has a slow on enemies facing away that scales up to 60%. The exact scaling is 30/37.5/45/52.5/60%.
Using these all at the same time will be useless, as slows dont stack, but being able to time these slows to activate after each previous slow ends will keep your enemy slowed the entire fight or trade. Finally, the other big part of this build is the damage reduction. Tryndamere's W has flat AD reduction. The exact scaling is 20/35/50/65/80 AD. Add on the Randuin's Omen Active which reduces the AD of each champion hit by it by 10% for 4 seconds. These 2 effects stack. For example, I tested this against a Renekton with 198 AD with Max Rank W and Randuins. His AD got reduced to 178 on Randuins activation, and then down to 106 AD on W activation. With just W and Randuins I took out 92 AD for 4 seconds.
Pros And Cons
Same Early Power: Seeing as we're still starting Dorans Blade, you should still be fine going in for level 1 trades and all ins. After that it'll mostly be farming with whip and E, then finding trades whenever possible to smack the enemy top laner.

AD Reduction: This build also takes advantage of an underutilized but interesting part of Tryndamere's kit, his AD reduction. You can reduce an insane amount of AD with the combination of Trynd W and Randuins Active, allowing you to go in, nerf the enemy carry, and start beating them senseless.

Split Pushing: With this build you essentially have the same split pushing power as a normal tryndamere, meaning you could side lane for a while if you really wanted to.

Early Crit: The one issue I've found with this build is just that you lose out a little on early crit because you're only getting PD up to mid game, but your rage passive helps mitigate it a little bit.

  • For this build Grasp will be our main rune so we can build up for mid and late game. The sooner you get beefy the better, and with how often you can trade you'll be getting a good amount of grasp stacks.

  • Demolish is going to be a helpful tool for split pushing and getting those early plates.

  • Bone Plating adds some defense to make trades easier and ward off any quick poke champions that might try to get under your skin early.

  • Unflinching adds Tenacity at low hp which is perfect for us as you're going to be low hp a lot in both Ultimate and from constant early trading.

  • Sudden Impact is one of Tryndamere's most consistent runes so it only makes sense for us to run it as you'll be activating it often. It'll be a nice boost of armor pen and make the game feel better as a whole.

  • Ingenious Hunter works to lower the cooldowns of your items like stridebreaker so you can use it more often for wave clear or for killing enemy champions.

    Alternative Runes

  • New Lethal Tempo is kinda busted right now, so I might as well make it a rune page on this guide, because it's always fun to be able to smack enemies around at mach 5 and be tanky enough to blatantly ignore frontlines without fear of getting locked down.

  • Triumph gives us health back on takedowns and a little extra gold for our troubles. It's a solid rune and works just fine on Tryndamere.

  • Since one of our biggest issues is hard CC, why not double down on tenacity to fix that problem. It's especially helpful for late game as that's when you're going to get targeted more.

  • Last Stand is going to be effective the same way Unflinching is, the lower your HP, the higher your damage boost, and with ultimate you're going to be low hp a lot.

  • Conditioning is good for bonus tank stats to get us beefier sooner. It's also a nice early game push the make farming and dealing with poke a touch more bareable.
Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer is going to be a really good item for tryndamere as it gives you a bit of every stat you want while also giving you movement speed to stick on anyone trying to escape your oversized piece of metal. It's also really cheap, allowing for a faster build path and earlier completion.
Berserker Greaves
Berserker's Greaves are great for tryndamere because of the attack speed gain paired with them being low cost. We'll be getting them 2nd to make up for lost power early on.
Stridebreaker is going to be our mythic because it gives good stats for this build and the slow is the big point. you still get attack speed and you get some survivability while also being able to stick on people the way normal tryndamere can. It also gives move speed per legendary meaning you're still getting the move speed gain youd usually get from galeforce, but with a slow added on.
Randuins Omen
Randuin's Omen is your other bread and butter item. You gain tank stats and some more HP to further improve your survivability, along with the slow and AD reduction you get from Randuins Active making AD champs easier to negate in the late game. Then there's also the 20% crit damage reduction that will fit well for handling champions like yasuo and yone who can snowball like crazy and 1v5 if given the chance. You get 10 ability haste which stacks into the 50 you already have from the first 2 items, and finally the rock solid passive gives you further resistance towards attacks and scales with HP(which we get a lot of).
Axiom Arc
Axiom Arc is going to work incredibly well on Tryndamere as his Ultimate opens up tons of potential for outplays and escapes, so having it available as soon as possible will make your game a lot easier and hopefully help you die less when you try go in and smack the adc around.
Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge is going to be a bit weird to use here because we naturally only have 40% crit chance at 0 rage, but as long as you have 50 rage or more you will have enough crit chance to activate Infinity Edge passive and increase your damage output enough to be useful. You also gain 70 AD which is going to be great for E damage and Stridbreaker active. All in all, you should try to be at 50 rage or more as much as posisble to most effectively use Infinity Edge.
Alternative Item

Sterak's Gage is a great bruiser item on tryndamere if you feel that you need it, as he has one of the highest Base ADs in the entire champion pool, making the best use of its passive, and getting a solid amount of health. The added shield allows you to dealy your R longer so you can have the best chance of killing your target and getting out before the duration ends.
Early Game
Since we aren't going standard crit Tryndamere, you're going to be a little weaker early on while you get your stridebreaker. You can still level 1 trade as normal because you'll be buying dorans blade, but after that you'll lose out on some damage until you get to level 6. If you do trade between 2-6 just do your best to at least get a grasp stack out of it. The one big problem with this build for now is your lack of sustain outside of blade and Q. Against champions who can trade effectively and often like Fiora or Sett, you may have to play safe until you can get stridebreaker and force them into uncomfortable situations.
Mid Game
Mid game is going to be when you start beefing up your stats and begin to split push more often. With Demolish you should get first tower with relative ease, and possibly 2nd tower early if your enemy laner roams often. Once you have stridebreaker and Greaves you can start winning trades more often and lock down enemies. Outside of special cases like Camille, there's going to be few champions who can get away without blowing an important ability or flash.
Late Game
Once you're in the late game, you're good to go. By this point you'll have 150-200 armor, 300+ AD, and enough soft CC to stick with most champions in the game. As long as you can avoid getting hard focused by the enemy team, you can take out squishies and some bruisers with ease and still be healthy enough to continue fighting. If there's a carry with a lot of AD you can focus them and the amount of slows and AD Reduction in this build will be enough to lock them down for most of the fight or kill them. You have the balls of normals trynd with enough tank stats to get out without using ult every fight. Add that on to the fact that you're still a split pushing monster and every bit as annoying to deal with as regular Trynd.
Build Conclusion
In Conclusion, this build is an AD champions NIGHTMARE. Late Game this build will nullify any AD champion that isnt 20/5 and able to one shot the team. You have 300+ Ad, 3000+ HP, and 200+ Armor. Plus you have an endless supply of soft CC to keep enemies from kiting you to death. You have so much potential with this build that you will find value no matter what you're doing whether that's teamfights, split pushing, or even just duels.
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