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Gwen Build Guide by huncho1v9

Jungle [14.13] [CHALLENGER] Gwen Jungle Build Guide by Huncho1v9

Jungle [14.13] [CHALLENGER] Gwen Jungle Build Guide by Huncho1v9

Updated on July 13, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author huncho1v9 Build Guide By huncho1v9 26 2 26,865 Views 0 Comments
26 2 26,865 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author huncho1v9 Gwen Build Guide By huncho1v9 Updated on July 13, 2024
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huncho1v9's Featured Video


Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Scorchclaw Smite

Scorchclaw Smite

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Champion Build Guide

[14.13] [CHALLENGER] Gwen Jungle Build Guide by Huncho1v9

By huncho1v9
Why Play Gwen Jungle?

Gwen is one of the best carry junglers in the entire game. She is a farm-heavy scaling champ that has some of the best dueling and sidelaning. When ahead on Gwen, you are able to single-handedly carry games like no other champ can. Gwen has one of the most satisfying kits in the game, and is one of my favourite junglers to play. She is super underrated because of her slow early game, but we’ll get into that later.
Welcome to my Gwen JG Guide!

My name is Huncho and I'm the best Gwen jungle in the world. I'm the only consistent challenger gwen jungle player in season 13 S2 & S14 (my OPGG'S) and I have peaked 1200LP (rank 40) last split. I have over 1,000 games on Gwen on jungle, and I'm excited to share my knowledge with you!


Very important to prioritize farm over anything on this champ. Once you get Nashor's you're able to duel anyone and have insane impact. The video linked above talks a little about how to play early (the do's & don'ts, make sure to check it out, it's 5 min long).

I'll elaborate on this further very soon on this guide (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Best rune
- Very Easy matchup, just watch out for q, play for countergank and out-tempo. Can easily dodge his Q with your E. Make sure to space his R range if you’re going to W it.

- Extremely hard matchup. Need to watch for early raptors invade, she also has a strong level 3 invade. If you do my pathing (base with dark seal) and fight her at your blue buff, she will still win, unless you have lane prios and ping your team. A good belveth will punish Gwen early, but if you get past the tough early game, you can easily duel her later into the game. Zhonya against bel’veth is very powerful, Plated steelcaps could be incorporated into the build as well.

- Very Easy matchup, Gwen counters Brand. Brand will always play for full clear, Gwen is fine with handshaking full clears (you want farm). Brand is one of the best Grub takers in the game, so watch out for that. If he has ghost you can just run him down easily by spacing his spells or using W for his Q (stun). Overall just a free matchup, you can always run him down.

- Annoying/Easy matchup. Briar has a strong level 3 invade against Gwen. You can cancel her W with your W (she can’t target you if you’re out of range). If you get invaded, make sure to take a point in W so you can easily outplay her. If she has ghost there is a lot of outplay potential as well (harder if she has flash). Overall you just outscale her and can easily duel her past early game.

- Medium matchup. Diana doesn’t have a strong level 3 invade, though she might flip it. Diana likes to play for full clear, but she has strong teamfighting and dueling as well. Gwen outscales, but Diana has a surprisingly strong early game now post-buffs. Make sure to use your W to avoid her Q if you’re ever gonna duel her.

- Medium matchup. Ekko has a window to invade you level 3, though it isn’t that strong, he might flip it and ruin your game. Ekko relies on snowballing heavily, so if he doesn’t get ahead you just win and outscale him. Use your W to either dodge his Q, or to tank his burst damage combo with the increases resistances.

- Easy/Annoying matchup. She has an invade window level 3 where she can kill you. Use your W to dodge her Q. You outscale hard, just try to be there for her dives and plays if you can, if you can’t then play opposite side of the map for resources.

- Easy/Annoying matchup. Handshake full clear with evelynn, just make sure you try to let your team know about her potential 3 camp gank (get vision on raptors if you can). Evelynn plays for snowball, but you generally just outscale and can out-impact her, playing for objectives. Use your W to avoid her Q (avoid her charm). She can one shot you late game though.

- Medium matchup. Handshake full clears with fiddle and avoid his fears with your W and you’ll be fine. If you get feared lategame, you probably just lose the teamfight. Very important to get vision on him midgame/lategame. You can easily run him down after 1 item. Fiddle can easily land his W on you though, as it’s similar range to your W. Try to save your W for his Q.

- Medium difficulty matchup. Gragas can invade you level 3. If you dodge his E, he’s useless against Gwen and you can just W his entire combo. If he lands E, it can be really hard to play. You outscale and can run him down easily after 1 item, just be careful of his burst and E.

- Easy/Annoying matchup. Graves has an invade window level 3, but unless he has lots of lane prio, you can outplay it with your W (don’t take two points q right away). You can easily space graves throughout the game, and you have lots of outplay potential. Can always run him down with ghost and chase through walls with E + R. Graves will usually itemize Maw, but he is never too much of a threat to Gwen as we typically just have more damage than him.

- Easy matchup. Hecarim can’t really invade you. You can out dps him early as long as you try to space his Q’s. Can run him down easily throughout the game. Unless he’s ahead through ganks, you should be even/ahead in tempo. Try to use your E to space/dodge his R. Use your W for the resistances when he fully commits to fighting you with his E. Gwen outscales Hecarim, and you will most likely have plenty of invade windows.

- Hard/Annoying matchup. Ivern will set you behind and take your 2nd buff every game. Ivern doesn’t need resources to be useful, his main goal is to set you behind, which makes the matchup difficult. Ivern’s R still hits you even if he’s out of range. If you do get the chance to get in Ivern’s range, you shred him.

Jarvan IV
- Easy Matchup. Dodge his E + Q combo and you just win 1v1’s. You outscale and can E out of his R.

- Medium matchup; Easy in low elo → Can be very hard in high elo. Jax is one of those junglers you only see in higher elo, and if he’s in your lower elo lobbies, you just win because it’s hard to pull off. Use your E to dodge his E when he Q’s onto you. Always good to still auto attack him during his E for Q stacks. Be ready to E + Q when he Q’s away. You have a lot of outplay potential. Hard to win 1v1 when he’s ahead

- Medium/skill matchup. Karthus can full clear and invade you right after. Use your E + Ghost to dodge his Q’s and you can easily run him down throughout the game. You can use your W to dodge his R as well as Q.

- Easy/Medium Matchup. Kayn is a special jungler in terms of ways to counterplay him early with invades, but it’s pretty easy. As long as Kayn can’t start your wolves or raptors, you win early game and can out tempo. Use your W to dodge his W, and use your E to dodge his Q.

- Medium/Hard matchup. Kha’zix can invade you at level 3 and can easily kill you. You will always be isolated to Kha’zix. You can outscale, but avoid dueling him early, and if you have to, make sure you use W to tank his burst (E + Q).

- Medium/Annoying matchup. Kindred can invade level 3 but you can outspace her with W + Ghost. If Kindred doesn’t get ahead early, you can easily snowball this matchup and out dps her. Make sure to keep your Q stacked for the end of her R. Use W + E to space her at the edge of your W circle.

Lee Sin
- Medium matchup. Lee sin can invade level 3, and has kill pressure. Make sure to either dodge his Q or use W to avoid it. Ideally you don’t fight lee early as he just wins. You outscale hard.

- Hard matchup. Lillia won’t invade you, but she has a very fast fullclear. A good Lillia will outspace you and kite you. She becomes very hard to kill even with Ghost and R. Can look to fight her when she has no passive stacks. Gwen W isn’t that useful against Lillia.

- Easy/Annoying matchup. You out-tempo Maokai. You outscale him as well. Watch out for early raptors cheese and you’ll be fine. Not a very popular pick atm, but use W for his R.

Master Yi
- Hard/Hardest matchup. Yi can easily kill you earlygame. His R counters your R. You need to space very well, and make sure to hit your Q either before or after his Q. Steelcaps are good in this matchup, but if you avoid fighting him earlygame and play for Nashor’s spike, it’s not that bad.

- Easy matchup. She can’t invade, she can never hit Q on you. You just run her down after full clear.

- Medium/Hard matchup. Nidalee has a strong level 3 invade, if you dodge her Q and stay on top of her you can kill her, but ideally avoid fighting her early. Can run her down with Ghost if you hit Q. You outscale, just watch for her Q’s in teamfights.

- Medium/Hard matchup. Nocturne can stay on top of you easily with his fear. Really hard to duel Nocturne early game, but once you get Nashor’s spike it becomes a lot easier. Use your W to avoid his Q. Make sure to use F keys to see where he R’s.

Nunu & Willump
- Easy matchup. You outfarm Nunu hard. He’s most likely going to look for early cheese ganks, but he won’t really invade you. You can use your E to dodge his W easily. Use W to space his R. Can easily run him down.

- Medium matchup. Poppy can invade you level 3. Her W counters your E. You outscale her hard. Use your W to dodge her R lategame, and she isn’t much of a threat.

- Easy matchup. You deal so much damage to Rammus at all points of the game. If you get taunted in a teamfight, make sure to use W to protect yourself. Rammus won’t really stack MR, so you can play front-to-back easily.

- Medium matchup. Rek’sai often looks for early ganks. The way this matchup becomes hard, is if she has successful early ganks. Make sure to get wards on her camps early to see her pathing. Your clear is faster than hers, so play off level leads and dueling her becomes easy. Use W when she tunnels on you and full commits to a fight.

- Medium/Hard matchup. Rengar has a strong level 3 invade window and can kill you easily. Hard to duel Rengar early, but after Nashor’s spike it becomes easy. Use your W when he full commits on you for the armour. Try your best to track his pathing and scale ASAP.

- Easy matchup. You just run her down all game. Use W to avoid her R. You can duel her at any point of the game, and should easily outfarm her. Be careful of chain CC.

- Medium/Annoying matchup. Try to get vision of Shaco start, and watch out for level 2 or 3 invade. Shaco can invade after 1 camp, and he can invade after 3. Make sure to let your teammates know where he is early, because if he gets ahead he can easily one shot you throughout the game. Gwen W doesn’t work against Shaco clone.

- Easy matchup. Handshake fullclears. You out damage her throughout the game and can run her down for the most part. Be careful of her burst she has if she lands E + Q. Be careful of her fast movement speed with her W, she can outrun you even with Ghost.

- Easy matchup. Lots of outplay potential with your E and W. Sylas might look for a level 3 invade, but it’s very easy for you to outplay. Sylas is a jungler that relies on snowballing heavily, if he doesn’t get a successful early gank off, you automatically have a level lead + cs lead against him and can run him down.

- Easy matchup. Handshake full clears and you outscale her. Can easily outspace Taliyah with Gwen W. Make sure you dodge her Flick (W) with either your E, or W. You outscale and can run her down at most points of the game.

- Medium matchup. He has a level 3 invade window, but if you dodge W1 or W2 (either your W or E away) he can’t really kill you even with ignite. Most likely Talon will look for a level 3 gank/full clear gank. You can run him down with Ghost at every point of the game.

- Easy/Annoying matchup. Trundle isn’t picked very often. He can run you down earlygame, but he won’t really invade you. You outscale and can duel him after Nashor’s.

- Medium matchup. Udyr can invade you early, as he’s just stronger than Gwen early game. After Nashor’s you can easily kill Udyr, just make sure to do your best to track him and make sure he can’t get ahead early. Use your W to tank his damage when he full commits.

- Easy/Annoying matchup. Vi is overall an easy matchup, you out-tempo her and can snowball. She has a level 3 cross map invade window, but it’s rare to be invaded by her. You have a lot of outplay potential with your E against her Q. Use your W to tank her damage when she Q’s in. If she R’s you in a teamfight, similar to Rammus taunt, make sure to W so you’re in safety.

- Medium matchup. Viego is stronger than Gwen earlygame, and can look for a raptors cheese/level 3 gank. Make sure to dodge his W with either your W or E, and he should never really be able to kill you. After Nashor’s you run him down, just be careful of his burst.

- Easy matchup. Warwick isn’t picked very often in this meta. He is stronger than you early, but similar to most matchup, once you get Nashor’s you run him down.

- Easy matchup. Wukong plays to farm early, and we do that better than him. He has a stronger 6 spike but we can kite him out pretty easily with Ghost + E. Use your W to tank his all in.

Xin Zhao
- Easy/Annoying matchup. Xin has to look for early gank opportunities or else you can out-tempo him like crazy. He has a good level 3 cross map invade window so just be careful of that and you should be able to snowball easily. Can be annoying when he has prio on his laners. W to dodge his W, or for when he all-ins you.

- Easy matchup. Zac plays to full clear and can maybe cheese gank. Zac has no real invade window and we can get ahead easily through farm. We always shred Zac with Gwen’s kit, especially after Nashor’s. Careful of his crazy healing though (step on his blobs).

- Easy matchup. Zed jungle is the worst jg rn, you should never be against him.
If you found this guide helpful at all, check out my Twitch stream where I'm live every day past 8 PM EST usually. Feel free to ask any questions you might have in chat. You'll for sure get an answer.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author huncho1v9
huncho1v9 Gwen Guide
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[14.13] [CHALLENGER] Gwen Jungle Build Guide by Huncho1v9

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