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Gangplank Build Guide by eisi95

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eisi95

2500 Elo solo top GP

eisi95 Last updated on September 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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One of the most popular and difficult questions is which champ is the best one on solo top.
First of all I think there is no "best" Champion, because every Champ has his advantages and disadvantages.
In this guide i want to show you one of my favorite solo Top Laners.

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One of the most important things in League of Legends is the right Rune page.
For Gangplank I recommend a little more tanky rune build.
On my Marks I choose Attack damage for a little more damage and harassment.
The seals fitting best with Gangplank are Mana Reg/5 sec.
These runes give you more sustain in lane you can harass your opponent more often.
You can also choose additional armor in Seals when you can handle well with your mana.
On Glyphs I take magic resist because you need to be protected against magic Damage too.
On Quintessences i use Armor because they give you much more survivability and reduce the
Damage you tanke by minions.

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In my opinion 21/9/0 masteries fir best on gangplank, because this masteries give you a high amount of damage and increase your defense.

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On Gangplank recommend starting with a Regrowth pendant, cause it heavily increases your sustain and give you a good base for further building.
You could also start by buying boots of speed.
I continue with boots and a few GP5 Items for more increased gold.
After getting this 3 GP5 Items you should finish up your boots.
i recommend Mercury trades, because they give you a nice tendacy combo wuth your w Skill.
After that you should get a wriggles lantern for easy minion farm and 1 ward every 3 minutes.
with this item you have higher sustain and you cant get ganked easily.
Then a sheen fits best with gangplank, because i gives you high danage after using your parley.
Besides Sheen is the first part of Trinity force, which you should finish after that.
with Gangplank you need to iniciate fights.
because of that you need to be more or less a tank with high damage.
casue of that Warmogs armor is a great choise to get more tanky.
For higher damage i recommend an Infinity edge, but a last Whisper is doing a great job, too.
For your 5th Item an Atmas impaler is a good choise.
you increase your critical strikes and your tankyness.
A guardians angel is a good ending for your build.

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Skill Sequence

Because you are going top, ranged poke is very important for you, cause you can prevent your enemy from getting farmed.
from that reason i start with parley and max it as early as possible.
There are two ways of skilling after that.
For higher survivability you can max remove scurvey by level 13.
For more Damage and Mobility you can max raise morale by level 13.
You need to choose which way fits best with your playing style.
For myself i recomment more damage because i am a more aggressive player.
And as with every champion max your Ultimate at level 6, 11 and 16.

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Summoner Spells

Many people might have the Question:
Why you take this Summoner spells?

I take these Spells for the following reasons:

Ignite can give you an easy kill when you fight in 1 vs.1
And Flash gives you more mobility.
no madder wheiter you use it passively or offensively.
you could also take Ghost, but I dont like Ghost for my part, so i take flash with me.

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Another tip with Gangplank is, that you Last hit as many minions you can with parley, cause you will gain additional Money when doing with.
The amount of money is increased with each level, from 4 to 8.
Becuase of the Mana reg/5 seals you wont have any mana problems, so you can get an easy advantage in gold.

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I hope you guys enjoyed my first guide on this page.
I am sorry for my bad English, but i hope you´re able to understand what i mean in every case.

Thank you for turning in into my Gangplank guide and i hope this guide helped you mastering gangplank as a solo top Laner.

See you on the fields of justice.