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League of Legends Build Guide Author Infamousneer

3v3 Amumu

Infamousneer Last updated on May 19, 2011
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Okay, I am new to this whole build stuff. So if you are looking for pictures and stuff you're at wrong build. Even so, I know Amumu and how to play him as a tank. Everyone is different when it comes to how you play him. I don't know anyone who even plays Amumu. So it's hard to tell if I am any good with him other than the compliments i've been getting. I am not good against ranged Champs. Not sure if Amumu in general is. The way I use Amumu is against melee (_So I stack armor_).

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Based off another Build I got magic pen. (for abilities), Mana regen (to keep up with harassing tantrum), and some Hp (tank stuff). I haven't got all my runes in Seals yet, personally, so I chose a little bit of Dodge(you need for melee), more armor, and more mana regen. This gives you a pretty good tanky Amumu

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As you can tell from my Masteries I didnt go Tank wise. This is because I wanted to make a hybrid Amumu with Tank/Mage. It works well since Amumu still take good damage from Runes and you get to do great damage from Tantrum and Curse of the Sad Mummy(Ultimate). I also buffed up the Spells in the Masteries.

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Now, I've been playing Amumu the last 30 to 40 games and the whole time I went with Anti-melee. I pick Ruby to help with early game. Then depending if your team got first kill in beginning gank I would go straight to heart of gold. If not get shoes. I usually complete shoes before getting Heart of Gold. If you are attacking with tantrum more than usually I would hurry and get Sapphire Crystal. The rest is easy to follow.

Of course, recently I have been going against magic users so I had to switch items. If this happens you might have to switch your build entirely. Start with ruby but instead of Heart of Gold get Kindlegem up to Spirit Visage. Proceed to Force of Nature (Remember to squeeze in boots_either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads_) Proceed to Guardian Angel.

***Now you can see I haven't complete the build ***
This is because I usually win or fail by this time. One, because it's a sorta expensive build and two, I go against people who assume every Amumu is bad.

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Skill Sequence

Tantrum can save and kill you depending on how you use it. If you don't conserve mana tantrum will make you keep going to base. If you bandage, tantrum, and run you will give good damage and start hitting minions to conserve mana. Tantrum and Despair allows to you hit multiple enemies as once leaving you to be a good team-fight-starting tank. Bandage Wrap allows to gank through walls and get that needed kill. I always try to either Wrap first if I think enemy is going to stay for a bit or harass him/her with despair_tantrum leaving Wrap for when he/she starts to run. Basically its up to whoever you are going up against.

Curse of the Mummy is the best finishing ability when it comes to team fights. It helps you as a tank to both save your partners and keep your enemies from escaping. Of course use this wisely. Depending of when you use it gives you the upper hand.

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All and all Amumu, in my opinion, is the best tank to have against melee. Range is a different story. This Guide is more for 3v3 because that's all I do. I can't stand 5v5.. don't really know why.. probably because I am not good at it. If you follow my Guide and stick to the core of the build you will fool every non-believer that Amumu is a good Champ.

I usually get around 10/3/5 with this build as average without pre-made teams. This is 3v3 of course. I have had off days with 3/5/7 but there are also the good days(games) 16/1/5. I don't know how to do much on this so I can't screen cap match history and post a picture... I would love help with that.

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Thank You

To whoever has viewed my build. Please, any help is appreciated and comments are a given. Tell Infamousneer what you think ^^