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Olaf Build Guide by BrolafianJustice

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BrolafianJustice

(3v3) In-depth guide to dominating as Olaf

BrolafianJustice Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my first Olaf guide, or any guide at all. After playing several games (Around 15-20), I have decided to share my secret on building the perfect Olaf for 3v3.

Honestly, these items are pretty standard but the purchasing order is pretty important and I go through why you would want these items. Also, yes I know that revive is the ultimate "noob" spell.

Anyway, enjoy reading the guide and forgive me for making mistakes with formatting and such because this is my first guide. :)

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Being a melee carry,nuke and tank, Olaf needs a lot of armor penetration. Why? We all know Olaf does some pretty nifty true damage. Along with Sunder (6), Greater Mark of Desolation (14.94) and Greater Quintessence of Desolation (9.99) you start the game off with 6 + 15 + 10 armor penetration (21). The base armor for most champions is (lowest to highest) - 11 (zilean) - 25 (rammus). So you will be dealing True damage with your auto attacks for the most part of your laning phase.

As for the Armor. Getting all of this armor ensures that Olaf will not be hit too hard by minions, which can be the deal breaker to a "1 for 1" death trade.

The Cooldown Reduction is obvious and if you do not understand why Olaf would need CDR then you should try another champion. :)

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~Masteries~ (Revive Spec)

Okay, now you must be thinking- WOW. THIS GUY HAS NO IDEA HOW TO SET UP HIS MASTERIES.
Well, please bare with me while i explain why this is a pretty good set up.

Having the Revive mastery - Extra 400 hp for 2 minutes after using revive - Okay well, this may sound extremely dumb. (**IMPORTANT** You MUST get top lane otherwise do not bother with these masteries and summoner spells.) You will make your way up to the enemy jungle and wait where the enemy jungle's wolves spawn. At 1:20 (1 minute 20 seconds) into the game, dive the enemy turret (The 2nd turret, closest to their nexus) and die. Wait until 1:35 and hit revive.

Enjoy laning at top with almost double the enemies HP.

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~Summoner Spells~

Ignite - One of the best spells for Olaf. Why?
Ever hit a Warwick with Reckless Swing to have the enemy survive with 12 health? (Did happen to me once...)
Well with ignite this will not happen any more! (Unless it's on cooldown.) Lead up to ignite BEFORE you finish up your enemy, ensuring that a Heal will not ensure their survival and possibly your demise.

Revive - My favorite spell for Olaf. Why?
Well, as Olaf I harass with my E Reckless Swing and often, I end up harassing myself as well...
Although Revive does not reduce the health cost, it will however ensure that you do not become first blood at top lane. In fact, it does quite the opposite.
In case you scrolled down to this section simply because you saw revive and wanted to know "WHY SIR, WHY REVIVE." I will retype the important section above.
When you start the game, you will make your way up to the enemy jungle and wait where the enemy jungle's wolves spawn. At 1:20 (1 minute 20 seconds) into the game, dive the enemy turret (The 2nd turret, closest to their nexus) and die. Wait untill 1:35 and hit revive.

Enjoy Laning against the unlucky victim who will be your source of gold.

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To prove I am not some random person who has made a guide with no experience.
(NOTE: The co-op vs AI game was to test a life steal build.)

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Yes, I suppose I am level 16. But i have/had a level 30 who is permanently suspended (Will not clarify why) who I main'd Udyr on.

As you can see I am saving IP for runes at level 20.

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Now, continuing from the ~Summoner Spells~ section, after you have come into lane as Olaf with almost double your opponents HP...


This is hilarious, because you can watch them attempt to harass you with minim results as you are simply too powerful and durable.

Now, whilst level one, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KILL YOUR ENEMY. Why? You can't kill them with only Reckless Swing and Ignite.
Use your [E] only to get them around 50%-60% hp. Not bellow. Why? It is simple my friend. If you almost kill them, they will Recall and your lane will be pushed up to the enemy turret and your enemies team mates down bot will come up and perhaps get first blood off you.

Once you hit level 2 before your opponent -WAIT! You must be wondering, "HOW DO YOU KNOW I WILL HIT LEVEL 2 BEFORE MY ENEMY", well friend, spamming reckless swing on people makes them run back, thus pushing them away from EXP range and denying them EXP. - Level up your [Q] Undertowand (**THIS IS IMPORTANT**) - Make sure that your lane is either in the middle or close to your turret, If your lane is pushed all the way to your turret, do not bother or you will fail. - USE ONE OF YOUR HEALTH POTIONS. Lead up with a Undertow to slow your enemy. Then Reckless Swing then auto until you are able to cast Q again (YOU MUST PICK THE DAMN AXE UP!) Lead with Ignite then Reckless Swing and auto attack your way to victory.

Congratulations! You have gotten first blood and are now able to buy yourself a nice red gem which increases your lovely, valuable health.

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~Conclusion~ "Finally!"

Well folks, I hope you have enjoyed reading my guide. Be sure to comment, thumbs it up / Vote it up and enjoy playing Olaf.

Have fun carrying your team to victory and beyond! :D

-I would like to thank Icuonuez, Kusoku and Wayne3100 for helping me with the formatting to this guide. Be sure to check out their guides too!