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Warwick Build Guide by ap00pnugget

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ap00pnugget

3v3 Lanewick

ap00pnugget Last updated on February 19, 2012
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NOTE: I no longer play League of Legends, so this build has been discontinued. Thanks to everyone who voted it up and left comments :)
First off I'd like to say that this is not a testimony against jungling, Warwick is an amazing jungler for both 3v3 and 5v5. I find however that he is extremely effective in lane. Everyone knows that Warwick is one of the ultimate jungle champs with passive lifesteal and a Q that heals you for 100% of the damage you deal. His ultimate makes him one of the best ganking champs and if he really wants can tank for a lot of damage. This build however focuses on one of the less appreciated aspects of Warwick. Him in Lane. Many of my fellow LoL players cry a little when I mention that I'm going to Lane. I am here to tell you that the Lane is one of the best places for Warwick to be, especially in a 3v3, which is the map I want to talk about using the build. In my opinion, and hopefully you will agree when you try it, he is one of the best 3v3 laners in the game.

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Trolls are NOT welcome here.

I understand in the moment it's funny to downvote a build just for the lols. I myself sometimes wish to do it, but it is annoying and really doesn't help me or the other players wishing to branch out and try a new style of Warwick. So if your going to click that thumbs down, I would appreciate it if you gave a valid reason.

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Pros/Cons of Warwick

-Amazing laner, hard to harass.
-Great ganker/chaser
-Ulti is destructive
-Not squishy
-Passive lifesteal
-Great solo
-Sexy Wolfman

-One of the first that the other team focuses
-Hard to harass
-CC destroys you more than most champs (disrupts your ulti, stops your Blood Scent, makes you cry)
-Can run out of mana extremely quickly if left unchecked

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Skill Sequence

Right here I would just like to explain why I put my skills where. I find that levelling up your Q is the best way to go because it makes your Q's do plenty of damage and really helps in the laning phase because you will have lots of lifesteal. It is one of your best abilities along with your ultimate that will make a giant difference in game. I find that Blood Scent should be upgraded before Hunters Call because chasing is very important and you need to have lots of range on your target that your chasing.

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Summoner Spells

Before I get in to the ganking and other fun stuff, I'd like to explain my summoner spells.

I find this is very essential early game because it will make a slow Warwick a super fast angry wolfman.(I like to yell this when I chase... :D) Also it can be used to finish a running enemy late game that is not quite half health, or that is a fast champion.(example: Yi, Miss Fortune, Kennen etc.) Also if your target is getting close to a turret or a tank, you may want to ghost for a finish or an easy escape.

Again, great early game. You definitely cannot dive turrets so you need some way of making sure your targets dead. Ignite is your friend and you should use it always for early game running champions. Also this helps a lot when against Mundo because ignite destroys his Ulti.
I find its a great spell for Warwick.

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Other Summoner Spells

Its a nice choice because you can slow your target, which makes your chasing a tad bit easier.
Also if your running its nice.

Knowing Warwick, you will be focused. A lot of CC will come your way and sometimes the only way to survive is to carry cleanse. I don't use it because I find I like to be on the offensive. You can avoid being ganked by simply having your teammates call mia's.

Great chasing tool, and can get you closer for a Q, but I find with boots of mobility and your Blood Scent it really isn't necessary.

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I like to get mostly AP glyphs and quintessences for these reasons:
-With Bloodrazors your ulti and auto attacks do a lot of damage, so theres no point in having attack damage runes
-Early game your best harass and what will get you all your kills will be your Q
-Helps a lot in your lifesteal since you get back 100% of damage delt with your Q
-With these you gain an additional 24 AP and have a 2.61% cooldown reduc.

I get Magic pen for obvious reasons, since I am using lots of AP its nice if it can go through my targets MR. :P

Finally I go cooldown reduction because then my harass early game is super effective and late game I can spam my Q like crazy. While there are cooldown blues that give you more reduction I find the ability power is more important. With these you will have a 2.61% cooldown reduc.

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Masteries (Being reworked because of patch)

Under Construction

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Essential Items

Doran's Shield
Doran's shield is a great early game item for Warwick. The extra health is essential for laning and the Health Regen can keep you in lane when your low. The armor is just an additional benefit that can keep that annoying Master Yi from doing to much damage.

Madred's Bloodrazor
Many people actually question the need for Bloodrazors. While you may wonder how it will help a champion that is not entirely DPS focused, its because of his Ultimate. His Ulti makes him attack for a percentage of his normal damage, and if you can add some extra damage from Bloodrazors, you can easily deal a large amount of damage to their health. Also when chasing there will always be a point where your abilities are on cooldown and you'll need to keep sustained damage. That will be with your auto attacks.

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I've had a lot of people tell me that BoM is not a viable item so this section will give you an explanation for them and some other choices should you not like them.

The reason I normally choose Boots of Mobility is because when playing Lanewick ganking and finishing kills are a huge part of the gameplay. When your enemy is running it's a great kill assurance if you have Boots of Mobility on. While you don't get the extra movespeed during combat during a large fight you will usually be able to ulti to hold your target. Then Blood Scent can help you finish the job. It's essential for moving through the jungle quickly so that you can take out targets or support teammates as quick as you can.

Mercury's Treads Mercury Treads is a great and totally viable choice for boots also. This reduces the amount of carnage CC can cause and if you read the pro's and cons you'll see that CC is one of things that can shut down Warwick in no time.

Bezerker's Greaves are another viable option and most people will choose this. It's definitely an effective choice because it compliments the Madred's Bloodrazor.

Boot's of Swiftness are another viable choice. They provide a constant movespeed that can't be altered and really adds to your chasing skill during combat.

This section was mostly to explain my reasoning for Boots of Mobility but also provide some alternatives for those who disagree. It was never set in stone that you had to choose BoM but I simply find them and effective item.

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Other Effective Items

Frozen Mallet
I definitely love this item. Gives a nice amount of health, a little attack damage, and what really makes it nice is the fact it slows your target. By 40%. This slows the target immensely allowing you an easy kill. Phage itself can make a huge difference.

Bloodthirster is a wonderful item on Warwick. Every minion kill makes it more powerful. It can dramatically aid to his lifesteal and provide more attack damage. I love the item personally and is not super expensive and can make a substantial difference in game.

Spirit Visage
This is a nice item in my opinion. It increases healing effects which Warwicks Q and passive are. This helps with his lifesteal. It may not be neccsesary when you have bloodthirster or vice versa. Its really up to you. I like spirit visage because of the health and magic resist.

Guardian Angel
This is a no brainer. A champ that can pump out a lot of damage and can get a second chance at life is a little nice. No real other explanation except that it gives a nice bit of resist also. Also since your going carry, some players will not focus you as much if you have this item on thinking it will be to difficult to kill you.

Abyssal Scepter
Use this if your Ultimate is starting to be less effective. If your ulti becomes useless you'll have to begin using your Q. This item will really help with that because of the less MR for champs around you. It'll make your Q's something to worry about.

Great for destroying the other physical carries. This can shut them down and allow your team to take the advantage.

The Black Cleaver
Thanks to axuma for this item. This is a great item for countering those annoying tanks that have lot's of armour. Your ulti gives you plenty of stacks which makes your auto attacks more effective and your ulti destructive.

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Other Items

Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer is a great item for many champions and at times it can be essential to win as Lanewick. It aids in your DPS immensely and helps your chase. The only issue is that it doesn't provide any damage, health or CC. This isn't necessarily bad, but you should focus on items that have those before buying one of these.

Warmog's Armor
Warmogs can help you when your building tanky. With health regen and huge amounts of health that continue to rise it can make you very difficult to kill. The only downside to this is that it costs quite a bit of gold, so you should make sure your core items are down before buying it.

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Early Game (lvls 1-6)

The start of the game is a very critical moment for Warwick. Hes an excellent laner and if he can get some easy kills early you'll be even closer to getting the Bloodrazors. Your very slow early game and unless you can lower someone below half health by level 4, it'll be hard to get kills. This being said, it can also be fairly easy to get some if you gank early game or work really well in lane. Note: REMEMBER YOUR LIFESTEAL Q!! This is very important because if you are harassed its easy to bring your health back to full and keep last hitting. You can probably get some early kills if you have a nice laning partner and use your Q wisely. By level 6 you should have a kill and if you don't, just coordinate with your team and use your ultimate, because by then you'll have it. Try and get your boots of mobility by levels 4,5 or 6 because this is when you begin ganking and team fighting. Also, when in lane early game, remember that your auto attacks are extremely potent. If you can get a few hits off without taking damage, it will really help in lane control.

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Mid Game (lvls 7-12)

Alrighty. Its mid game and you have your boots of mobility and your almost there with your bloodrazors. Now its time to gank. Your Ulti as mentioned before is probably one of the best gank abilities in the game. Add that to being an amazing chaser with your boots and a Q that destroys you'll probably get most of your kills at this time because the enemy tanks won't quite have their full builds. You should target their squishies and become fed off of them. Once you have your Bloodrazors (you should get them around lvl 12) your ulti becomes even more destructive. This is when you become the ultimate ganker. I recommend since your probably going to be the carry to pick up red buff and the movement speed buff. This'll make you even more effective ganking and chasing. Remember to max out your Q because it is super destructive late game.

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Late Game (13-18)

This is where if your fed you need to push and buy your other items. By now the tanks have lot's of resist and it will be hard to get a kill on them. You should, as usual, destroy their carries and try and take turrets out so you can win the game. One of the nice things about Warwick is that the majority of his Ultimates damage comes from physical and his Q is all magic so its hard for tanks to focus on one. This means one of the abilities will be more effective then the other. Hope its your Q because its the most destructive.

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This is where I am going to explain why Warwick is an excellent laner. Warwicks Q is one of the best laning abilities in the game. It heals for 100% of the damage so it makes you almost impossible to harass early game. It also makes you an excellent harasser. It has a short cooldown and deals a huge amount of damage. The more you level it up (see the Skill Sequence Explanation) the more damage it does. While your not always MIA like when your jungling, you can easily make it up to the other lane when you have Boots of Mobility before the enemy can get a MIA call out, also your enemies will be more offensive if they can see you (big mistake). When you work with your laning partner (assuming your not solo) you can get easy kills using your ulti and Q. Your a pretty decent last hitter and if you really need minion kills you can always Q. You mana regen is pretty fast so you won't be starved and not able to harass, you just have to use your Q at the right time, not just go Qing everything you see. You will find yourself after ganks and team fights a little starved of mana. Its not a big deal. It will usually regen pretty fast or you can just go back. Remember: TELL YOUR TEAMMATES TO CALL MIAS. I have played many games where my partner has forgotten to call a mia and I end up either dying or losing experience. You have to understand that your not invincible as Warwick (just close XD) and that you need to cooperate with your team to win.

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Solo Laning

While I don't recommend it Warwick can solo lane in a 3v3. It's very difficult because you will usually be against a ranged carry which makes it very hard to harass and last hit minions. You will overlevel and this is the one reason to solo lane. If you can be higher leveled than the majority of their team it makes you even more destructive in team fights. Ganking will be really hard because as soon as your gone the other team will definitely call a mia. If you can get first blood however and harass the other player enough to take lane control your on your way to an easy victory. Just remember: use your lifesteal to stay in lane. It will make the other solo laner frustrated if you keep getting all your health back from their harass. This will eventually make them do something stupid, which will give you a nice kill and lane control. It's hard, but if you can pull it off kudos to you.

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Playstyles (UNFINISHED)

I'm going to use this chapter to show some playstyles you can you to maximize your performance and provide a sort of path to choose. A lot of the style's use the same items just in different orders, but it's because I find the items that I have chosen to be the most effective.

DPS Damage:

This is a useful playstyle when you have a strong advantage and you want to make sure that you can easily secure a win. You will have a lot of DPS and will be a little less tanky then usual until you buy Frozen Mallet. I like to either go 'Zerkers or BoM for this build and ignore Dorans early game. You should either buy boots and health pots or a dagger to aid in getting 'Zerkers. After that I buy Madred's so I can get my DPS and damage output up. Then I move to Frozen Mallet to give me more survivability and provide better chase. A 3v3 is a short game so by now you should have won or lost or be close to either. If theres more time I get a Vampiric Scepter to aid in Lifesteal and if I have enough time build it in to Bloodthirser. If there's more time (which I doubt there will be) I go for Black Cleaver to Boost my Armour Pen to take out tanks. The last item should be tanky. I have never gotten past Black Cleaver, but by now your going to need a lot of survivability.[/color]

Gank Machine: OR OR OR Opposite Resist Item.

I use this build for when the enemy team is made up of champs with low escapes. It's meant to be entirely focused on ganking. The first item I build at the start is boots of speed always. This will give me a good boost early game to move on Boot's of Mobility or Boot's of Swiftness, which are my second item choices. I begin building Phage after that to provide a slow, which then I build in to Frozen Mallet. After that I usually build Black Cleaver because it is a extremely potent DPS/Damage item and is relatively cheap compared to others. After this I build either Spirit Visage or Thornmail depending on the enemies more prominent carry. I do this because when your a gankbot you tend to get focused immensely and having resist gives you the upper hand during combat and 1v1's. After that I build Bloodthirster for the lifesteal and extra damage and finally I like to either get Madred's Bloodrazor or the other resist option. (i.e if I chose Spirit Visage, I'll take Thornmail, or vice-versa.)[/color]


There is always one of those games where you have a slow start. You plan to gank someone early, but you wait to long and lose xp. You or one of your team members feeds and then you begin to feel hopeless. I like to use this build for this situation. Berserker's Greaves are relatively low price thus providing you with an effective item for a low cost. Black Cleaver will really add to the DPS you have thus making you more effective in teamfights. Spirit Visage will make your lifesteal and give you health give you lots of sustain. Madred's will really add to the DPS power and still be relatively cheap. Frozen is expensive, but you will need it or else your target will escape. Mind you, if you are choosing this build, I expect that you will be on the defense, because it is very important that you farm minions. Finally I get Guardian Angel so that it is difficult for the enemy team to get an ace and finish the game. The center of this build is hard DPS from relatively cheaper items. By doing this it allows you the ability to counter those annoying early game mistakes and turn what seems to be a loss in to a victory.



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Champions Types to Watch Out For

Playing against another Warwick can be fun and challenging. In a way, I find that it's all about timing. If he's jungling then you probably won't see much of him in lane. If he's laning against you this is super fun. Warwick will no doubt try to harass you with his Q. What you should do is wait for him to drop it on you, than hit him back with it. This will get most of your health and maybe even more back and leave him lower health. In team fights you either want to hit him with your ulti before he can target a teammate, or let him hit you and ulti back. Always watch for his chase because it will usually be as effective as yours.

These guys take in A LOT of damage. Their name simply suggests it. They will initiate first and fight to save their team. They usually have CC, but some have it less. Most will have some form of it to make ganks and teamfights go in their favour. They are not to be focussed. Aim for the carries as usual. They can wait because they usually have no damage output.

Hard CC Tanks
CC ruins everything for you, as mentioned above. These champs are usually pretty slow and bulky, but can set you up to take chunkloads of damage from enemy carries. They shouldn't be focussed first because there will always be more damaging champs on the enemy team.

Stealth Champs
Stealth champs can be a pain if left unchecked. When facing stealth always remember to be aware in "easy" kills because they can easily turn out to be 2v1's. If you can lower them to half health your blood scent will make them visible and extremely easy targets. This is of course, if you can knock them this low. Just remember that, as in all games, communication is key. It's nice to have a warning before a smelly rat or a creepy woman come jumping out at you and bursting the hell out of you.

Tanky DPS
These types of champs can be misleading. There are lot's of Tanky DPS's on 3v3. While it may be tempting to try to 1v1 them or just ignore in teamfights. A great example is Nasus. He is destructive if left unchecked. Besides hard carries they should be prioritized in teamfights.

Hard Carries
These are the hardest and easiest champs to fight. What I mean when I say this is that they vary a lot. You should always expect them to do a little bit more damage then you, but you'll have more sustain because of the amount of survivability you have. They should be focussed in teamfights first with your ulti so the rest of your team can get free hits of on them.

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Ganking Partners

This section will give you an idea of the best Laning/Ganking partners.

For me, its important that my partner can knock airborne, stun, slow, or have other forms of CC.
My favourite LANing combos have been with Cho Gath because his rupture can be spammed and knocks the enemies airborne. Its great to set yourself up for an ulti. Another is with Alistar. My friend plays Alistar and I find that he is one of my best combos. Alistar can stun and knock the enemy backwards towards you for a very succesful gank. Malphite is another great ganker because of his ulti and his ability to steal movement speed from your target, making for an easy kill.

Some mages are very effective when ganking. More than once me and fiddlesticks have been a very effective combo. His ulti and his ability to cast fear while using crowstorm helps when getting the kill.

In the end your best partner will be someone with a lot of CC.

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Team Work and Team Fights

During team fights you are extremely important. For a gank you want to initiate your target with your Ulti. By then your teammates will hopefully be in range to dish out their slows, stuns and other CC. Usually at this point your target will be half health and you can chase them and get the kill. (Remember to spam your Q)
For a team fight it's important that you jump in with your Ulti AFTER the tank has initiated. This lets you deal a lot of damage and not have to worry much about taking in a lot. Remember: your not a tank, don't separate yourself when a team fight is imminent, you will be ganked. Focus their squishies and maybe you'll have a nice double or triple kill to walk away with.

Lanewicks Combo:
Right here is a little side note I would like to make on a combo I like to do to kill a squishy. I like to follow this:

I start with my ulti, jumping on my target (mind you it's nice if their alone, and not with a tank) and suppressing them. WHILE I'm still in the ulti I cast ignite which deals a little damage but more importantly makes your mastery activate giving you an extra bit of AP. By now they are below half and your Blood Scent is on them. Activate Hunters Call and then use Q. Keep chasing auto attacking and Qing every time you get the oppurtunity. Unless they get support or use an annoying ulti (endless rage -_-) you should probably have the kill.

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Communicating with Teammates

This is extremely important. You must always be communicating with your teammates. If you and your teammates have skype or vent I recommend using it. As mentioned Warwick is great at chasing and finishing targets, if your teammates loses a target and needs someone to finish it it really helps for them to tell you where they got away and where to look for them. Also, if their below half health you can switch on your Blood Scent to find them. Also when preparing for ganks you need to be able to have constant communication with your team to give locations of where to come from. Warwick needs to know when to use Infinite Duress and on what targets. You need to be able to have your tanks telling you when their going to use their CC. Without communication you could miss many game changing situations.

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SIDE NOTE: Blood Scent. How to and not to use it.

Blood scent is to me, one of Warwicks best abilites. A lot of people just put it on as soon as they get it and just leave it on for the rest of the game. I have been playing against a few Warwicks recently and it's funny how many people leave it on. You should only put Blood Scent on for three reasons:
1. Your preparing or going for a gank
2. Your searching for a weakened target in the jungle
3. Your finishing a target

I usually leave it on in the laning phase because when you harass someone below half health you want to be able to go for the kill. On the other hand some people are horrified of Warwicks Blood Scent and will immediately run back to base. This is good to because it gives you more lane control and XP. If you really want the kill and they seem to want to go back, turn off Blood Scent and pop it back on when your about to go for the kill. This should make them forget about being low on health. I would turn it off when your going to finish a target and only turn it on when your in range. Nothing is more frightening then when you think your safe and a scary angry wolfman jumps out of the brush. The big red marker over their head will only make them turn on ghost and start screaming on skype to their tanks to get their ***es over to him.
Just remember: you will lose a lot of kills having your Blood Scent on at the wrong time. I'm not saying you should refuse to do it unless the situations above happen, just don't go leaving it on the whole game. Also remember the cooldown it has when you toggle it on/off. It has a four second cooldown so it's wise to watch the minimap too make sure you won't have to flick it back on right away.

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SIDE NOTE 2: Tunnel Vision, Warwick's Enemy

I'm mostly putting this in here because this is something I tend to do, A LOT. When your chasing a low health champ and he has a friend beside him, it's sometimes wise to simply go for that person. Rather than have you and your teammates turret dive and risk losing a kill and/or giving another to the enemy team, you should let your team know that your changing targets and throw everything you've got at him. Also, because of the damage you dealt to his partner, he will most likely not have any reinforcements. When I say tunnel vision, I mean that you focus on one target and completely ignore and disregard everything else thats going on. If you can learn to ignore this, your game will improve greatly.

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I'd just like to make a note on buff's. In 3v3 there are many buff's that are super effective with Warwick. The Lizard Eldar is an amazing buff, and can really make you destructive because it sort of counts as a Frozen Mallet. I love to get the wraith buff because it is always funny for me when you have Blood Scent, Boots of Mobility and the movement buff while chasing someone. Theres dragon which benefits your whole team and makes you, as a carry, do lot's of damage with your ulti. Finally theres the attack speed buff which makes your auto attacks more effective. The most important buffs are red and movement speed in my opinion, so I tend to go after them, but feel free to pick and choose. Remember: Warwick is a jungler, use that to your advantage when you need something to turn the tide of the battle.

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If your looking to integrate this build in to 5v5 gameplay I have done it before. Just remember that you should definitely not solo for this. Too much ganking opportunity. For this you should take a lane with one of the champions mentioned above, and try and get as many kills as you can. Team fights in a 5v5 are much different. Rather than a tank, a mage and a physical DPS, your team is composed of much more. You need to know your role. If your not carrying that hard compared to another champ take the hits for him/her. Ganking will be more frequent in a 5v5 because three lanes makes it harder to keep all champions accounted for. There may be a jungler also. I really believe that this build should be solely for 3v3 and you should just jungle for a 5v5, but hey, if you can pull it off why not?

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Thats it. Everything I have to say on my lovely little puppy named Warwick. I hope you found this guide effective and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment, because it only gets better if you help. If you'd like to see anything else put in for the build let me know. If you have game results you'd like to send me, I'd be happy to post them. Well that's all folks, happy LoLing. :D

Thanks to my buddy asn00pnugget for setting up those awesome ganks.
Heres a build by him, I suggest you check it out if you like vampires (the non-sparkly kind)
Vlad: What you need to know
If your in to Jax I think you should check out this build by my other buddy Kaekdrin: Rockem Sockem Jax
Finally, if you like stinky, invisible rats, be sure to look at my friend JoeSixPacks Twitch Build Twitch, the Smell of Win
Thanks again!