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Shaco Build Guide by aucune pitier

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aucune pitier

3v3 ownage shaco

aucune pitier Last updated on February 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I recommend this build because i play 8 game with shaco using this build and i win 7 of them and in the one i lose i was having the best ratio 10/7 in all my games with this build i always get positive ratio kill/death.

lowest kill: The lowest kill i get in a game was 4 kill but i only get time to get 4 kills because the other team surrend at 15 min but mi ratio in this game was one of mi best because i was having 0 death.

Highest kill: mi highest kill was mi best game whit him i make 17 kill 2 death in 45 min i was having a ration of 8.5 kill/death.

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I decide to choose mi rune for optimise mi survability and mi kill.

Mark: i decide to take 6 rune for attack speed 3 for attack damage because i think attack speed is very useful for make often critical hit so it easy to kill quishy enemies like mage and the attack damage because it always useful

Seal: I take hp seal for have good hp at the start so i minimise mi chance of die in the start gank and because shaco squishy hp is always useful for make combat in mi favor

Glyph: I take attack speed rune for the same reason i take attack speed mark.

Quintessence: I take attack damage quintessence for the same reason i take attack damage mark.

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Doran Blade: I take doran blade for have a good attack damage and heal fornthe start 3v3 gank so it optimise mi chance of getting kill and don't get kill.

Berseker Greave: I take berseker greave for give me a good movement speed and attack speed

Phantom Dancer: The phantom dancer is very useful because it give you a 30% critical chance and give you good movement speed that help you for chase your ennemies whit the slow of your knife you can easily follow your enemies and the attack speed it for do alor of critical and get the farming easier

The Bloodthirster: The bloofthirster is useful for fight dps and tanky champion with your bloodthirster you should be able to kill the dragon and the other neutral monster for get buff. Your bloodthirster and your phantom dancer make you easy to heal your self on the minion.

Infinity Edge: The infinity edge serve to boost your critical chance to 55% and your attack to very high it serve for your crtical damage too because it upgrade it from 200% to 250%.

Warmog Armor: The warmog armor serve for upgrade shaco survability because it boost it max hp and it hp regeneration rate. Warmog is useful vs ignite summoner spell because of the good hp it give to shaco.

The bloodthirster: we rarely get to this point of the build but if it happens it always useful for ad shaco to have alot of hp steal if we full it 2 bloodthirster he can get 50% life steal that very useful if your enemie have a thornmaill because it have no effect on you because your stealing more hp than the thornmail tomdo to you of damage

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Flash and deceive are making a very good way to escape gank if you start with deceive en when you reappear you can nornally take a good distance between you and your enemies.
Ignite: I am twking ignite because it always useful if your enemie is very low hp and you want to finish him but he running to fast for you. Ignite it normaly more useful at the start because at the end shaco have very high damage and high movement speed so he can normaly finish his enemy easily.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: The good aspect with this build is that he give very gpod stat to shaco so we can make easy kill if we focus squishy ennemie and later we can kill more tanky one. This build is very good for farm because of is attack speed and is critical hit so you can make fast money on farming with it to.

Cons The cons is that this build is very expensive so he not make for beginner that not very good with shaco because they wont be able to do kill so they wont have alot of item and they will feed at the end

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This build is very good for farm when you get your first bloodthirster and phantom dancer you should be able to farm every neutral monster and kill vey fast the minion for have a good push to.