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Shaco Build Guide by Capzi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Capzi

3V3 Troll shaco build.. A lot of fun. (Non-Ranked)

Capzi Last updated on December 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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What the F*** is this?! I was playing shaco quite a bit lately and I was getting kinda bored of how shaco is normally played. This build proves to do very well on 3v3. I know this build looks very silly, and probably doesn't look like it would work well.. Just give it a try and see :D

(have fun taking 60% of peoples hp in 1 sec flat and running before they can hit you once..)

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the fun part of the guide.. the items.
First I like to start with 3 dorans blades kinda like the garen guide (spin to crit)
This provides a VERY strong early game, you can even fight heavy ad (such as tryn) carries in a 1v1 fight head on with this. It also gives you alot of early game health which you need to sustain while waiting for your expensive items.

bloodthirstier first?! (or at all?)

The provides you with a lot of damage and some nice life steal to keep you in fights longer, I feel getting 2 of these before a real defence item is nice. you can jump in with your stealth, crit them for 40% of their hp, then do a throw for another 20-30% and more if you get them from behind!
you can solo dragon upon completing your first one. (or sooner with ult)

Defence item, on shaco i prefer the res item because you can just stealth away after using it, and it proves some decent armor/mresist. after that i build a AS item and then another bloodthirstier for more dmg after burst.

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For runes I just stack a little bit of armor pen and a but of AS/crit because of the heavy investment of time into damage early game. You can really play this part out how you want, this is a troll build..

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Mastery.. Use what ever you want, I prefer going heavy into the offence tree for attack power, crit and attack speed.

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Skill Sequence

Stealth in and throw you blade at them and deal about 60% of their health, more if they dont have any runes/mastery into defence! :D I don't like getting shaco bots til late game because I feel more burst goes well with this troll build.

Why the hell not?!
when I get down to playin this build i really could care less what others say, With this build im just going for the most damage early/mid to get fed. Most games end in a surrender... 10-1. Last game, it started as a 3v3 (kat, teemo and i) vs Vlad Yi and leblanc, Kat left mid game (level 12) and by that point I was already fed about 10 kills, by the end when teemo and I pushed in I had 20 kills and 3 deaths, 11 assists. And a "WTF kind of build is that shaco?!"

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I usually get flash + exhaust

Flash to get away, catch people and Exhaust to claim kills before people get away.

to be fully honest, you should pick your own summoner spells for your play style, Sometimes I go ignite/exhaust (don't need to much to get away when you have your built in flash/stealth)

So for these, pick what you want.. just avoid stuff your tanks/support should be getting and stick to stuff that would help you get more kills. ( a fed shaco is a good shaco..)

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Team Work

Gank gank gank gank gank gank gank gank.. oh.. and don't forget.. GANK!

Go duo bot and always check for an easy gank, run up jump over wall, exhaust and kill them as often as you can! (try to make sure they are at least near the mid of top, and at 70% or so hpor less) your solo lane team mate will love you for it, and you getting fed it let you keep up with solo lane and have much better items! :D

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Feel free to comment and rate about your theories on this build, or your experience with it, Thanks for reading my guide, hope you have fun with this troll build :D

If you try this on a 5 (I don't recommend it, I haven't ever tried before.. Always get blue first.. its an easy level and gives you mana (which you will be needing) .. grab your bots first and stack them in the blue bush .. get like 5 or 6 and its an easy kill.