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Twitch Build Guide by omeeT

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League of Legends Build Guide Author omeeT

5 Tiamat Twitch

omeeT Last updated on April 19, 2012
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Hi, my name is Omeet and I've made this build for the champion Twitch. Twitch The Plague Rat is a ranged, stealth, assassin who specializes at surprising his enemies and doing tons of attack damage if left alone. This build is a build i use when i wanna have a little fun with our rodent friend and the items, runes and masteries are geared around Twitches "R" or Ultimate ability. SPRAY AND PRAY is Twitches ultimate and when activated it gives Twitch 15/25/35 Attack Damage and his basic attacks become long range missiles that are fired in a straight line at his target. These missiles deals 100% Damage and they can go through multiple enemies applying his passive poison stacks for every missile fired. During the duration of this he can fire a maximum of 5/6/7 missiles. This is the core reason for this build and ill explain why later.

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So the runes i chose for this Twitch build are:

Greater Glyph of Sheilding x9: +0.15 Magic Resistance per level (+2.7 at champion level 18)

Greater Seal of Fortitude x9: +5.35 Health

Greater Mark of Alacrity x9: +1.7 percent Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Alacrity: +3.4 percent Attack Speed

So i chose the Glyphs to increase his Magic Resistance to help against the enemy Ability Power champions. I chose the Seals because Twitch is naturally squishy and i can tell you how many times ive escaped with first blood with 50 Health or less, these will help you early as you wont be getting a Dorans Blade. Since the Dorans blade was nerfed in the recent patch it doesent give you +100 Health anyway. Now for the marks and quintessences, i chose these attack speed runes because the only attack speed item you will be getting is your berserkers greaves so these will be really helpful.

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The masteries ive chosen have been set up so u have the best advantages with increased armour pen and magic pen since you wont be getting any of that item wise. Also you get another boost for your attack speed which is important and another increase for your defensive stats even though they are miniscule.

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Now this is where playing Twitch gets fun, with these Items youll be hitting everyone for tons of damage with the Tiamat passive (35 percent splash damage for ranged basic attacks).

Now you should start with a Faerie Charm, a Rejuvenation Bead and a Health Potion. This will give you Mana and Health regen so u can stay in lane and farm with your basic attacks. As an extra bonus you have a health pot that you can use when ever you want or when ever its needed. Your next item should be your Berserkers Greaves which give you movement and attack speed. now after that you should be finishing your first Tiamat.

Now the rest of the game will have you buying the other four Tiamats. Now at end game your Tiamats will have you doing 175 percent splash damage, so sometimes it might be better to attack the tank in a team fight even though its usually not advised if you do the carry around him will be taking more damage the they would be if you would have targeted him.

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Team Work

Now this build has no survivability so your going to have to play smart and stick with a teamate. Also this means that you cant dive into a team fight right away. you have to let it develope the pop out of stealth, ulti and wreak havoc. (^.^) that my favourite part as Twitch and i smiled as i was writing it. So the thing about this build is that ur going to be targetted most of the time in team fights cuz of your damage so its gonna be rough for you but if you play smart and stick with a friend you should do well.

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Now farming early your going to have to last hit as usual but dont worry the longer the game goes on and the more Tiamats you get the easier it will get and you have no time farming.