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Olaf Build Guide by Riftborne

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Riftborne

5k Olaf Jungle or Top - The Juggernaut Emerges

Riftborne Last updated on August 24, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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5k Olaf - Juggernaut Era God

Alrighty... So we're in the Juggernaut meta and yet it seems like people aren't showing any love to the original Juggernaut (in my opinion. I immediately think back to season 2/3 watching Jax and Olaf duel and the entire game just STOPPED because everyone was watching them go at it.)

This is my Olaf build. I call it 5k Olaf because you end up with over 5000 health. He's got amazing waveclear, great tower dropping potential, great teamfighting power, and his jungle sustain is incredible. I average somewhere around 3:40 for a FULL clear. Every single camp from Gromp all the way to Golems. I go back at level 4 and generally keep up with my mid laner in levels. It's ridiculous.

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Why does this work?

Simple... Olaf's base damages are already incredible. He deals massive true damage with his Reckless swing, and also his Undertow has absolutely stupid AD scaling so even a little bit helps. So you really don't need to build much damage. You just need to stay alive long enough to get your damage to where it needs to go. With this build, you have armor, magic resist, and a metric **** load of health to make it all worth more. The passive you get from Dead Man's plate is ridiculous. The "You can't kill me" factor that you get from the Gage is broken.

Olaf's job has historically been to pop ult and dive the back lines. Usually he dies doing it. Not with this build... Nope. Run to the back lines, skirmisher smite their highest damage source on the way in, tank everything, pop gage, tear everyone apart with undertows, reckless swings, and splash damage from hydra. As long as your W is running and you keep smacking stuff, nobody is going to kill you. Nobody. I don't care how advantaged the enemy team is, nobody can kill somebody that's got 5000 health and is taking 25% reduced damage from the enemy team's best guy.

You can't be disabled, you can slow everyone repeatedly, your damage is completely irrational given how tanky you are, and even if you don't choose to teamfight, you plow lanes and drop towers like a Master Yi.

I imagine this will be nerfed REALLY soon. So hop on that freelo train while it's still in the station.

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Jungle route

Super hard leash at blue (not needed, but it makes things way easier). You want to start blue with this because of the CDR and the mana regen. Makes for more undertows, which is your main means of clearing. Throw undertow, pick undertow up, throw it again. Make sure that if you throw it too far you're auto attacking as you walk to go get it.

The object is to throw your undertow in such a way that you just pick it right back up. A lot of times this means standing INSIDE THE SPRITE of the monster you're fighting and throwing for the wall. It takes some practice, but you'll figure it out. Your undertow should pretty much never be on a full cooldown. Ever. Even when you're not jungling. Don't be a lazy viking. Pick the stupid thing up after you throw it.

Anywho... Start blue, save your smite. Get gromp (smite it), do wolves. Then do raptors, then red, then golems. Recall and grab skirmishers. Maybe even some boots if you have enough. Then just clear all the things. Feel free to counterjungle since you can just skirmishers smite the enemy jungler if they show up and reset your undertow over and over and over and reckless swing the **** out of them. Pretty easy to kill other junglers. I haven't met one yet that can stand toe to toe with me in a straight up duel.

I mean... really... Who can duel an olaf? Jax maybe. That's about it. Maybe Aatrox if he's really good. Other than that, Olaf is the duelist to end all duelists. Always has been. So it makes sense that he can go wherever the hell he wants in the enemy jungle, doesn't it?

Early game goals are Cinderhulk, boots, and a pickaxe.

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Olaf doesn't get many kills with ganks unless the enemy is already really over-committed. That's why a lot of people don't think he's a very good jungler. His ganks rely on landing his undertow, which is a slow moving skillshot. This also makes things hard. Me? I main support generally and I have for 6 years. I rarely miss skillshots.

...Don't play Olaf if you can't land skillshots... It won't work.

The object is to land undertow, catch up, grab it, throw it again, and that ought to get you in range for reckless swing and a few autos. Usually you won't kill the enemy unless your ally in the lane helps you. But the neato part of it is that you don't have to. Burning summoners and resetting pressure is plenty helpful to your team. Especially if your onslaught ends up leaving your lane with a fade away kill.

You'll just be chillin in your jungler and like 3 minutes later the lane you just ganked will get a kill because you left the enemy with a missing summoner or low health. That's generally how it goes.

Don't play olaf if you wanna run into a lane, decimate somebody, and walk away with that feeling of glory. He's more about pressure management than killing stuff throughout the early game. Now... Don't get me wrong - It's entirely possible to score some kills. I generally go between 8 and 12 kills per game with him. But it shouldn't be your mission until you get a lot more practice. Just keep the pressure off your lanes and you're doing your job just fine. Worry about getting artsy with it later, after you've played him a bunch.

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Mid Game

If you've got your hydra and your gage finished, you should be able to 1v2, 1v3, or even 1v4 against the right champions. You just need to get a feel for what amount of damage is going to proc your gage. You should be farming your face off whenever your team is in a bit of a lull. Whenever the action picks up, get there and go HAM. try and soak as much damage as you can. CC the carries, skirmishers smite their most fed champion and try and take them down.

Your job is to be a windowmaker. The guy that gets your team into the fight without your team getting swallowed whole. This is why Olaf is so strong in yolo queue. As long as you can get your team into the fight with a good setup, generally people know what to do from there. It's that "I have no way into this fight" syndrome that screws people in solo queue.

You're the cure.

Whenever fights aren't happening, push ALL of the lanes out whenever you can. I end up with between 250 and 350 farm every game because I'm always pushing waves away from my base when nothing is going on. NOBODY can 1v1 you because of skirmishers and your general tankiness, so why not take some risks and keep the pressure in your team's favor? If you see the enemy team hard-plowing a lane, take the opportunity to push behind them and force them to make a choice - Keep pushing, or stop you from turning their towers to ash. Generally, the enemy team will break their siege. This is a good way to delay a loss if your team isn't doing well. FORCE the enemy team to deal with YOU and your sexy 5000 health. Make em work for it.

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Late game

You're gonna be big enough to take on pretty much anything. So your job is to pop your ult and make sure that the enemy's best man doesn't even make it into the fight. Chase them off, beat the hell out of them, send them home. With your ult running, nobody can stop you from getting onto a priority target. So make sure that the enemy's priority targets can't get to yours without going through a viking.

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Things to be careful about

Vayne. Ban her. Or request that she be banned. She does way too much % health damage.

You don't need to ban ALL the champions who do % health damage, but you do need to be mindful that this is pretty much your only weakness. That and heavy penetration, but just keep an eye out for that and make sure you get skirmishers smite on the person stacking penetration.