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Bard Build Guide by Synk1904

[8.22] The friendliest champ - Bard Guide for Begginers

By Synk1904 | Updated on December 11, 2018
63 Votes
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NDarKnight (24) | November 26, 2018 2:45pm
Greeting Synk1904, Bard is hard champ to play im happy to see there is still Bard mains i play Bard for long time too and i have friend who only plays Bard he is hardcore Bard main only champ he plays is Bard even his nick is IamBard and i love Bards because you can do allot tricks to beat the enemy and you can save anyone in your team with your ult, keep making good guides like this.
Synk1904 (3) | November 27, 2018 2:23pm
Thanks for your reply, Bard is such a cool champ, I started playing him because he was funny to play and because I could be more creative with him that with other champions.

Thanks for your support, but It will be hard to do more guides, it is already difficult to keep this one up-to-date, I have not much free time and when I do, I like to relax a bit and play some League. If I were to make another guide it would be for Nami, but not right now, maybe in the future.

Have a nice week.
Justw1N | June 22, 2018 6:37am
Hey Synk1904,

I think this guide was really good, so I'm thinking about playing Bard and maybe making him my main in the future. What do you think is the best way to improve on Bard? As I have pretty much zero experience on him.
Synk1904 (3) | June 22, 2018 10:43am

If you want to be a good bard you need to pratice a lot. A Bard player needs to hit MOST of his Q's. Q is the most important ability, so everytime you see a minion (champion or wall) behind or in front of a enemy champ try to stun, with pratice you will get better. Also be careful with your R, it can make you lose a fight if bad used, in the beggining use it mainly to secure kills and save teammates(Ignite, R's from Draven,Ezreal and others, or just to get time for a teammate to save your other teammate and yourself).

Always move around trying to get the best position to stun and punish them for being bad positioned.

Hope I could help, if you have any more questions feel free the comment.
Justw1N | June 24, 2018 11:19am
Thank you, I noticed that I miss a lot of my Q's, only real way to practice is just to play multiple games on him.
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Wicked Cherry (83) | June 17, 2018 11:16am
Hey Synk1904,

I like your guide and that you explained how to play against other supports or counters.
When I think about Bard, what pops up in my mind is that he's made for roaming, but since I'm not a regular Bard-player, I tend to wonder when the best situation could be to roam. Maybe you could create a new section to explain how, where and when it's best to roam for Bard and the team?
Synk1904 (3) | June 17, 2018 12:40pm
Hi! I intend to update my guide, but I do not have much time at the moment.

In my opinion the best situations to roam are usually the same times that you should farm chimes.

For example, if there are no opponents in your lane, let your adc push bot with the minions (if you have good vision, if not then he should probably recall or help you) and roam mid, if there is someone there. Obviously you can't roam with low hp because you're a support (that does a lot of damage) and you will die fast to the mid laner. (You can risk a bit if you use your R and if your midlaner kills him fast). Everytime you roam, warn your adc (he should be more careful without you if he stays in lane), and also warn your mid laner so he is ready when you appear in front of the opponent.

Summing up, everytime you are good on health and there are no opponents on lane, let your adc push the lane alone and roam, on the way get chimes and if you have the oracle check if there are wards that can see you, use E and R to get the enemy mid laner and then go back bot or recall.
Wicked Cherry (83) | June 17, 2018 12:59pm
Okay. Thanks for your quick reply and your advices! I'll take them to heart and try them out next time. x]
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[8.22] The friendliest champ - Bard Guide for Begginers