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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Tchouvline

Middle [9.21] Middlesticks, a genius pick ! (including matchups !)

By Tchouvline | Updated on November 8, 2019
84 Votes
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D3sTryk3 | April 7, 2020 4:43pm
a quand un guide sur ornn sup ou top
Loggit (1) | November 12, 2019 9:10am
1. This guide has many grammatical errors. I suggest going through the guide sentence-by-sentence and fixing this.
2. The use of exclamation points is extremely over-used, and with poor placement. Instead of placing a space between the word and punctuation, just leave the punctuation flush with the previous word/character.
3. This guide makes Fiddlesticks seem like a particularly good pick as well as easy, which he is neither. I would appreciate it if you would properly represent Fiddlesticks.

This is not to say I do not like Fiddlesticks, hes 100% one of my favorite champions. Full combo dealing nearly 4000 damage is ridiculous, but he has far more downsides than his worth. Fiddlesticks is not worth playing in ranked unless you are particularly good with him, among the top 20% of Fiddlesticks players, and very good with the position, once again within the top 20%. His carry potential is actually VERY low, due to weaknesses within the current meta. He supplies no role within the meta, and has very little use in the meta. While he can be annoying to play against, he very quickly becomes obsolete compared to many other champions. I would also like to point out that Fiddlesticks works better with domination PRIMARY, due to his very large damage. Having Dark Harvest or Predator work particularly well because his full combo at Level 6 deals close to 2500 damage. While this is not as much as his late-game, it shows how hard he can scale. These are all small revisions, however they may become quite the undertaking. But I would definitely appreciate better presentation on what Fiddlesticks is and what his capacities are, as his carry capacity is near-to-none because of his near entire uselessness with the current meta. As I said before, these facts are not to say Fiddlesticks is a bad champion or very obnoxious for me, I love Fiddle to death. He just doesn't have a use or role in the meta. This should be better shown, because this guide makes Fiddle out to be the most underrated hyper carry, which he is very far from.
Tchouvline | February 26, 2020 4:04pm
Hi man !
First of all, i wanna thank you for this huuuge comment, now that i'm back in LoL, i'll answer you :)

1) Actually yeah, there's alot of grammatical errors, when i writed this guide i wasn't... myself, i mean, my personal situation wasn't that good and writing guides was an escape for me. In the future i'll fix EVERY grammatical mistakes, i promise :)
2) Exclamtions points... Hehe, when i wrote this guide, i didn't paid attention of how i'm writing, this will be corrected in the future :)
3) When i tryharded League, Fiddlesticks was my favorite pick, i was in the top 5% fiddle players in the world, i litteraly though it was the best pick in ranked, but it isn't of course.. I'm gonna work on this as soon as possible to properly represent Fiddlesticks :)

And now, the big fish
I totally agree that Fiddlesticks is not worth playing in ranked since you're good with him, and of course i'll say that his carry potential is low if you're a casual Fiddle player..
I tried alot Domination on Jungle, and actually it seems pretty good ! I tried a few times recently on midlane and i'd say that DH is clearly a must have for him ! I'll work on runes page as soon as i can !
I made some mistakes while writing this guide, past mistakes, probably because i wasn't in a good mood, but now that everything is fine, i'll make Fiddle great again :D

Thank you for your comment, alot of love sent from a french Fiddle main <3
Have fun on League :)
Canofsteak | October 14, 2019 12:17am
2 things
1) Is cutdown good for Fiddlesticks? I usually run:
Numbus Cloak
Gathering Storm
Presence of Mind
Cut Down
2) Is spellvamp fiddlesticks good? Because I'm thinking about replacing protobelt with gunblade
Tchouvline | October 14, 2019 7:43am
HI :D First of all, thanks for your comment :D

1) I tried Cut down a few games with Fiddle, and actually this rune is not so bad if you are versus a tanky comp BUT there's a few problems :
- Not using Domination as second tree is unthinkable for me because you'll miss Ingenious Hunter (40% CDR reduction on Active items, and some Magic Penetration), don't forget that Zhonya's Hourglass got a long CD, that's why i suggest this.
- Cutdown is not a bad rune, but it can work only with tanky comps, this rune is VERY situational but it can work well if you select it wisely :D

2) I tried alot Spellvamp, i liked it alot but, as i said before, Ingenious Hunter is much more valuable than spellvamp, for the CD reduction.
Actually, if you wanna more spellvamp on early, simply max W first, then Q, and then E, that's the best option ^^
Replacing protobelt with gunblade is not a bad idea, but don't forget that you can use it on a single enemy, instead of protobelt, which is "A dash with some rockets"

If you feel confident by using these runes and this stuff, feel free to continue, afterall it's only a game !

If you wanna short answer, cutdown is good but situational, and spellvamp is not so valuable as ingenious hunter is ^^

If you still have some questions, feel free to ask ! :D
Have a nice League :D
Scary_Carry | July 19, 2019 6:28pm
I would mention the way his combo works. As in Ult (R) Terrify (Q) Dark Wind (E) and finally Drain the target(E) and if target is not dead run for your life lol. This is more for ganking your own mid lane. Also mention the synergy between E and W in that Dark Wind Crows will bounce off of drain targets much more so, If you throw an E and then W target E will bounce to target like 3 times where as if there was no drain on him the E would only hit once .. maybe twice if there were few enough minions. Also, sorry, The Middlesticks is easy to play and hard to get right imho. The execution is simple ...the set-up done correctly is disgustingly hard. That's why Fiddle has a lvl 2 of 3 difficulty rating. everyone thinks they can just ult from wherever whenever and that is so not the case. be smart about the fog and your enemy's vision and you will excel at The Middlesticks. All will be caw caw caw caw cawcked!!
Tchouvline | July 20, 2019 5:50am
Hi :D Actually i'm working on "strategy" section which will be very informative and of course i totally mentioned the "Skill combos", i use them all and i wanted to mention it. The full combo is deadliest only if well played, that's why i say that Fiddle is hard to master. Without the "strategy" section, this guide is more for "Fiddlesticks main" or guys who play him alot (like 1 games out of 3/4), but with the strategy section, i'll make it even for Fiddle casuals :D

Thanks for your comment :D
PS : Fiddle main or not ?
Deeg (1) | June 7, 2019 10:10am
I would have never thought of trying Fiddle mid. Nice guide keep up the great work.
Tchouvline | June 7, 2019 11:15am
Hi, thanks for your comment, i appreciate it <3 Yes, Middlesticks is weird but it's a great exotic pick :D
Stay tuned, i'll update again the guide, need to add more informations, as a first guide i made alot of mistakes ;)
(don't forget to follow me on ;) )
Deeg (1) | June 10, 2019 12:12pm
Alright I’ll stay tuned. Have a good time with League and keep up the good guides
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[9.21] Middlesticks, a genius pick ! (including matchups !)