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Trundle Build Guide by otto222

Top (9.23) Trundle Top (SEASON 10)

By otto222 | Updated on November 23, 2019
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Drake6401 | March 15, 2020 6:21pm
I have an interest in having Trundle as a possible Top lane pick to match heavy tank teams. I also pick trundle when someone picks Renekton before me and notice Trundle is disgustingly good at countering him.

You have good rune recommendations and items, but you have a great opportunity to make this the main Top lane-specific guide to this champion. I feel what's most lacking is the threats information. It would help to have more information and more matchups listed to give players a better idea of how they should address each champion they will most likely meet in top lane. Having just their names in a certain threat category helps only so little.

I see you are working on the gameplay part, and do suggest making split pushing a big focus because of trundle rules at taking towers and escaping when people come to shut him down.
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Trundle Guide
(9.23) Trundle Top (SEASON 10)
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