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Lux Build Guide by BaKESAL3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaKESAL3

A beginner's guide to Lux - Your team's best friend.

BaKESAL3 Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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It's not required but if you do vote, please comment! I'm always looking to improve this guide in the hopes of getting some more good Lux players out there and you can help!

Welcome to my introduction to Lux Guide. The purpose of this guide is not to make you the best Lux in the world right of the bat. It is, however here to make you the best Lux you can be with a little practice.

Using this guide is going to be much more forgiving than other builds. Its designed to be flexible, nothing except for the masteries are set in stone.

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Greater Mark of Insight - Mandatory, spell pen, ect. You'd be a fool not to take these

Greater Seal of Force - I personally would take this one. It's nearly 20 AP late game + Deathcap

Greater Seal of Clarity - Standard and the best seals for any mana user. Great if you like to rock cookie cutter builds and you find yourself running out of mana even with Clarity. EXPERIMENT. Don't just complain the build sucks. Find your weaknesses after playing a couple games and adjust accordingly. If you're here you're obviously still learning. That requires more than 1 game, especially with Lux. /rant

Greater Seal of Resilliance - Great if you find yourself not able to sit on the outside of fights nuking and supporting team mates. Highly underrated on AP carries, especially when you're still learning.

Greater Seal of Focus
- I'm insulting a lot of pure AP Lux players by suggesting CDR here as the main glyph but like always, they're flexible. Remember again, you're still learning, a large portion of that learning is going to be cooldown management with Lux. As you improve you'll be switching these runes out for AP/level. Sort of taking the training wheels except when they come off you'll be a ****ing train.

Greater Glyph of Force
- 30 AP at level 18 + Deathcap bonus. Once you've learned how to manage your cooldowns get these. They're amazing.

Greater Glyph of Potency Your only option. Don't argue, just use them.

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I usually rock 9/0/21 with an emphasis on CDR and move speed with points in improved TP and Clarity respectively. This is probably the least flexible part of the build and there isn't really a lot to say here.

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Here we enter the great debate. Items. I'm probably going to catch a lot of downvotes here because it's not revolutionary or a whole new clever way of playing Lux. I'm posting what works, and is the easiest to use when you're still learning a champ that can do so much. I'm going to break the item build down into tiers. Nothing here is set in stone in any manner. Change the items depending on what you're having trouble with as Lux accordingly.

Tier one:

Doran's Ring + Doran's Ring + T1 Boots.

I personally love this start. The 2 Doran's ring provide a nice amount of AP for early game, and survivability for your laning phase if you find yourself getting harassed. (you'll learn how to not get harassed eventually and you can drop the second ring. But remember, you're learning here and a second ring is a GREAT tool to have.)

Tier 2:

Needlessly Large Rod + Boots.

The 80 AP from the needlessly is going to make your AP skyrocket. With any luck you'll come back from your lane and surprise the hell out of your laning opponent when your spells start to hit like a truck.

The boots are purely based on your preference. If you know how to manage your cooldowns now and you find yourself pair up against a tanky team go for the sorc boots to help take big chucks of their health away every hit.

If you find you're getting killed because your spells aren't off CD go for the CDR boots. The sorc boots are an all around better choice but if you find your cooldowns are getting you killed the CDR boots are obviously a better choice. More damage is fine but you can't do damage when you're dead.

Tier 3:

This is where **** gets good. Pick up your Rabbadon's Deathcap and you're instantly the life of the party.

Teir 4:

This is the tricky part. Any of these items will be fine depending on the group you're facing and I'll expand on that per item. You WILL be selling at least 1 Doran's Ring for the first item in this list that you chose.

Sheen / Lich bane
- This item goes VERY well with your passive but despite other guides it isn't a requirement. I personally would pick this item up for the team fights against teams with lots of melee where there isn't much of a risk of getting hit. With all your ability power and your passive you'll be hitting as hard with your auto attacks as you are with your spells.

Zhonya's Hourglass - Most people absolutely LOVE this item and I'm one of them. Its 100 AP and invincibility for 3 seconds. If you're facing a team that isn't stacking MR its going to be your best friend in the whole big wide world. NOTE: Don't buy this item for the use. That doesn't mean ignore it if you're getting ganked and your team is in the bush next to you. It just means that Lux is never supposed to be close enough to the enemy where this kind of situation could happen.

Void Staff - Pretty straightforward. If the enemy team is stacking MR and your runes + masteries + boots aren't enough grab the staff instead of Zhonya's.

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Ranked Play

Don't even think about it. I'm sure it could work but that's not what this build is made for.

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Pros / Cons


-Offensive abilities hit VERY hard.
-Escape Artist

-Easily Crowd Controled
-Squishy as hell

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Team Work

This is probably the hardest part of playing Lux.

A good Lux player will stand on the outside of the fight and blow the whole team up while your tanks tank. A great Lux player will aim their slow into the group to hit all of them, snare the target their team is focusing as well as the dps doing the most damage/control, shield your team mates, or run back and CC the enemy chasing your team mates after a bad team fight all while staying alive. Remember, you have the damage of a carry, but your spells have support. DONT NEGLECT YOUR SHIELD