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Irelia Build Guide by vertigo8892

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vertigo8892

A Comprehensive Look at the Ionian Will of Blades

vertigo8892 Last updated on June 27, 2011
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This build Assumes that you have a basic understanding of Irellia's Skills they are as follows:
Q: Blade Surge: Flies to target dealing physical damage, most useful when used to proc.Trinity force.

W: Hiten Style: Does true damage and gives life steal, boosted and Enhances mostly by Attack Speed

E: Equilibrium Strike: Strikes traget dealing magic damage. If you have more health than them it slows them if you have less health it stuns them. Very useful for it's proc. of Trinity Force and for the stun/slow.

R(Ultimate): Transcendent Blades: Irellia's most powerful skill and the target of most of the Irellia Nerfs. It gives Irellia 4 blades which when used are thrown towards the mouse pointer. It deals physical damage and heals Irellia for a percentage of the damage dealt. It only heals Irellia for half if used against minions but heals her for the full amount against champions.

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Oh, Hello there! Now I would like you to sit right there and close your eyes for a second. Not really though if you closed your eyes you wouldn't be able to read. But just think with me for a second. What champ can d it all. What champ has amazing burst, life steal, is tanky, can jungle, deals physical and magic damage and does true damage. If you answered Lee Sin, well I hate you and you're wrong(just joking ;3), the answer is Irellia. She is an amazing champ who can do anything the team wants and/or needs her to do. Whether blowing up the AD/AP carry to being the off tank to being the jungle to being an... AP anti-carry?!?!?

Now, now, now I know you must be asking how can one champion do so much. I couldn't answer that even if i tried. Maybe she was created on a different tier, maybe her rebirth made her THAT much more POWERFUL. Whatever the answer its time for you to close that dropped jaw of yours and get on to the meat and bones of this champion. Ladies and Gentleman may I introduce to you Irellia,the Ionian Will of Blades

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An Explaination of the Builds

1.) Irellia: The Off-tank Lane
My favortie build for Irellia in this guide. This build is a little weak at the start but diamonds towards the end. This build I specifically made to take and give out damage. Whether that be diving into a team fight to get to that damn carry or taking down the tank mono a mono this build does it.

2.) Irellia: The AD anti-carry
This one is for those that say, "My Chaps, I say we throw caution to the wind and blow something up." In this one your sacrificing that survivability so you can kill the carry even faster. As far as you're concerned if you die in a team fight you will have at least taken one of them down with you. I caution you this build is dangerous and you WILL DIE in most team fights.

3.)Irellia: The AP anti-carry
To those of you who say this build doesn't work i say that, well other team wont expect it at all at least. This one offers the same type of thing that Akali does except not as well. I don't recommend building this way if you want a sure fire win. This is more for those who want to try something new. Don't get me wrong it can totally work its just that if you go this route she is mostly burst and relies on her true damage to do what little sustained damage she can while waiting for that Lich Bane to proc.

4.) Irellia: The Jungle
While not the best jungle in the game Irellia can do the job if no one else wants it. This build borrows heavily from my offtank build with a jungle twist. Irellia's life steal and burst can get her through the jungle. Also the fact that she will hardly ever will be at full health actaully helps her in the fact that her equalizing strike turns from a slow to a stun. Another thing is that she enters the lane she is ganking as fast or faster than any other champ (except for maybe nocture) and cc's the target very quickly.

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1.) I go for Marks and Quints. of Desolation because lets face it, it the only way to do it really. You can buy Attack Damage and Attack Speed but its much harder to Buy armor pen. I go armor seals and magic resist seals and glyphs because she's an off tank in this build and she's got to survive those fights. Remember, not having to go back early game usually leads to advantages in the form of turrets late game.

2.) We grab those ever so useful deso. marks. This is where it changes up. We go for Attack Speed seals and AP glyphs. This is because the survival in this build comes from health-regen. Irellia gets this from her Hiten Style (w) and Her Transcendent Blades (r) these are boosted by attack speed and AP/AD. I grab Movement Speed Quints for added survivability.

3.) I know you must be asking,"Why the hell deso. marks again, I mean I understand you have a crush on them and all, but really? This is supposed to be an AP build." To that I say, I would LOVE to get Magic pen. marks but RIOT (tm) (c) (i have no clue please don't sue me) decided to change her ulty. from Magic damage to Attack Damage. This had to do with balance issues and what not but it doesn't make me any happier about it. But we play the cards we are dealt and if they want to say, "Do Physical Damage with your Ult." then by harry we will.
Now to go on (sorry for rambling). To go on were grabbing up that health, with our seals and quints, and magic resist, with our glyphs, so we make sure we survive going after the carry on the other team.

4.) For jungle were making sure we grab that Armor Pen. With our marks and Quints. We grab dodge seals and Magic Resistance glyphs for survival. If you want a description look at the off tank guide for everything except for the dodge. We go dodge because the best way to avoid jungle damage is to avoid it. Also later in the game it could make a difference between dodging damage and chasing down the carry with the temp. speed boost and get pwned int he face.

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There are a lot of ways to build Irellia, but that is up to you. The thing I will be talking about here is the Core Items of the sets. After these three (maybe four) items you can go with what you feel you need. Every different game requires a different build. Buy items base based on the other team. What I try to give you is the build that I use most often against a balanced American Meta. team. With the growing popularity of the European Meta. in America you might want to grab some more magic resist for that double Mage threat. (If you are unsure What the different meta's are please look them up, I don't say this to be mean, it's just that I'm not the best person to describe them. You can get a better more in depth look at the metas by watching the recent champion ship games.)

1.) The Core item set for this one is the Trinity Force, Merc. Treads, Spirit Visage combo. The Trinity Force is where the main bulk of the damage from this build comes from. It gives her boosts to almost every stat., which is extremely useful to a hybrid champion like Irellia. You will see the Merc. treads in almost every Irellia build EVER. This is for good reason though. The boots give the most resilience out of any item in the game. This stacks nicely with Irellia's Passive allowing her to be the target of alot of CC and not be held down for as long as say your carry or Main Tank would. The Spirit Visage is an often debated item. Many argue that there are many better items for defense in the game. I say that this may be true but at what cost? Spirit Visage is a fairly cheap item (at right around 1,800g) that gives Irellia so much survivability in early and mid game team fights I couldn't see not buying it even if it is just to sell it later on. Lastly the debate between Randuin's Omen and Sunfire Cape, I go for sunfire because I like to be in the middle of team fights doing damage, because I like my team fights to end fairly quickly. Randuin's is a great great item but it costs more and is harder to build and it doesn't boost your damage output any. If your a die hard randuin's omen fan by all means go for it but ill sit content with my sunfire cape.

2.) Trinity Force for the boost in damage output. Mercury treads because, believe me, you DO NOT want to be held down and beaten to death while you're trying to get that carry. Gunblade because of the additional boost it gives all your forms of life steal. And for added survival grab that Spirit Visage. You should have enough life steal to survive if you're smart with your Ultimate.

3.) To make the burst happen in this build we are going for a Lich Bane Your survival this time is goign to come from the amazing amount of health you have. This along with Rylai's Procking on both your E and Ulty. will make it hard for your target to run from you. If you need more survival You can swap the Guinsoo's for a Spirit Visage or something else along those lines.

4.) See off tank build for everything except the Madred's Blood Razor. This is one of the core items to most Melee jungle builds. Alot of people would say to go with Wriggle's Lantern and I can see why, even more life steal and a ward? Good ****. I personally go with Madred's because Irellia has alot of life steal built in and Wriggle's Usefulness drains late game when your all done jungling. If you want a happy medium grab Wriggles early and swap it out for Madred's Later on.

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Play Style For Irellia: The Off tank

To start out you dot have too much sustained damage. Irellia is a one trick pony early game. Play smart make sure to last hit and build your core item set. If the other team is getting aggressive don't be afraid to harass with a burst from your W, Q, E, sequence just be sure to make sure you have an escape route planned out. Not having an escape route early with irellia almost always means death. SAVE YOUR FLASH FOR HAIRY SITUATIONS. Irellia is a bit squishy early game but don't go using flash because that gentleman cho on the other side coughed at you. I don't recommend taking the Solo lane or mid if you have a jungler. Unless you know what you're doing a 2v1 lane is going to end very very badly. Even I opt to give the solo lane to someone else most of the time. While I say I may not be the best person ever with Irellia I'd like to be able to think that I know what I'm doing a bit.

You will notice that once you grab some survivability items your usefulness will increase exponentially. Namely Trinity Force. Your damage will ramp from snnoying to deadly within a matter of how long it takes to build from your sheen to this item. This coupled with Spirit Visage should allow you to dominate mid-game team fights. You can't afford to be completely stupid though. I encourage you to take chances but keep in mind escape routes and try to make sure that either your tank is initiating, your initiating with your tank right behind you to take all that nasty aggro or you have a pre set plan of initiation with your premade. (Far be it form me to get inbetween a premade and their initiation strategy. -__-) Sadly, Irellia is not the best pusher in the game, this is why I don't have a pure carry build in this guide even though off-tank will carry it's fair share of weight.

Late game your job is to get in there beat up the carry and then focus the other important targets. Even If you aren't in a premade make sure you and your team knows what the focus order is. You are going to be the ones that die if your team focuses the tank not them, this is why it is on you to make sure that they know. You will be tanky but you are still not invincible.You will pick your target and use your Q to get a hold of them use your W to deal that true damage and your E to hold them where they are Use your exhaust early in the fight on either your target or the other carry and use your flash to make sure you get out alive. Irellia has a play style that is similar to Akali in the fact that she burst down a champ and then gets to safety, if only to find your next target and make sure your burst is ready for them.

Also know when the fight is lost. If your in a premade call it out on whatever communication software you use. If your not make sure you make sure you let your team that you're about to GTFO and that they wont be able to survive the CC that you can. Play smart and with a decent team and Irellia can be a game winner as you have hopefully done this game

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Play Style for Irellia: The Anti-Carry (AD and AP)

The play style early for anti carry is almost the same as off tank. You want to make sure to play smart use your burst to harass and last hit so you can build your major burst amplifying item ASAP. Keep on laneing and building until Mid Game when those team fights start.

This is where the difference between the Offtanks and Anti Carry comes. Your job IS NOT to beat up the carry it is to COMPLETELY DESTROY THEM AND EVERYTHING THAT THEY HOLD DEAR! Remember you ARE a bit Squishy and that you have a VERY good chance of dying if everything doesn't go right. You are to fly in there and kill the carry before anyone on the opposing team can say anything or do anything on the contrary. If you die in your quest for glory so be it at least that Damn Leblanc can t blow up your Te'emo. To initiate a fight use your Q to get to your target E to stun them and W to finish them off. If they try to run away rinse and repeat until dead. Once you start loosing life make sure to turn on your ulty. and throw it at the bulk of the enemies to get your health back or if your extremely confident in your skill shots you can take a carry from about quarter health to none if you hit with all four blades as their running away.

The game plan doesn't really change going into late game. Make sure the carry dies and your team should do fine because if they are American Meta, unless their off tank is a god, they wont be able to do enough damage to your team.

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Play Style for Irellia the Jungle

This is basically the same as the off tank build but it kinda ignores the early game where Irellia is the weakest. This being said Irellia isn't exactly the fastest jungler in the game. It a risk reward system, if you feel that your team can handle having a solo lane and you can handle the minions of the jungle grab your cloth armor and 5 health pots and head out.

For Irellia's Jungle you should start at Wolves and use Hiten Style to do damage while using health pots. to keep yourself at fairly high health. Then move onto blue or wraiths depending on how You're feeling. At blue your going to take down the mini lizards first and then use equilibrium strike, Hiten Style, and Smite to bring this bad boy down. If you're heading for wraith's kill the big one first with smite and finish off the smaller ones and head down to the golem camp to make sure you get your level, then get back up to blue and get that and red and start ganking. If you went blue head to wraiths kill them dead. Take on red or golems depending on how healthy you are and if smite is up or not. In both cases head back to base grab your items and go for ganks. If the gank area is top or mid grab wolves on the way if you can do it they are in not urgent need. Activate your W right before jumping in and use your Q and E to do your burst with support anyone this early in the game should die.

After the jungle phase is over and the team fights start this build is Literally no different from Offtank Irellia so if you havent yet go read u there.

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Have fun with Irellia. She is a high octane high burst champ that is supposed to be exciting to play. She is extremely slippery and the other team will find it extremely hard to pin you down if you play smart. Make sure you play smart and Irellia can literally decimate entire teams. I am Open to constructive criticism and would invite it. If anyone can help me learn how to put pictures in this guide please contact me in the comment or in LoL (My summoner name is Vertigo8892). Also if there is anything you would like to see added leave a comment. Please do not down vote just because you don't see something you wanted to see the first time. I promise I will try to add it in. Lastly have fun, thanks before hand for any compliments, Up-votes are always appreciated, And again Play Smart and have fun and you'll find yourself Winning with any champion you choose.