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A guide about Solo Queue Mentality and Toxic Players

A guide about Solo Queue Mentality and Toxic Players

Updated on December 29, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cyberskull Build Guide By cyberskull 17 0 59,229 Views 30 Comments
17 0 59,229 Views 30 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cyberskull Build Guide By cyberskull Updated on December 29, 2014
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What's up everybody! Cyber here with another guide that was planned for release long ago but was not actually released due to its' small length. I still don't think it'll help people out a lot and I don't like it very much but I figured why not just go ahead and release it. I even asked TinyStar for guide graphics so it'll be a shame not to use them since they are very beautiful. But anyways this is a guide for Solo Queue Mentality and Toxic Players!

Warning! The guide is short but contains a lot of text. If you don't like reading at all then I suggest that you don't even read it. You may find it boring just cause of that.

Before we begin if you'd like to contact me here are some ways to do so:
Skype - terminator_xp
Here via PM
In League via buddy request - Sword Art Natsu, EU West

Okay then.. I hope this guide helps you with your adventures in Solo Queue. Enjoy~!

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What will I learn by reading this guide?

If you read this guide you will learn the following:

  • How to deal with toxic players in Ranked
  • What makes toxic players toxic
  • How to be a positive force in Ranked

I will also post some links which will lead you to very cool and informative people on YouTube who post League related guides. I was inspired to write this guide thanks to some of them.
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Toxic Players and dealing with them

Many games in ranked are lost thanks to Toxic Players. What is a Toxic Player you ask?

A Toxic Player is a player that is influencing the game in a bad/negative way (feeding on purpose, swearing, afk-ing, spamming, etc). These kinds of players lose a lot of games for other players that are trying their hardest to win. Have you ever met someone in League who said something along the lines of "Man..I can't get out of Elo Hell..I always get these freaking noobs in my team..they always feed and make me lose even if I go 10/0"? Well that someone is referring to Toxic Players that have ruined his game. What that someone doesn't realize however is the fact that he is just as toxic by saying that.

Being a toxic player is something you can become just by being around toxic players. It's like a disease. If you lose a lot of games thanks to such players you get frustrated and angry. And your frustration eventually leads to you becoming toxic.

So what makes toxic players toxic in the first place you ask? Well here's a list of things that make players toxic:
  • Having a bad personality - Unfortunately there are those people who are just rude and like to rage a lot on the internet. Those people are unavoidable. Riot is trying to remove those people with the Tribunal but that's probably never gonna happen. There's always gonna be people that aren't kind-hearted out there.
  • Being in a toxic environment - People who are constantly stuck playing with toxic players often become toxic themselves. Sometimes when a player becomes toxic he might come to his senses and he might get rid of his toxic attitude. Other times however a player becomes so toxic that it's impossible for him to stop being toxic. Those kinds of players either keep playing the game and keep ruining other people's games or they eventually quit the game out of frustration.
  • Being on tilt - What is "being on tilt" you ask? Being on tilt is being on a really bad losing streak. So basically even if you're not around toxic players if you keep having these games where your team just couldn't win and it eventually develops into a bad losing streak there is a possibility that you might become toxic because of it.
  • Frustration - If you've set a goal for yourself (You want to go pro and find a team, you want to reach diamond, etc) and you've been trying to accomplish that goal for a while you can get extremely frustrated if you just can't accomplish your goal. Your frustration might lead you into becoming toxic.
  • Influence - If you have friends that like to troll a lot and ruin other people's games there is a chance that you will become just like them if you play with them constantly.
  • Context - Sometimes when a player has a bad day (he got fired, his girlfriend broke up with him, etc) he might want to play League of Legends just so he can relax a little. However if he encounters problems in Champ Select or In-Game since he's already stressed out there's a high possibility that he'll take it out on others. If he does that he becomes toxic. These players aren't really toxic in-general but due to real life issues they become temporarily toxic.

With that said you're probably wondering how to overcome all these things that make players toxic and how to deal with toxic players in-general. Well here's some tips on how to accomplish these things and how to be a positive force in ranked:
  • Try to understand other players and try to look at things from their point of view. Not everyone is like you. Even if your teammates are feeding you have to understand that they might not be as skilled as you. Maybe they are still learning and are trying to improve. Or maybe they just had a bad day at work or something. Don't just lash out at your team because of how the game is going. Instead try and inspire them to win! Raging at your team never helps in ranked. It just makes things worse because not only are you not paying attention to the game but your teammates aren't either because they are busy replying to you.
  • The Ignore Button is your friend! If someone starts raging and just explodes in champ select or 2 minutes into the game don't hesitate to ignore him. If he does that it's a clear sign that he's completely toxic and he probably doesn't have anything meaningful to say. If he keeps flaming not only will he make you and your teammates lose focus but he will also ruin your mood if he calls you a noob or something. Don't defend yourself if someone calls you a noob. Your know yourself better than they do. If you know that you're not a noob just ignore them. They are clearly trying to provoke you and get your attention. Finally don't tell someone that you're gonna ignore him. You'll just piss him off and even though you won't see him rage he still will and he won't start playing seriously at all.
  • Try and give out helpful advice. If someone is playing bad don't rage at him, don't call him a noob and don't report him. Instead try and tell him what his mistakes are and teach him in-game. After all if you're so much better than him teaching him shouldn't be a problem.....riiiight?
  • Be a decent human being! It's that simple. Don't be that annoying son of a bit*h that just whines all game and says "Report him because blah blah blah!".
  • Don't overestimate yourself! If you know that you're a good player that's fine. But don't just go in a game and say "I'm the best in this game! No one is better than me!". There's always gonna be someone out there who is better. And there's always gonna be games where you just don't perform that well.
  • Don't be selfish and cocky. You're not God. Don't act like you own everyone and you're their boss. You're not special. You're not important. To your teammates you're just some guy they'll have to team up with for 1 game. When you go into champ select don't just say "TOP! I TOP!" or "Mid or afk". Even if you can't play a role just say so in chat and if your teammates still want you to play that role then just play it but make sure you say that you're not good at it so your teammates will know what they're getting into.
  • A great way to avoid becoming toxic is to overcome your pride and acknowledge when someone is better than you. If you lose lane instead of just blaming your jungler for it congratulate the other laner on beating you and maybe try adding him after the game and asking him for tips. Like I said you're not the best at this game. There's always gonna be someone out there who will beat you fair and square. Instead of just raging, blaming your team for it and becoming toxic why not get some tips from the guy who owned you?
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Solo Queue Mentality

In Solo Queue players always have a mentality of their own. Even Toxic Players have one. A mentality is basically a way of thinking. In Solo Queue your mentality can make you or break you as a player. Here are some examples of different mentalities.

Toxic Player #1: I wanna play Mid this game. If I don't get Mid I'll just go afk.
Average Player #1: I'll just play whatever is best for the team and hopefully we can win!
Toxic Player #2: Maaaan...I got this! This game is gonna be so easy. I'm so good at Rengar! *0/10 after 20 minutes in-game* please report my ****ty jungler..never ganks so I lose lane..
Average Player #2: I have to win lane. Farming isn't important I've gotta get first blood and snowball from there.

So those are some fine examples. Sadly some players (mostly the toxic ones) often stick with their mentality and go into games with the same mentality over and over. If you ask me player mentality is the reason why so many games are lost in ranked. Some people just like the concept of PvP and when they play League they go for kills and team fights way too much. They don't understand that the goal of League is to push and take down the enemy Nexus not to get kills.

Other people that are on a bad losing streak go into a game with the hope that they'll finally get a win and when a game starts going bad for their team they immediately give up because they've lost so much games in a row already.

What I'm trying to say is don't have a bad mentality for ranked or League in-general. Don't go into games expecting to lose/win, don't go into games with a lust for kills, try and think what's best for the team. Always plan your next move. You have to know if the moment is right for pushing, team fighting or objectives. Don't just think that getting kills or team fighting are gonna win you games and don't go into games expecting to get a role.

Just don't expect anything in ranked. Don't think about what happened or what might happen. Think about the "now". Whenever you do something in-game always ask yourself it it's truly the best decision at the moment. If your mentality is rock solid then your chances of winning ranked games will increase significantly.
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Awesome People

Below are links for people on YouTube who are awesome and make terrific League related guides:

Gbay99 - Has guides on becoming a better player and a better person. They are all really informative so don't hesitate to subscribe to his channel!

FourPaws - Mainly uploads videos for Top Lane. He tries to teach players how to be good at Top Lane.

FoxdropLoL - He's kind of a mix between Gbay99 and FourPaws. He uploads videos that teach you how to be a good jungler but sometimes he uploads videos that teach you how to be a better player as well.

Note: I really don't like advertising for people or advertising stuff in-general but trust me these people are awesome and if you don't know them already I highly suggest you check them out!
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Thanks for reading! If I helped you in any way in becoming a better player please say so in the comments. It would make me very happy.

Also feel free to vote if you liked the guide. If you didn't like it downvote all you want but please only do so if you read the whole guide and not just 1 chapter. And if you did like it then go ahead and upvote.

Special thanks to TinyStar for the beautiful guide graphics!

Once again thanks for reading and the best of luck to you in Ranked, in becoming a better player and in becoming a positive force in the League of Legends community!

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A guide about Solo Queue Mentality and Toxic Players

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