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Fizz Build Guide by Pyrotecnition

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pyrotecnition

A Guide To STICH!.. i mean Fizz

Pyrotecnition Last updated on November 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi this is my build, in this build im gonna show you the two posible ways i think there are to play fizz.

PS please dont leave anything negative in the comments but constructive criticism is welcom

PPS i dont know how to insert the pics with descriptions so if anyone knows a comment explaing it would be amazing and it would help me to make my build better thx

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+Very Mobile, able to get in and out of combat quicly
+Playful/Trickster can dodge ultimates
+Is extreamly fun to play

-VERY! easily harrased because he has no ranged abilities
-Cant harras other champions(this may not be a con for others but i like to be a ****
- verysquishy in lower levels

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AP Fizz

For Masteries if your going AP fizz take standard 21/0/9 caster masteries

So the reason for these masteries is pretty obvious boosts early game damage and movement speed and who dosent want blue or red buff to last longer, and they really work with your runes

AS Fizz

For AS Fizz take everything but critical strike chance and the caster specs

The reason we only take one point in crit chance is because we arent realying on our ad to do the damage we are relying on seastone trident both the passive and active are the reasons that i think fizz makes a viable attack speed champion and all his other abilities can be used to slow and catch up to your opponenet he is perfect for the role in my opinion

Very simple hard to **** up i know people like that

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AP Fizz

Magic pen for obvious reasons

AS Fizz

For AS Fizz i find myself in bit bit of a bind im not quite sure what to bring because he dosent really need the magic pen or armour pen but magic pen is preferablr a good replacement for them could be flat health marks but im still unsure choose whatever you think is best


AP Fizz

For AP Fizz if you want surviveability go for flat health seals they will really help but if you think you got this go for AP per level seals or CDR per level

AS Fizz

Seals of AS or flat health depending on your preference for early game damage or survivability


AP Fizz

I take 3 AP per level and 6 flat health to give some early game kick and survivability but 9 or either is fine too

AS Fizz

AS for early game damage output or if you want to live flat health


AP Fizz

AP per Level Quints to give an extra kick to you abilities early game

AS Fizz

Flat health for an early game health boost giving more survivability or flat AS to get those on hit effects chewing through your enemy

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Fizz Item Builds

AP Fizz Item build

Ok so the reason for these items is to give you early game surviveability and good mid to late game damage potential (potential because if you retarted you'll be crushed befor you so much as throw a fish at someone)
open with boots and 3 Health pots, this will help you get out of ganks and you'll be harder to chase down, the helth pots will let you stay in lane for longer.
Next build strat you rod of ages with a Catalyst The Protector this will give you some early game surviveability

After you catalyst the start your morellos tome with a feindish codex then finish of your rod of ages the rod will boost your damage and survivability consistantlyly for pretty much the rest of that game so its great for players who are new to Fizz if you have some experience playing him and you feel like you can play him without being harrased into the ground and just generally steped on by all means build a Deathcap

After the rod finish your Morello's and build maladay i included this item because it gives you attack speed and ability power and its passive is just awsome extra magic damage on hit and reduces their magic pen so that your other casters can join in the ownage very useful or if you feel like spending some more money you can get a nashors tooth which will give you some more CDR which will give you CDR cap but you will lose thae extra magic reduction

Finally you want to build yourself a lichbane to buff you basic attack and chew through their towers like a delicious choclet cake and and a Zhonyas Hourglass this item is a lifesaver when you remember to USE ITS ACTIVE say you get caught by 3 angry enemy team members trying to steal the enemy blue or red buff and your getting demolished as you stry to run get close to the neares thinest wall activate Zhonyas wait and the Playful/Trickester over the wall and RUN LIKE YOU MEAN IT

AS Fizz

Same as the AP build Boots and 3 Health pots They will help you get out of ganks and you'll be harder to chase down, the helth pots will let you stay in lane for longer.

Build those boots into some Berserkers Greaves and buy yourself a Maladay this will substantially boost you AS and the AP from maladay will give your seastone trident a bit more of a bite.

Ginsoo's rage blade is a perfect item for AS Fizz the AS stacks are unbelieveably good it gives you som AP to boost your on hit effects from seastone trident and as an added bonus some AD is thrown in.

After that you want to build a nashors tooth, why you ask simple, one word synergy this item is AS Fizz Itemised its gor CDR so you can spam your abilities AS so you can slam your trident into people and get those on hit effects chewing through them and ontop of that it gives you AP which helps your seastone trident destroy all who stand befor you this is the perfect item for AS Fizz and you shoulf never leave home without it.

Next you want to build a Gunblad, great item AD AP lifesteal Spell vamp and a very nice active perfect item for and AP wanna be AS/AD.

And Finnally trinity fore the icing on the cake is there anything this item dosent do and even though it is rediculously expensive i still recomende buying it the health and mana add to surviveability, the AD AS and AP boost your potential damage out put and the passives are just awsome chance to slow and increases AD after you use and ability.

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Situational Items and Items NOT to Buy

Defensive Situational Items

Thorn Mail: This item should explain itself if their teams carries are hitting hard this item is a must i'd recomend replacind Rod of Ages as that is the main defensive slot or you can replace Zhonyas

Banshees vail: Enemy casters got you feeling the burn then that Catalyst into a Bashees veil.
The ability of being able ti block and enemy ability 45 seconds is nothing short of godlike when Xerath ries to get you with his stun combo when hes tring to run or he's chasing you down and just be like **** you and keep runing.

Abyssal Scepter: I put this in the defensive items section because i would only buy this if i were facing a team with lots of casters it gives you MR and tools to fight enemy MR its a really good hybrid Attack and defense item but i buy it defensively rather than offensively as a personal preference.

Wits End: Great item for either build as a replacement for maladay magic resist The is awsome
and it keeps you damage output consistant with some AS and a nice on hit effect dealing 42 damage per hit and reducing the tagets magic resist its basically a maladay with MR instead of AP

Offensive Situational items

Deathcap: Do you feel like your not dealing out as much pain and suffering as you'd like then have i got the item for you a deathcap can significantly increase you AP by giving you 140 AP aaaaaaaaaaaand by increasing you AP by 30% its the AP item that keeps on giving. This item is for when you are sahredding the enemy team and getting lots of kills bacause they are extramly bad or just aarent dishing out much damage wich probably means their bad

Will of the Ancients: This is a great item not only does it give you AP and life steal it gives everyone else AP and lifesteal as well with this item you casters will love you, this item isnt really saituational but some may prefer it to any other items in the build

Void Staff: Enemy team gettting too resistant to your attacks, not able to kill them as easily or at all this item will help you to shread throught the MR and straight INTO THEIR SOULS... well into them you may want a soulstealer for the souls shreding.

Soul Stealer: Some may disagree but this item can be very rewarding to the experienced Fizz player who knows how to stay alive with the entire enemy team trying to chase you down and stab you in the face then by all means this will be a very rewarding investment, but if you anticipate much pain in the upcoming match steer clear of the souls stealer cause of you die too much its useless and people will laugh at you.

Nashors Tooth: If you feel some more attack speed would help than this is the perfect item to replace morrelo's tome it'l give you more CDR and 50% AS at the cost of a measly 20 AP an 2 Manna/s.

Blood thirster: I dont like this item for AS Fizz i think the Gunblade does the job but theres no denying its got awsome stats if you think the lifesteal is woth it replace your Gunblade or your Maladay.

Starks Frevor: Good item gives you attack speed and gives you and you mate lifesteal and health regen decent replacement for maladay but i prefer maladay.

Situational Boots

Ionian Boots Of Lucidity: great Item if you want mor CDR and feel that its more valuable than magic pen but i prefer the Sorcerer's shoes unless their team dosent have much MR in which case i would recommend them

Boots of Speed: viable item on AS Fizz the speed helps alot when attempting to chase down enemy champions

Boots of Mobility: Alos useful for running like a ***** when your in trouble

Items NOT to Buy

Infinity Edge: Your not Trynamyre dont try to be the crit is worthless AS Fizz is built around Seastone trident and this item dosent complement it at all DONT BUY IT!

Black Cleaver:No... Just No what did i just say armour pen is useless to seastone trident

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Summoner Spells


For summoner spells i find that ignite and flash generally go well.
Trying to chase down an enemy Kass on low health who keeps void walking away good thing you brought flash and/or ignite flash in close or close enough and ignite that mofo or slam into him with urchin strike and slap him with your trident.

Joke aside(most of you probably wont realise that was a joke cause it was pretty bad) other good spells are:

Exhaust: great for when teemo has move quick and your trudging alon at 382 move speed
Clense: even though its been nerfed a bit still a life saver when under heavy cc and just ads to Fizzes surviveability(Is that a word Surviveability)

Summoner spells that are ok to take:

Ghost: Yes the move speed is great but your passive makes it obsolete
Clarity: Ok for early levels cause you do run out of mana on this build but seriously this spell is for casters who are mana hungry all game not looking at anyone in particular NASUS ******** spirit fire and its pretty sparkling and high mana cost pro tip DONT SPAM IT even though its pretty

Summoner Spells NOT to take EVER:

Pretty much everything else and if I see you even thinking about taking fort I’m going to strangle you with Fizzes tentacle hair

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Thanks For Reading :D

Hope you like the guide if you did it would be great if you could leave a comment so i know what you think about my first guide and leave a rating Thsnks ;D