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Shaco General Guide by meads

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League of Legends Build Guide Author meads

A jesters way to lane

meads Last updated on September 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all, and welcome to my first guide for Shaco. This guide is made more for pushing in lane extremely well, and quick. I made this guide cause I really like Shaco as a character, but i cannot jungle at all, with anyone. It focuses on using his abilities to mostly damage the enemy while using his masteries to level quick off minion kills, and the odd champ kill. This guide is a bit out of the norm for how people usually play but I find it quite successful

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I have chosen this rune build to do large amounts of damage in a short amount of time, mainly to push champions back and let you (and your teammate if u lane with one) push the towers. with the cdr it keeps Shaco's abilities cool down short, helping you guard from ganks or keep the enemy at bay while taking there towers.

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Okay, i get that a lot of people are gonna say something about these mastery trees, but this provides you with fast leveling and lots of money for your build, and a little extra power against enemies, while giving extra damage against towers and minions. Basically made to run straight up your lane and move anyone in your way.

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The item build has the same functions as everything else, push the lane, fast and easy. granting lots of attack power and slows so if you want to focus on killing enemies instead of pushing than you can.

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Skill Sequence

I find that this skill sequence gives you the best chance of dealing damage and getting out alive while holding as many enemy players in your lane as possible. this gives your team a huge advantage, with the enemy players sharing exp from minions and leaving other lanes open. You don't have to use this skill sequence, i just find that it helps the most to stay alive and kill or slow whatever gets in your way.

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Summoner Spells

I chose promote as one of the summoner spells because if you use it and chase off the enemy champs its almost a guaranteed tower kill. Also giving you extra cash from minions you don't get the chance to kill. While flash mixed with deceive gives you the ability to either get out quick and safe, or get in and out for a kill, or even give a great chase for a kill farther away.

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So basically I made this guide to focus on pushing your lane, and being ready not only for a gank but to hold as many enemy champions in your lane as possible for as long as possible. making the enemy chose to either let you push all the way up one lane and hold there own lanes, most likely feeding you and your lane-mate in the process, OR help out the lane your pushing and causing another lane to be weaker and even completely empty. Try to focus using your passive as much as possible, try to always be behind the minions WITHOUT GIVING AN EASY KILL. try to use jack in the box when your sure you wont get ganked before its back up. making a get away easier and not necessarily needed. THE PURPOSE IS TO OCCUPY THE ENEMY, NOT RUN AWAY. The more people you can occupy the better for your team. Yes killing people is recommended, I'm not saying don't kill enemies, I'm just saying you being alive and keeping the enemy busy is better than you and one of them dead, even tho they are very useless to their team dead. I find that this guide gives Shaco an amazing amount of control over the game, and if played properly, can win the game before they have a chance to surrender.


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