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Fiora Build Guide by Proxxecube

A Mad Lad's Guide to Fiora

By Proxxecube | Updated on February 9, 2019
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CapsLoqui | February 8, 2019 1:00pm
Hi, really good guide, im new to fiora(around 53K mastery) and currently at plat 3, looking to grind with her, I really like playing her but im not very good at making decisions(macro play) and with the patch 9.3 im kind confuse with her build, should I just swap er to shojin and build the exat path u do? Thanks and have a great day!(mb on english not my native language u.u
Proxxecube | February 9, 2019 12:34pm

Fiora's mid-late game (which is what I'm assuming your talking about, because if not, I have an explanation for a majority of what you should do Early), consists primarily of split-pushing. And in a lot of low-mid elos, people don't understand the importance of and how to aid a splitpusher. To start a split push, you have to decide which lane would be best split in, on a variety of factors, from location of waves, available objectives like Drake or Baron, etc. For example; if top lane wave has just crashed into top inner turret and has begun pushing to you, and bot wave is about to hit bot inner turret, it's best to split bot. And if they're about the same in location, but an Infernal or Mountain Drake is up, then you split bot.

Once you know where you're going to go, tell your team to wait to force anything until you have some pressure put onto that lane, typically with 2-3 waves together pushing onto a turret, so that the enemy team has to make a choice; Either send 1 person to fight you, and you get a kill; Send more than 1 person to fight you, which makes the teamfight 4-3 in your favor, or not deal with you until a fight or objective is won, which l, more often than not results in a lost turret or inhibitor on the enemy's part.

If your team has a splitpusher as your jungler, like Jax or Camille (RIP jg cam), then it's best to group with your team and nuke whatever assassin tries to kill your carry. And until you are almost full build, it is never smart to initiate a teamfight, because, although Parry can block some damage and CC, it only casts for .75 seconds, and after that you're bound to get pounded on with more CC and damage.

As for build path, I've been doing some experimenting of my own, and although it has the same passive, it doesn't feel as strong as ER did, so I wouldn't advise rushing it. Instead, try building old Fiora, rush through Ravenous, Trinity, DD, then build from there.
Mofonoob12 (3) | February 2, 2019 5:53pm
Great Guide. I just Wanted to ask if we have a very squishy top can I use boots of mobility as it makes Fiora really fast, Bloodline and Bloodthirster. Also with the current rune I find to gain an advantage over the enemy if I get the bloodthirster first later the ravenous hydra as it gives so much heal when casting ultimate. Please let me know.
Proxxecube | February 3, 2019 9:39am
Thanks for the comment!

My issue with Mobies is that, because Fiora is fighting constantly, they won't get their passive out, and would become kind of useless. IF you're looking to snowball a lead that hard, then I suppose Swifties would work, but even then, you have more than enough movement speed from your passive, phage, an Ulti, that it would just be better to get resistances so you can survive diving hard.

As for Bloodthirster, while it does give you significantly more lifesteal than you would ever need, and make you super powerful, I take Death's Dance and Ravenous Hydra for their passives, not their base stats. Death's Dance makes it so much easier to survive getting CC focused and then getting bursted down, while Hydra makes your clear heal you super hard, so you can take the enemies jungle camps (specifically Krugs) and still go back to lane to keep pushing.

And, currently, the standard build starts with Essence Reaver, so the AD from Bloodthirster is just slightly better, while your big means of fighting in 2v1's, your ult, becomes significantly stronger.
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