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Fiora Build Guide by Proxxecube

Top A Mad Lad's Guide to Fiora

Top A Mad Lad's Guide to Fiora

Updated on February 9, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Proxxecube Build Guide By Proxxecube 87 6 123,823 Views 4 Comments
87 6 123,823 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Proxxecube Fiora Build Guide By Proxxecube Updated on February 9, 2019
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Runes: vs. Most

1 2 3
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

A Mad Lad's Guide to Fiora

By Proxxecube

Doesn't matter.

Just kidding. My name is Proxxecube, and I play in NA, and I have about 2 years of experience on Fiora, and I have almost 130,000 Mastery Points. I've been playing as a top lane main for about 3 years, and I would primarily play fighter or juggernauts as tanks are just to boring. I have a friend who tried to play Fio for a while, but then gave up saying she just wasn't fun (Let it also be know that this friend plays Darius and Zoe, so his opinion doesn't have much meaning), so I mostly just let her fly under my radar. I picked up Camille for a little bit, but never was really in love with her. Then I was looking at the champ list looking for my next spending of 6000 IP, when I saw Fiora. I looked at her abilities and thought she would be fun, so I started playing her.I absolutely love this Champion. The way you can turn almost any 1v1 just on your positioning and patience just drew me to her. I decided to watch compilations of her outplaying 2v1 ganks, and I just fell in love. Although it took me a while to become proficient with Fiora, and now I am learning other champs and keep her as a backup in case the enemy first picks something I believe to be out of my league.
Similar to myself, time and patience will give you the situational awareness to know what to do. A lot of what Fiora does may seem like just running around to hit people, but her set up for good trades can change how the fight would normally end out. So because of this, there are a lot of key things that must be kept in mind when playing Fiora.

Fiora is a very interesting champion. Her only available CC is a movement and attack speed slow on her Riposte and a potential stun if she blocks hard CC, as well as the slow on the second portion of her Bladework. Her standard items don't provide her much tankiness aside from a few resistances and some health. While her Lunge does give her some mobility, it goes onto an incredibly long cooldown if she doesn't hit anything. The only AOE damage Fiora has access to comes from her Tiamat, making her entirely single-target damage based.

However, what she lacks in teamfighting power and utility, she makes up for it in raw damage and outplay potential. The immense healing she recieves from her Duelist's Dance and Grand Challenge circle of healing as well as her Ravenous Hydra gives her immense sustain. Because of this, she has a very good potential solo-laning as well as split pushing. If the enemy team attempts to send one person to fight you off of the turret, you can easily 1v1 them and take the turret, all before they can rotate to fight you off. And if they send two or more, depending on how fed you are, you may still be able to duel and beat them, or if not, your team can kill those who stayed away or take an objective while you retreat.



Teleport's usefulness comes in many forms; it gives you a quick way to return to lane, allows for cross map ganks, and allows for easy splitpush opportunities as you can quickly TP to any point on the map a major fight or contention is occurring.
No matter what, Flash has always been a useful and effective summoner. Whether it's escaping a risky gank or fight, extending to get a close vital with your Lunge, or scaring the s**t out of someone with a surprise Flash. It's great. (P.s., take it on D, it's closer to your hand when in danger)


Alright, not looking at the Rune Page title, I usually take these runes against most picks, especially after the Celerity nerfs in 8.23. Prior to then, I would take runes with Sorcery that you see below this one, but now, Resolve is a better pick. Conqueror is best for Fiora because, well, there's not much better for Fiora. The free True Damage is very helpful against the armor building stigma in Top-Lane, while other available options don't work as effectively.

I've been save countless times by Triumph; whenever I take a risky dive, kill the mad lad, and escape the turrets range with an energy bolt flying after, I make my prayer, get the Triumph heal, and survive with 20 health.It's a great rune.

This is one of the runes most contested among Fiora players, as you can either take Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Bloodline. I prefer taking Legend: Bloodline because you don't buy Attack Speed items as Fiora, you take damage and lifesteal. It also makes it easier to stay alive in lane as you can get stacks from killing minions. You have a good base attack speed, I take an additional Attack Speed rune from the three available, and get an AA reset from Bladework, so I find Legend: Alacrity unnecessary.

Lastly in Precision, Coup de Grace is taken to help quicken fights and increase your lifesteal as they approach lower health. You don't fight enough tanks to consistently take cut down, and you build off-tank by late game.

I take Resolve, because like I previously said, Celerity no longer makes Sorcery viable.

Bone Plating is taken to make trades easier early on, even through the nerfs Rito gaves to make bruisers even less useful.

Before it's removal, Chrysalis was taken, but now I take Revitalize as a replacement to help with the Duelist's Dance and Grand Challenge healing, in addition to the lifesteal items. It's small, but it adds up.

In this case, the runes are identical aside from taking Sorcery. This page is taken exclusively against tanks as they don't do enough damage to necessitate Resolve, and they're constant CC can make it hard to keep up with them, allowing them to escape easier than otherwise.

You take Nimbus Cloak so that you can secure enemies with Grand Challenge. That's bout it.

Even through the nerfs, you take Celerity because of just how well it synergizes with your kit: the movement speed buff from Duelist's Dance proc and Phage, the additional speed from Nimbus Cloak, and just a whee bit more from your boots.

For this rune page, you want to exclusively take it into bad match-ups, like Darius, Quinn, or if you don't feel comfortable fighting a Teemo. You want to take Grasp of the Undying because neither of the other keystones for Resolve don't work on Fiora, and it gives you more health and healing when you proc your passive.

After the Turret changes from 8.23, Demolish is taken on everything top lane aside from ranged assassins to help you get those early plates for free gold.

Bone Plating for obvious reasons, and as stated previously.

And you take Overgrowth to make you tankier as you reach lvl 6, making your ult even stronger as your heal will give you a bigger buffer to survive an all in.[/color]

For your secondary, you will be taking Triumph and Coup de Grace for the same reasons as above, but also to prevent dives from aggressive laners looking for a free kill. You will take these instead of switching one out for Legend: Bloodline because your farm and kill pressure will be lower than usual, and you will be rushing lifesteal early in the game anyways.

Duelist's Dance

Fiora challenges nearby enemy Champions to dodge her. She calls out a direction from which she will try to strike. If she can complete her own challenge, she receives a small bonus and calls out a new direction.

2.5%(4.5% per 100 bonus AD)

of Target's Max Health in True Damage
Heal= 40-115(based on level) Bonus Movement Speed= 20%/30%/40%/50% (Based on Grand Challenge Level)

This is the core of Fiora's kit. Her tank shred, healing, Max Health Damage, everything, roots from this passive. And while it can be annoying to work with, it is what gives Fiora her outplay potential. Tip; if the first vital spawns on the top or right side of the champion, the next is guaranteed to come out on the bottom or left. Use this to improve your vital "clear".


Fiora lunges in a direction and stabs a nearby enemy, dealing 70/80/90/100/110

(+60% bonus Attack Damage)

physical damage and applying on-hit effects. This attack prioritizes Vitals and enemies it will kill.If this ability hits an enemy, 60% of its cooldown is refunded.

This is Fiora's bread and butter ability. It's decent mobility, procs Duelist's Dance and Sheen, and has a decently low mana cost, meaning you can spam this a little in lane to pick up farm you would have missed. Max this First.


Fiora parries all incoming damage, debuffs, and disables for the next 0.75 seconds and then stabs in the target direction.The stab deals

90/130/170/210/250 (+100% AP) magic damage

to the first enemy champion hit and slows their movement and attack speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds. If Fiora parries an immobilizing effect, Riposte stuns instead of slowing.

This is by far Fiora's most unique and strongest ability, and one of the strongest base skills in the game. Blocking all the damage in that .75 second duration, then reflecting back what could potentially be a stun is incredibly potent, and one that should not be wasted, due to it's 16 second cooldown at rank 1. Get this second, but Max it last.


Fiora gains 50% attack speed for her next two attacks. The first attack cannot critically strike, but will apply a 30% slow for 1 second. The second attack is guaranteed to critically strike for (160/170/180/190/200)% damage.

Her least flashiest skill, but one of great importance. Bladework is vital in setting up your full combo, for pushing turrets, slowing down a running enemy, getting the massive crit on a Vital and chunking the enemy.. It's a great skill to have. Take this Third, but Max it second.

Also, I'm gonna call out Rito on this one; in the video for Bladework, you can see the Fiora hit the Jax with the slow , Jax runs around, stops in front of Fiora, then Bladework runs out of time, and she strikes Jax without the critical strike. When I noticed this, I laughed for a solid 5 minutes, and now you know and can laugh alongside me.

Grand Challenge

Fiora reveals all four Vitals on target champion, for a potential (scales with [Duelist's Dance)% max health true damage. In addition, Fiora gains Duelist's Dance's movement speed bonus (Bonus from Duelist's Dance) while near the target.If Fiora hits all 4 Vitals in 8 seconds or if the target dies after she has hit at least one, Fiora and her allies in the area are healed for 80/110/140 (+60% bonus AD) each second for between 2 to 5 seconds, scaling with the amount of Vitals hit.

Going from her least flashy to skill to the most, Grand Challenge is a monster of an ultimate and a hell of a lot of fun. The increased movement speed and crazy damage makes you feel like you're playing a mini-game in League of Legends, doing your best to out-duel your opponent. And oooooohhhhh, is it satisfying to kill the enemy with the last Vital remaining. Prioritize maxing this.

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+ Max Health True Damage - Can easily fall behind
+ High Skill Ceiling - Medium Skill Floor
+ Excellent Split-Pusher - Vulnerable to high #'s of CC
+ Number of item choices - Relatively Squishy
+ Snowballs easily - Important to know Riposte cast time
+ Fight-Changing Ultimate Weaker Early Game
Cho'Gath is slightly more annoying than most tanks, as his Feral Scream into Rupture, followed by a Grasp of the Undying proc with his Vorpal Spikes can chunks very hard, but aside from that, he is fairly simple to deal with. If he tries to silence you, just run in the opposite direction, then Lunge back in to keep the fight going. They usually follow with a Rupture, so time your parry to stun, hit another Vital or two, then disengage. Congrats, you won the lane.
Gnar Gnar has been seen by many as a Top-Lane counter to many bruisers or juggernauts, as his incredible range and poke can restrict you from a lot of farm and put you very far behind. This can be easily prevented by simply going in; don't give him the opportunity to poke you from a distance when your autos do more than his. And once he transforms, he's even easier to fight as his CC is very telegraphed and can be blocked with Riposte. Not to mention your max health damage from your Duelist's Dance will shred any tank items he builds.
Malphite [Malphite is like most tanks; he simply builds health and hopes he can outdamage you by outsurviving you, or by going full damage and being extremely squishy. In either case, you win, as your sustain and high damage will keep you fighting. In lane, use your Lunge to constantly poke his vitals and breaking his Granite Shield. Continuously poking him while all he can do is Seismic Shard will force him out of lane, giving you free farm and an easy lane.
Malphite Similar to Malphite, simply Lunge into your vitals, poke him down, and if from a big enough distance, attempt to parry his Twisted Advance or Nature's Grasp.
Dr.Mundo A few patches back, patch 8.9 to be exact, Dr. Mundo recieved a buff to his ultimate, Maximum Dosage, that made it nye impossible to fight him post six. And as a late game scaler, Fiora couldn't fight him early, so she stood no chance. However, Rito realized their mistake and promptly nerfed him; increasing the Health Cost to activate and cooldown time. Now, in 8.23, Mundo is rarely seen. To fight him, avoid his axes, when you fight, use your parry to slow his Attack Speed or block an axe, and ult when he does to cancel the healing. If he gets fed, buy an Executioner's Calling.
Ornn Again, a tank. I wonder why there are so many tanks in this area. Hm, anyway. Ornn is very CC heavy, but it is telegraphed and comes out slowly. If you can dodge all but his Brittle proc, and parry that, there is a very good chance you will kill him, or at least force him to back. His lack of any damage makes him an easy target as your True Damage will go straight through his resistances, and the Max Health will cut through health items. Free lane.
Poppy Good ol' Poopy, everyone's favorite anti-mobility tank-carry. Her Steadfast Presence can be enormous issue, if not for Riposte. Fiora has the ability to Lunge and Riposte at the same time, allowing for the procing of hard CC that wouldn't normally activate Riposte. By W'ing immediately after dashing, you can trigger the Steadfast Presence stun against mobility and use it against her. Aside from that, she is a standard tank; decent damage, but nothing you can't just reheal.
Singed Ooooh, Singed, a feisty lil thang. His poison trail is no joke damage-wise, but similar to countering Teemo, an Adaptive Helm should counter it nicely. But, don't believe you have to skip your powerspike to do so. Just farm safely, poke with Lunge every now and again on a good vital, then all in when you get your ult. Although his own ult gives him resistances, Grand Challenge is a lot of free True Damage that will cut through that deranged maniac, leaving you with an easier game.
Sion Our last truly Tanky boi. Although he is the last, he is nothing special. Use your mobility to play around his lack thereof, and use your parry to block his Decimating Smash.
Yorick Yorick's nerfs in patch 8.23 really has been holding him back, as I have no seen him terribly often in the top lane. Regardless; walk around to dodge his pocket sand, and purchase your Tiamat early in order to deal with numerous minions at once when fighting. If possible, parry his empowered auto to slow the attack speed and avoid Sheen proc. In regards to fighting the Maiden, simply let him push up to tower and kill it. If the Maiden hits you, it will draw turret aggro to Yorick, making it impossible to fight you off.
Aatrox Aatrox is similar to all other high CC champions in League in regards to fighting him as Fiora. Simply wait for him to burn a spell, then go in; using Riposte to block the first major CC that comes out. Your higher damage and sustain will carry you through the Early Game, and great scaling will keep you stronger Late.
Camille Like I had mentioned earlier, I played Camille for a little while before picking up Fiora, and I learned a few things on how to counter her. Camille's early game is extremely weak; weaker than Fiora's if you can play a fight properly. Don't relent on hitting vitals with Lunge at level 1, as Camille's standard first ability Tactical Sweep has a fairly high cooldown. As she is an AA focused champion; if you cannot parry her Hookshot, immediately let it fly and keep fighting. It will inflict a slow and AA speed debuff that will make it much harder for you to fight her. Late game, in a 1v1, ult no matter what, as her scaling is on par with Irelia and can kill you if you don't use all of your own tools.
Darius Darius is definitely one of your hardest match-ups, as he is against most top-laners. The most important thing to keep in mind is to take short and infrequent trades. I know, sounds useless. But if you give yourself the chance to heal off of minions with Doran's Blade and Vampiric Scepter. Hitting Vitals will also keep you topped off, but if he pulls you and goes for a full combo, Riposte either the pull, or if you mistime it, his Crippling Strike. This will give you the ability to run away from any further Hemorrhage stacks. If he manages to get his Noxian Might, run as fast as you can, his increased damage and ability to proc Hemorrhage stacks instantly is incredibly powerful. At level 6, call for a gank and all-in him, as your ultimate heal will outperform his bleed. Late Game, as long as he didn't get fed, you scale significantly harder than him, but don't hesitate to use your ult just in case.
Gangplank is a very strong champion against you, as he has no hard CC for you to Riposte and has a cleanse of his own. Early, allow him to push up and call for a gank, as his movement speed buff can only take him so far. Try to Riposte his Powder Keg to avoid the armor shred and slow. Late game, your damage and sustain is much stronger than what his barrels can do, so just engage him and do what you would do to avoid his major damage as in the Early Game.
Garen I am placing Garen as a fighter, not just because of his placement by Rito, but because of his early game damage. Garen's lvl 1 combo is very strong, and one that you cannot counter until at least lvl 2, as a Decisive Strike with Grasp of the Undying proc will do a lot of damage. So avoid fighting until you get Riposte. After that however, simply hit a vital with Lunge, allow him to run at you while Decisive Strike is active, then Riposte the damage. Following that, keep striking vitals until he begins to retreat; as your Duelist's Dance healing will keep you alive regardless of what he hits you with. Late game, Garen is a big boi tank, so just shred him down with your Max Health True Damage.
Illaoi Illaoi can be relatively scary as her high teamfight damage and healing can be dangerous to the rest of your team. However, as you are splitpushing for a majority of the game, you don't have to worry about her overpowering you when doing so. In lane, her Test of Spirit can give her free damage and potential Kleptomancy procs. If you can avoid those, by staying behind minion wave and baiting it out, immediately go in while it's on its high cooldown. Parry her Harsh Lesson if possible to avoid Sheen proc, then just keep striking her vitals.
Irelia The issue with fighting Irelia is her ability to take advantage of you mispositioning in Lane. Her E is fairly easy to Riposte, but be vigilant if she tries to doubletap E as it can catch you off guard. At level 1, if she uses an ability, immediately start fighting, as she cannot stun you with no abilities on cooldown, and your Duelist's Dance gives you easy damage and healing. Late game, like other hard scalers, ult no matter what, as she can deal a surprising amount of damage. When she ults, do your best to avoid walking into the walls, as that will severely limit your damage output and could result in your death.
Jax Jax is one of the few champs that can outscale you, but only if you let him beat you down in lane. When he goes in for a trade in lane with his Counter Strike, hold onto your Riposte for a second, then use it, as most Jax's will hold the channel for a few seconds to increase the damage it deals. If you can catch the stun and return it back, he doesn't deal nearly as much damage as you does and your sustain will heal back what he does manage to get out. Even your ult counters the resistances granted by Master-At-Arms. But, because of his powerful scaling, it's important you don't let him powerspike easily. Call for ganks, be aggressive, zone him from CS, anything to keep him from getting his powerspike.
Jayce Jayce can be an issue if he can mind game you properly, but if you are able to dodge his Shock Blast and hit vitals occasionally, you can prevent him from scaling what little he has, and late game you completely out damage him. If he goes in with his melee form, be ready to take the first dash, an auto or two, then parry, as he will attempt to Thundering Blow you and run off. If you can parry some of the melee damage, just heal off of what you took on minions and repeat until late game.
Kled With Kled, there are two instances that are vital (HA) for you to use Riposte: the first being his Beartrap on a Rope. What you do here is you first must learn the timing of Beartrap on a Rope, and then use Riposte to catch the pull of the rope and aim the hitbox at Kled, stunning him. The second is if you don't use Riposte on Beartrap on a Rope, and instead on Violent Tendencies, try to parry the fourth hit, as it does the most damage. Kled is strongest in the early and mid game, so your stronger scaling and his primarily building of tank items makes it easy to fight him off.
Nasus Ah, Susan, Mr. Late Game. The issue with fighting a Susan is just how much you have to babysit him. Early game, he does very little damage, so you can pressure him and zone him from CS. Always back when he does so you can continuously press an advantage and keep him from stacking. Late Game, when he's splitpushing, push the opposite lane, so your team can have an easier time dealing with his pressure. It forces their team to match your team dealing with Nasus. It does make you rely on your team more than a Top-Laner would like, but it is necessary.
Olaf Olaf early game is nothing to scoff at, as the Undertow and Reckless Swing can do a lot. But, most Olaf players are incarnations of their champion; crazy, axe swinging lads who go in whenever possible, not thinking of the ramifications of what they're doing. So, when they throw an axe, don't let them pick it up and fight them. Parry his Reckless Swing, which will then debuff his passive, then go for vitals. And if he ults: press R, say your prayers, and go ham. Your incredible damage will outdo his reduced resistances and cut through them like butter. Late game, he's pretty eh, you should be able to beat him.
Pantheon Pantheon's entire kit is based around establishing an early game lead and snowballing into Late. This can be seen in the passive on Heartseeker Strike, a lack of skillshots that can be dodged with Lunge, the relatively high base stats on his abilities; particularly on Heartseeker Strike, and the shut-down ability designed for Fiora: Aegis Protection. This blocks Lunge and a vital pop on one consumed stack, and allows him to dive you freely, auto you to kill you, then get another stack and block the next turret shot. It's incredibly frustrating, and why I permaban him. However, if you insist on banning another personal counter, you're going to have to not use any abilities to farm, farm under turret, and don't fight him until you at least have Ravenous Hydra completed, as it gives you the lifesteal and AD necessary to kill him.
Renekton Renekton is incredibly frustrating to fight, as one of the biggest lane bullies in League of Legends, you're going to need to know how to fight him as many edgy 12 year olds want to ruin other people's day. Something I recommend is when you aren't extremely comfortable fighting champions like Renekton as Fiora is to take Grasp of the Undying to get you through Early Game. However, as you get better and learn when Fiora's powerspikes are, you will be able to take Conqueror instead and shut him down earlier than normal. Because once you get a kill over Renekton, he can't do anything, as your scaling is simply to big for him to overcome. In the early game, just poke him with vital Lunges then run off, but be ready to parry his empowered Ruthless Predator. Another common suggestion I've heard from other Fiora MainsTM is to take Project Fiora to help you see your vitals when Renekton ults. While not a necessary part of beating him, it does help. Tl.Dr.; stay safe early, and you will outscale him.
Riven Riven is extremely skill orientated, as you are. You are both melee, mix Auto-Caster type champions that scale very well. Level 1, you have a small advantage because of your passive movement speed and Lunge, while Riven's mobility isn't enough to compensate. Use this small advantage to shove your own wave, get level 2 and subsequently Riposte before Riven gets her level 2, and go for a longer trade. If she commits, use your Riposte and, surprise surprise, parry the CC. At level 1, it's typically Broken Wings, so wait for the 3rd strike. Level 2 and on is a lot more predictions and learning the player, and that comes from experience fighting a Riven. A lot of Riven's I face do their first two strikes of Broken Wings, hit Ki Burst, then do the knock up. If you notice yours is doing the same, it's more than likely a habit, so take advantage of it; parry early and see if it catches some CC. If it does, go for a vital and run to make her waste her Broken Wings. When you both reach 6, and Riven ulti's, do the same. Your increased healing will cancel her increased damage, while you also have more percent health damage on Grand Challenge vitals. Late game, if she catches you splitting, just ult, as Riven scaling is extremely scary. Treat her like you would treat another Fiora.
Tryndamere Tryndamere is an extremely dangerous fighter. His passive crit can give him a free kill in Early Game, his ultimate can make everything about fighting risky, and his heal can counter your own lifesteal. Not to mention he has no hard CC for you to Riposte. So, the main thing to focus on, is to take extremely short trades: hit the vital with Lunge and run. Extend trades immediately after he uses his bar to heal, as he will have less damage than normal. Also, try to freeze wave in front of your tower to get yourself your ult first, as a Tryndamere in early game without ulti is nigh useless. If you can establish a few kill lead through all ins and ganks, you can cripple his Late Game and split push significantly harder than he will. In Late Game, and he's doing well, consider purchasing a Randuin's Omen to reduce his crit damage. Always ult in an all-in, as your Grand Challenge healing will cancel out his Undying Rage.

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Kayle Kayle is rarely seen in top lane in the current meta, for whatever reason. However, it is good to know how to fight them just in case. Kayle is an AA based champ, with no hard CC to parry, which means you should hold your Riposte for a gank or an all in to slow her attack speed and movement speed. Prior to Mid-Game, she is very weak due to her low Attack Speed and AP, so abuse her in lane to prevent any major spike. In said Mid-Late Game, just go in, as your mobility and second E slow will keep her nearby as you shred through what little resistances and health she has.
Kennen The biggest difficulty you face when fighting Kennen is the fact you cannot Riposte and reflect the stun back off of his passive. Instead, just focus on dodging Thundering Shuriken and ending trades before Mark of the Storm can stun. He builds AP and AD, so just build a Hexdrinker and Ninja Tabi to counter whatever you can, but build Vampiric Scepter before either.
Quinn Quinn is strong. No denying that. But she is squishy, and our pure AD and lifesteal slices through what she has. If you are able to parry a well timed Vault or Harrier while Vault is on cooldown, and get on her, your slow and mobility will keep you stuck to her while she can't do anything. She also has no early sustain, so if you make a good trade and she's already down her Health Potion, you can force her from lane for a while.
Teemo Teemo, Teemo, Teemo. Everyone's favorite little mushroom (pardon my French) meanie. However, one of the biggest part of Teemo's aggravation production, and boy does it work like factory, is his Q, Blinding Dart, and your Riposte is an excellent counter to Blinding Dart. So, from the beginning; on level 1, go ahead and bully him. Most Teemos take Toxic Shot first, so you don't have to worry about too much damage, as your healing will outdo his poison. Level 2, first make sure you have bush vision. Then, wait a little bit, let him push up on your wave, then engage on an exposed vital with your Lunge. Hit him with one auto, then hit Parry. More likely than not, by that time the Teemo will try to blind you, but your parry stops the blind and damage. After that, go for an all-in, being conscious of your river to assure you don't get ganked. Every time this happens, I end up snowballing a lead. If he somehow gets a kill, build a Spectre's Cowl, Mercury's Treads, and you should be perfect. Build Vampiric Scepter before Tiamat to prevent the wave pushing too fast and being able to heal what damage he deals you. Late game, he ain't nothing, just go in and he'll die.
Urgot Mr. Shotgun Knees himself. A pain early and a pain late. His range keeps him just out of auto range for a vital, while his Corrosive Charge slow keeps you in place. In early game, keep an eye out for his Echoing Flames to avoid the blast, and go in on vitals that have their blast area already triggered and on cooldown. If he goes in with his Disdain, try to parry it, as it is relatively easily telegraphed. If you get 30% or lower, stay very safe, as his ult does, well you know what it does. Still have flashbacks on that rework. Other than that, if he didn't do well early, his late game isn't fantastic, so you can pummel his health and resistance items with your Max Health True Damage.

AD/APC's For most AD/APC's, it is important to just wait it out under your turret until a good opportunity shows up. Be it a gank, a failed dive, or a bad trade on their part. Once you manage one kill on them, it is difficult for them to rebound from that death. Purchase an early Vampiric Scepter to maintain your in lane sustain and prevent the wave from pushing up to fast. After, just keep the pressure up until late game, where not having a tank/engage will severely damage their team, while you being the diver will give you an extra squishy target to blow up.

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Levels 1-3
In her first few levels, Fiora does quite a bit of damage, as the enemies and yourself's lack of abilities allows your passive to do a lot of free damage. In almost every circumstance, you will take Lunge first to avoid any skillshots and poke down Vitals for free damage and healing. Do your best to get as much farm as possible, then begin an extended trade right as the first minion from the second wave is about to die. When it does, take your Riposte and begin the fight. Parry their major form of damage, whatever it is, and you will outdamage them. Only avoid this if they are a serious bully who can outdamage you with one ability; a Pantheon is the primary example. At level 3, take your E, but don't make another major trade if you get 3 first.
Levels 4-6
Once you have all 3 primary abilities and are beginning to max your Lunge, as well as backing around this time, your powerspike will begin to manifest. Just remember to stay safe, as you still aren't able to 1v1 most fighters around this time. Be cautious with your Riposte, as it can make the difference in a fight between dying and giving the enemy a lead and getting yourself a double kill. Also, keep in mind that said Riposte, when not a stun, reduces the enemies Attack and Movement Speed. This makes it extremely easy to counter some AA empowerment like Darius W or Dr. Mundo E. However, only use this when you've already missed the enemies CC, if they have any. Just because you miss a parry on the previous stun doesnt't mean you should hold it for the next. Most burst is dealed out in the first few seconds after the CC, so getting Riposte after the CC helps to negate any potential burst.

Levels 6+
Fiora's ultimate, Grand Challenge is an incredibly powerful ability. The level 1 healing you receive, not just from the circle, but from hitting the vitals, is incredibly powerful. This one ability gives you extraordinary kill potential, to the point where this ability, not any one item, is the turning point in a lot of unfavorable matchups. Around this time, if you were farming well, and didn't fall behind kill wise, you should've purchased your Ravenous Hydra and is either beginning Trinity Force or working into it from Boots. Because of this, the only circumstances you should be needing to leave lane is to deal with a hyper-pushed enemy, recover mana, or buy items, as the lifesteal on Ravenous Hydra is more than enough to keep you topped off in lane. Also, around this time, objectives on various portions of the map will be under contention, and the most important to you is Rift Herald and your outside Turret. You should be freezing the lane somewhere around the middle of the lane and just in front of your own turret, then when the opposing laner is dead or recalled with Teleport on cooldown, you should be shoving and attempting to take turret.

As Fiora, although you will spend most of your Mid and Late game splitpushing, it is good to know how to teamfight.

Splitpushing is a fairly simple concept in League; a strong champion goes into a lane by themselves to push the turret in the hopes of achieving one of two things. You will either 1: take a few towers to get yourself gold and scale while your enemy holds attention of the enemy team. Or 2: to attract a 2 or more of their players, as they are unable to take you down with just one, to deal with your lane while your team teamfights with a numbers advantage. However, it's importance comes from why a champ like Fiora is an effective split pusher.

While she doesn't deal much damage to turret aside from Sheen proc and Bladework AA reset, your splitting power comes from Fiora's ability to duel enemies.
In the Mid to Late Game, your Attack Damage and Lifesteal combined with your game changing W and Ultimate makes it virtually impossible to push you away from a split push without 3+ enemies coming to fight you off. Making it extremely easy for your team to fight the enemy team and get a vital objective, like Baron or Drake. Looking at the map above, the full colored areas are where you should be spending a majority of your time, anywhere from 60-80% of the time. This includes outside lanes for splitpushing and Epic Monsters like Drake and Baron. Everywhere is else is areas that should be spent rotating between lanes, taking enemy jungle CS and buffs, as well as joining the occasion teamfight to push it in your team's favor. Speaking of..

Team Fighting
Teamfighting as Fiora can be tricky business, as you lack any significant tankiness prior to late game items like Spirit Visage, Randuin's Omen, or Sterak's Gage, so your engage just doesn't last long enough to be substantial. This is the main reason that I have been stressing Split Pushing over Team Fighting throughout this guide.

However, what you can act as until then is peel for your carries. Wait nearby them in the back for a CC heavy engage, Riposte it, then ult whoever did so. You should be able to at least get in one vital down before they get obliterated, which will give your backline a small heal to keep them tided while you begin shredding the front line tanks with Duelist's Dance.

But, once you did reach that point in the game, somewhere where you have around 3000+ health and 100 or so of each resistance, or 150+ of a team with a focus on one damage type, is when you can begin acting similar to an Assassin . You wait for the enemy engage, then run around the front line and divers for the back line. Pick out the enemy with the most danger on their team, ult them, then burst them down. This will make their tanks vulnerable as they simply aren't able to outdo the damage of your backline and peelers keeping them safe.

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Every champion in League has a few combos that, when learned and properly executed, can allow for huge damage increases and the potential to shift fights. Fiora is no different, and while most of her comboing doesn't add too much to her damage, like I said before, it can change a death into a kill, and subsequent objective.

Full Combo

Fiora's full combo, when fully level, full build, and with the right opportunity, can deal an incredible amount of damage in less than a second, approximately 2743 damage. If you cannot tell by the video (which I can't blame you for), the attack order is:

- AA - - -

Sliding Parry

An ability combo that takes some time to master in terms of situation and timing, but one of your most valuable tricks. See, any boundary, trap, or CC ridden wall can now be used again the enemy, as you can slide into the CC, Riposte, get the stun effect, and stun the enemy.


Back-Handed Vital

Okay, so some of you Fiora players may have heard of this name before, and that's because I learned it from a streamer named ForgottenProject. He's an excellent Fiora main, and someone I aspire to be somewhat comparable to one day. I learned almost everything I know from him, so give him a look. But, anyway, this ability is helpful to hit the last vital on Grand Challenge, or just to look flashy (HA).

AA -

Fast Ult Clear

The fastest, and currently my favorite, way to clear all of your Grand Challenge vitals. It makes use of all of your offensive abilities, including the slow, so if they don't somehow pop like a balloon, you can keep hitting them. Also, take a looksie at that FAT 7464 damage.

- AA - - -

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Here, I will be talking about various updates in game that have relevance to Fiora, as the meta is constantly changing, and leaving everything constant on a guide will make it grow old and ancient; not what I wanted from this pet project.

Patch 8.23
Patch 8.23 was wild, as most preseason starters are. Chrysalis being removed is a huge blow to Top Laners (thanks Rito), so we need a replacement. The introduction of Turret Plating is another big one to Fiora, so now instead of taking Revitalize, as it already was a somewhat okay rune on her, you take Demolish to help you get those plates as quickly as possible. Also, and everyone take off your caps for this, this patch is the death of Celerity. No longer does it give you damage for movement speed, and now only gives an increase in movement speed. This means that your Anti-Tank rune page will consist of Nimbus Cloak and Gathering Storm. Another thing, even through the Teleport nerfs, you should still take it, as your role is still the splitpusher.
Patch 8.24

Ughhh, goddammit, Neeko. The bane of every mid laner's existence (for probably like two weeks). Holy Cow, the new Death's Dance healing you for 15% of ALL damage means that your True Damage will also apply, but there's not many other mechanical changes to Fiora or her gameplay. Also, Fiora got a new walkcycle!! Not sure how I feel about it, though. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate knowing that Riot doesn't just ignore Fiora, it just feels... off. I don't know.
Patch 8.24b
AGGHHHHHH!!!! Riot, why!?! I thought we were cool! But nooooo, you just had to increase the price of Tiamat, making it significantly harder for Fiora to begin hard shoving her wave to farm and force a dive or (if ahead) and enemy 2v1. However, and thank God, that's everything that affects Fiora.

Patch 9.1
Alright, everyone!! Season 9! And ranked is only 1 patch away? Welp, my already non-existant social life is about to drop to new unprecedented levels. And boy am I ready to grind out some Fiora (not like that). Not only that, but we're going into Season 9 with very little different from Preseason, so it should be an easier transition that other roles. Most of the changes done to champions were around buffering combos, and Fiora doesn't have anything that must be buffered. There were also no changes to items, so.. Woooo..
Patch 9.2
Ranked!! Woooo!! Alright, before we start grinding out those games, let's take a look at some changes Fiora received this patch. First of all, the Legend: Bloodline changes. This is huge, and is one of the biggest reasons that Essence Reaver Fiora is so strong this patch. Instead of rushing lifesteal early on, you only need your Tiamat clear and then rush Essence Reaver, so once you cast your ult, you keep pounding into the enemy and your cooldowns drop incredibly quickly. Also, in regards, to runes, I still take Adaptive Damage in the choosables, as it's simply too strong to avoid. Now, the third and fourth Bugfix on the list involve Fiora, and both are incredibly important to playing her. First, her parry now properly blocks the damage and execute from Pyke's Death from Below. Thank you Riot. Next, her Sliding Parry combo now will guarantee you hit someone with the stun regardless of if they are out of range of the original Riposte cast. THANK YOU RIOT.

Patch 9.3 (Most Recent)
Hey, Fiora got a new skin! Tell me what you think of it. Personally, I don't like how it fits with her lore, but the splash looks nice. Some big changes rolling out in 9.3; crit reverts, champion buffs and nerfs (god bless riot for Akali nerfs), and the revival of a few items. The big one for Fiora being that she no longer takes Essence Reaver as it has been reverted and it's passive has been taken by Spear of Shojin. Even though the passives are practically the same, with Shojin actually being a little bit stronger, I don't feel; like it warrants the same treatment as Essence Reaver. So, instead, stick with the pre-ER build; being Ravenous, Trinity, DD, then build by enemy team.

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Fiora's incredible damage and outplay potential is what drew me to her, and I'm assuming you as well, in the first place. I love the playing style, and creating this page only reminded me of just how much I love her. I hope that what you take from this guide isn't guild lines on how to play Fiora, but instead key parts of her kit that can be utilized in various ways, and that you learning each part is part of the fun of learning her. I also hope you visit Mr. ForgottenProject's Twitch and YouTube pages, both of which I have linked and give fantastic advice on how to learn and play this phenomenal Champion. I gotta give Rito credit on this one; they made one hell of a fun fighter.

Thank you for Reading!

I've been considering making a MobaFire page for a while, and never felt proficient enough on a champion to do so. Then my friend started making one (yes, the very same who mains Zoe and Darius), and I decided it would be fun to make one of my own. This project is still ongoing (as of 12/7/18), so expect future updates on visuals and information, although sparsely as I have accomplished my list of what I set out to write about.. And if you're curious about the friend who made a MobaFire page, the page is Zoe - Penetrate their Souls. I regularly duo with him playing Zoe, so if you want to learn, I recommend you read what he has to say.

Thanks again!

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