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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

A Murder of Crows Summons Fiddlesticks

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on January 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 21


No one knows from where this champ came from, but we all know he is one of the most extreme.

MAsteries & Summoner Spells

Standard caster build. 9/0/21 getting all the caster friendly things in Offense and the mana, CDR and utility things in Ultility.

Summoner Spells were choosen to get the best out of Fiddle's skills. is to keep people close to and to keep them from getting too far so you can reap the max benefits of . Another reason I take this, is because I dont rush (Pointed out by Restrictnine) Also I take , for that boost of mana, and to help the team out if they are low on mana.

These are great for Fiddle. , , are all great for mobility and placement. is fun if you like to stack it on top of


I choose as my 3/5 skill. I could have gone with dmg from or bounce count from , but I like the longer fear. That will let me harass better and have a longer . Also after they stop running, I can slap them with a silence from . The joys of control :)

I like to work on the fear and the farming silence skills over the life steal. Ill explain in the items section. I like to go with the harassing and farming skills first. More up time for me, less up time for them. Also, I theorize that the longer someone is controlled, the less dmg they cause, the more aggressive I can be, AND the easier it is for me to get my ult off. The old classic Birds comes to life.


Marks are Mpen. These will work better with his passive, and lets face it... When it comes to weakening defenses, Fiddle is pro. Also, his AP scaling isnt the best, so these will help with his dmg output.

Seals & Quintessences are flat AP. This will work well with his Mpen and will make better use of and

Glyphs are flat CDR. This puts me slighty over the 40% cap, but better sat than sorry.


is an item that I think is a good item for Fiddle. This is why I dont lvl till late game. I will be gaining more power for it from getting the AP items, AND with Mpen Ill deal more dmg. Which will give a higher return, and with this item it will give a higher return. It all synergizes well. and its cheap. + . Thats lovely IMO.

is a great item and I love to use it. I find that if you open with this> > > = profit. Now if you have your ult up... well than you might not need the silence lol. Great for tanks or bulky champs. This is also effected by Mpen... hmmmmm

is the item version of his passive. This with his passive are more than enough Mpen. Not to mention the 15% from masteries. I have the Mpen runes so if MR items are bought, I will be able to keep the steady flow of dmg. Great AP and debuff. A Fiddle item for sure.

will give him some bulkiness and great AP. Plus he can keep people in ult range longer. Cant beat that can you? Expensive? Just a lil bit. But its worth it.

is a typical caster item, and it give that exta lil bit of survival. Im not sure on this, but I think you can pop your ult, use the active and though you arent mobile and rylai's keeping them close, they cant focus you down.

? Why more Mpen? Most people grab some kind of MR. So yeah Im going to try and counter that with more Mpen.

Other items that help Fiddle are: , , and even can be fun to have.

Game Play

Early game

Two Words: Hardcore Harassment.

This build is set up to fear and silence. That will give you and your lane mate more time to push unharassed. And if you have a sharp lane mate, you will be setting up kills left and right. Your first two items are fairly cheap to build so have fun. The one thing that I really do like about this build is that it's harassment power can stop almost anyone in their tracks. It can make the laning phase much more easy. can also give you and your lane mate that chance to get a kill on someone that has over extended. Play aggressively, but dont over extend your-self. With you will be able to stay in lane longer, since it will increase the healing power of . So to start, grab the and some mana pots. You will be able to get more pots if you grab mantle>ruby. Playing early game is like playing support since you are focusing on harassment and farming. Lane with a nuke or burst DPS champ.

Mid game

Let the ganking begin? Maybe but keep lane pushing. You have great harassment and farming dont let up unless your team needs you too. You can work on abyssal or rylia's here. if you are steamrolling than Abyssal. If you have issues with survival, than Rylia's. Fiddle can be an OP champ so watch for ganks. Your harassment and farming are a lil stronger now that you have more skills in and . With more AoE bounces, and max fear, you are sure to change the flow of any fight or lane push. Again, focusing on lane control is key. Your ult is up now, and if you have Rylia's than no one can escape you. Just remember that is a nasty ult and it will either get the kill, or force a retreat. Use it as needed. Its a great opener if you know you can land it.

NOTE: I keep because I dont rush Rylia's. It helps with control and survival. Even though it seems pointless once I get Rylia's, but the survival it can provide makes it worth keeping. And remember, Just remember that is a nasty ult and it will either get the kill, or force a retreat. Use it as needed.

End game

You will be working on Zhonya's if you dont have it already. Laning is over and you are dominating... or should be if you stay sharp. Dont over extend and dont chase unless your ult is up. If you do and is up, than you can get those multi kills. We all know Fiddle can pull off those penta-kills, but he is best to keep alive. Team fights and big lane pushes will happen a lot here and you need tpo play smart. Your control skill is needed here more than ever now. Waiting for that right moment will land your team the victory. > > the focus> to keep everyone close with the help of > the stragglers> the team and keep pushing.

1v1 & Jungling

Rarely will someone stay for a 1v1 fight. Even casters wont jump into a fight with you. The fear and silence into ult is near suicidal. But if they do come in they have a -30MR debuff and you are going to punish them for commiting to you.

Jungling is fun. But all you need is the buffs. If you need gold than grab the creeps, but they arent important.

Ganking & Team pushes

Ganking is one thing you do best. The control you have tilts any fight in your favor. You cant beat that. You are the harbinger of doom after all. You have strong lane presence and should use that to your advantage.

Team pushing is like ganking. You will need to control their carries and tanks. If they dont have the burst or the meat shield than they are doomed. Also, if you are running a heavy magic dmg team, you are a god send. You will have a total of -30 MR debuff. That is usually more than most champs base MR. So make sure your team makes good use of you. You are the CC/support Fiddle. Embrace it.

Homies & Haters

Homies Lets face it, Stunners and Slowers are your best friends. Taric, Nasus, Nunu, Amumu, Ashe, Galio, the list goes on.

Haters Veigar! Stay away from this Yodle unless you wish to die. But heavy Burst DPS and heavy CC champs. Kassadin, Olaf, Kat, Garen is a BIG hater.