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Ezreal Build Guide by Chaotic Bliss

AP Ezreal: Assassin Build

AP Ezreal: Assassin Build

Updated on January 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss Build Guide By Chaotic Bliss 11 1 460,039 Views 31 Comments
11 1 460,039 Views 31 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss Ezreal Build Guide By Chaotic Bliss Updated on January 30, 2012
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While sowing chaos and searching for my next champion. I discovered Ez was free some weeks ago. So I got to tinkering with him, and this is what I came up with.

Now most players build Ez around since it applies on-hit effects, spammable, and deals physical dmg. This is a great way to play him, but he misses out on so much potential dmg IMO. and are used for survival, not to deal dmg. I think that its a shame to miss out on the dmg from these skills.

So I began working on AP Ez. Its not as rare as other builds of mine, but its uncommon enough. So now its time for me to show you how I play Ez, and the chaos that comes with it.
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Pros & Cons


The burst is insane. and will give you great dmg when you can land both of them on your target.

Much stronger than AD builds. This makes for a great initiating or finishing Ult.

Not only does this build burst well, it can harass with the best. only hits champs. So no minions to block this skill shot.


Flux and Shift have longer CDs and mana cost than AD builds.

Timing is everything. Since you dael more dmg with Flux and Shift, you have to make sure that both land. If you Shift and get a minion, it might was well be considered a waste of mana.

Not much power behind . Its more for lowering the CDs of his other skills.
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Runes, Summoner Spells, & Masteries

When it comes to runes, I went with a combo of , , greater seal of vitality, and .

This combo gives me some early game advantage since I have gives me 24AP at the start of the game.

And when it comes to the new masteries, I prefer 23/6/1. This build improves early gameplay, some defenses, and the improved versions of my summoners. This will also give me +4 AP letting me start with 28AP. Thats not too bad since I dont go full AP runes.

Summoner spell combos

+ is what I find to be most effective for my assassin playstyle. Able to get from lane to lane in seconds, and ignite to help finish off someone off.

+ if you want to be extremely mobile. High mobility for assassins is always good for a few lols are people rage at you.

+ if you need to take out a bursty champ. Reduce their dmg and finish them with a bit of true dmg.
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Skill Sequence

His skills are the fun part. With all of his skills scaling on AP, AP isnt a bad way to play.

I like to take and max first. This skill has more poking power than , and it gives the enemy a lower AS and give bonus AS to teamates is passes thru. This is a great form of harassment since it only effects champions. That said, all you need to do is secure the range to land it. Creeps or no creeps.

is next. This is a great skill for the simple fact its a flash and ranged homing missle that hits the closest target. This skill is more than a skill shot. It takes precise timing in order to land this skill if creeps are around.

is the odd ball skill for AP Ez. Its low CD and mana cost do have their uses though. For me, I use this to help me last hit and lower the CDs of my other skills. That said, I let my ult fly more often than not.

is one of the few global skill shots in the game. Next to , this can be a great initiating skill. Just make sure that you aim it right. On the flip side, you can use this as a finishing tool also. This scales on AD and AP, so this will hurt. I mean when you can get it up to 1k dmg, before mitigation, thats a nasty piece of artillery.

With as his passive, I find that I can last hit minions easier, and I can rely on them to finish off an enemy after the Shift/Flux combo. Plus, with the low CD on Mystic, as long as you have something to hit, you can keep the stacks up.
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Now for the fun part. Items and why I chose them.

is a great item for my playstyle. I play Ez and an assassin, and nothing helps kill people than this item. Also great for HP tanks.

With CDR, AP, and mana regen, this is a great item for stats. Now add the 30% HP nuke, and you are sure to have people say 'WTF?!'. It also happens to be a personal fav of mine for those reasons >:D

is for the Mpen or course. Great for those not stacking MR. I dont take CDR boots, as recommended because gives all the CDR I need.

is of course the AP Ez's Triforce. And like AD Ez, the proc is applied to . So Mystic isnt completely useless for AP Ez ;) But the stats are great and give some MR to help not get bursted by casters.

is for so many Lols. He has always been a great kting champ, but this adds insult to injury. HP, AP, and a slow after you burst them down to AA for the kill... Sounds like fun dont it?

is the AP Ez's . Only I get 3% of my mana as AP. Since I dont rush this and wait a till Ive farmed some mana, this gives me a nice AP boost when its completed. Its a nice item to have, and sometimes under used.

is the icing on the cake. Since the AP is so great with Shift and Flux, this makes them insanely strong, and his Ult is leaves people running to hide, or on the ground dead. Just makes him more bursty.

Items that can be swapped out

Now this build offers a lot of burst dmg, and as an assassin thats what you want. But here are some other options.

or if you want some healing while pwning the noobs. If you have a heavy AP team, than get WotA, but if you dont, or you want some personal healing, get Hextech. Its slow works great as a killing tool if you need to burst someone extremely quick.

for the bubble and some more bulk. A good assassin must always be able to take a hit if they cant nuke their target. It also gives great lane longevity and the extra MR is nice too.

is an awesome item if you find you need to wait for a CD, but are in danger of getting focused. This is also a great way to drop aggro. Plus you all decked out in gold. BLING BLING FOOS!!!!

if you want more bulkiness, AP, and some more mana to feed Archangle's.

is great if you and your enemies are a lil on the AP heavy side. I think another underused item, but its stats and debuff aura make this a powerful item. Plus, what better way to punish someone for being close to you than being able to lower MR and deal more dmg.

Core Items

Playing as an assassin, you must be able to burst down your targets. And these are the Core Items I use.

Nuking power that makes your job easier. Great for ganks mid game after laning, and punishes anyone that stacks HP. Great for counter for tanks and bulky DPS.

is great for making the best of . If you can successfully execute the DFG, this item can give you the power you need to power Mystic for the kill. Also, since casting mystic procs LB and consumes it, Mystic becomes a powerful poke also.

rewards you for having mana. 3% of your mana into AP.
So getting tears early and farming is key to making this a powerful item.
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Building Order

Starting Item

is great for the AP, HP and mana regen. This item starts you with 39 AP. And will deal 100+ dmg before mitigation. So this is a powerful poke.

Recall 1 Get and sapphire and/or .

Recall 2 Finish and get . Farm the mana for longer lane time, and a lil more AP for the poking.

Recall 3 Kage's Lucky pick and upgrade to

Recall 4 You will want to get . This puts power into Mystic, so last hitting is much easier to do. These are the core pieces to your core items.

Now once you have the core items of your core items, its time to build accordingly.

Now since I play an assassin, this is how I build:

> > > >

For me this gives me high burst dmg in a short amount of time. It also allows me to initiate team fights or snipe down the lanes. The RCS helps make sure that your team can stick to any target hit by the 3 skills that deal magic dmg.
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When it comes to farming, AP Ez doesnt have much power in his AAs. But I do find that is a great way to help last hit. Its low cost and low CD make it a viable tool. But be sure that you need to use it to get the last hit. If you can just AA last hit, than dont waste the mana for it.

Come 6, however, your ult can do great farming for you. If you got minions on your turret, but you had to go to base, just line up the ult and let it fly. It keeps going till the end of the map, so it will hit anything in its path. So it might clear minions or take enough HP you can last hit to clean up.

But remember you play an assassin, so be on the look out to farm some players.
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Team Work

This is one aspect of the game that you must be able to have or this build will struggle as an assassin. With the power to snipe from lanes away, you have to call out your ults and have great map awareness. You also, have to be able to coordinate ganks.

Example of a good communication: Akali and GP fighting for mid turret in top lane. Akali calls for an ult as she knows she will lose the fight, but not the turret. The Ashe on my team sends her ult to stop the GP, since Im recalling. She was at the bottom of the map, so her ult went straight up the river. As soon as I had mana for my ult, I sent it down the top lane. Lets just say the two skill shot ults met at the GP coordinates.

Example of good Ganking: When your team has pushed to the turret, have them keep up the pressure. Get as many pokes in as they can. This will force the enemy back or to stay. Either way, you will want to take advantage of this. into the lane behind the enemy and follow with . This will allow you to finish with AAs, or allow your team to finish them off... If you dont that is.

Map awareness: Wards are great. If you have a Teemo, Shaco, or TF thats even better. When you know where the enemy is, you are given the ability to deny them. If you got eyes on buffs, you can snipe them away. If there are wards, boxes, or shrooms, you can to them and prep for a gank.
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Tips & Tricks

1. Use as a means of last hitting. Since AP Ez doesnt have the power behind his AAs to last hit.

2. Pack around wards. This not only gives you great map awareness, it can let you Tele-Gank. And it also helps out your support.

3. Lead our ult well. Since your ult is global, this means you can snipe people that are running from a fight or from pushing a lane. This works well with having wards out and about.

4. Remember that acts as your personal . YAY for quick escapes.

5. is a great way to help your team push lanes. Works best on AD and On-Hit champs.
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This is meant to be a break from the usual AD Ez. This is meant to be played as an assassin. Long range ult, great mobility, wicked scaling, high burst, and intense poking power.

This build does take a lil getting use to, and you must have a great team work to get the most out of this build. Able to drop most squishy targets, most bulky DPS, and most of the HP stacking tanks, this build will bring a new style of gameplay to Ez. I hope that when you try this, that it brings you just as much fun and victories as it has brought me and my friends.
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Thanks to Psi for pointing out more elaboration on my Item Build Cheat Sheet. Ive added the smaller items in the order I build in the majority of my games. Thanks again Psi

Due to my randomness, I have removed the vote in the Summary section.
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