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League of Legends Build Guide Author Out2K1ll5

A New Way to Play Akali

Out2K1ll5 Last updated on February 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I don't know if you're new to Akali or a pro looking for new builds, but I've been playing Akali for a long time. I've been testing builds from all AD to all AP to different hybrids and this one really just wins in every way. The reason I like Akali is she can go invisible randomly out of no where and is a sick 1v1 champ. He ult dominates in every way, and she nukes like the best of 'em. And even double nukes. Moving on..

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Magic Penetration Marks .95 x 9
Flat AP Seals .59 x 9
Flat AP Glyphs .99 x 4
Per LVL AP Glyphs 3.07 at 18 x 5
Flat AP Quints 4.95 x 3

This starts you with 25 AP right off the bat and thus activating your bonus magic damage just by spawning. Smile. I put per level glyphs because at lvl 6 it gives you the value of a flat glyph and from there just goes up. Flat AP is just for early game which helps a ton. I have tried adding a attack power quint for 2.25 and adding a doran's blade to have both passives but THAT IS A WASTE OF MONEY. Please don't do that, I beg you.

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Ok, so for masteries I use 21-0-9. Put improved exhaust, points on the AP boosts, and also the bonus magic penetration, armor, Improved Ignite, and all that jazz. Then I get the increase on regeneration, experience gained, and then get a point on greed caus we all love money. I know you do. She's an attacking character, so this all makes sense to me for masteries.

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Items, when to get, and How to Play

Start game with the +10 attack sword and an hp pot. This gives you spell vamp for bonus healing at all times and also extra bonus magic damage because it scales off of your attack. Win win. So because of your runes, by now you have both of your twin passives activated. And you find both of your hands glowing. This is important: GO MID. I don't know if you have ever played Akali mid, or even thought about it BUT DO IT. I will now tell you why you are going to go mid. The hp pot you hold in your hands is for the threatening and fighting. Based on the character you are midding against it is almost always easy to q skill and throw a kama at them and back away before they hit you. The bonus is if they chase and want to engage, do this:(this is when you're level one and they are already hating you) Exhaust them (makes them hit you for like nothing), ignite them (damage and ap boost), consume the mark, throw another q skill because it should be off of cooldown by now, and then consume it again. By then, they will be dead. That's called a double nuke, as I call it. Basically anytime during the game, watch if they are marked. Mark them at all times, or try. Mark them, back off, wait for your mark to cooldown since the mark lasts longer than the cooldown, ult to them, consume the mark, and mark and consume them again. This is so effective it's ridiculous. Double nuking can take out more than half of their hp at any time. Your ult cooldown is less than 2 seconds meaning you can do this anytime you please. My simple harrass technique in mid is throw down w (shroud) and run towards the outside of it so they won't like sivir boomarang you, and then while you are invis, hit them with a kama. This is a very effective technique and after you hit them and they are still there, simply consume the mark. After you consume it your shroud will still be there so you can run away. Ok, back to the build. Start with sword, and the first time you go back you will have about 1300 money. If you get a kill you will have this amount very quickly. Go Home and get the sword of occult, and boots. After that get the boots of swiftness (3 mobility) so that no one can run from you and you can run from others. Then start building Rylai's crystal scepter. Once you have that, your slow will be ridiculous. Then build either Rabadon's Death Cap or Gunblade dependant on when you go home. If you go home with no that much money after you have Rylai's start building Gunblade. This is vice versa. If you build Gunblade 1st, get Cap 2nd. If cap 1st, get blade after. By the time you get all these items you will be very strong. I've never gotten past these truthfully as by then we win. If you get past these, get more AP as your attack will already be high enough. Maybe a Void staff to help survivablity and damage and skill damage.

Occult, Boots of Swiftness, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Gunblade, Rabadon's Deathcap, Void Staff

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Team Work

The reason we go mid with Akali is to level so quickly that you can gank sides with ease. By the time you are lvl 6 or 7 everyone else will be 3,4, or 5. Go to the side, without middle noticing, that the enemy champions are the most overextended. With your combo and higher level and abilities, you can kill one or most times both with ease. Then you will be stacking occult faster than ever.

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Skill Sequence

Prioritize Q, it is your threaten and nuke. So Q,W,Q,E,Q,R,Q,E,Q,E,R,E,E,E,W,W,R,W,W
You only need 1 point in shroud really for invis. Then max Q,E, and ult when possible. Let me know how this works for you and if you want me to add anything.