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Talon Build Guide by Cryaotic

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cryaotic

A Quick Guide to Taloning

Cryaotic Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Who is Talon and what does he do?

Talon is a champion people use and either face roll, or get their own faces rolled. In some kind of dough. Probably pizza. Not even the good kind - probably pineapple or some **** like that.

Something people don't understand about Talon is that even though he is so super cool with his cape and fancy blade on his arm, he isn't Superman. He's actually Batman. You need to stick to the shadows and lay in wait for the right time to bust out the pizza cutters and slice through some cats.

He is a real assassin and should always be played as such, because you're about as soft as that Le Blanc you should shived in the back. With a silence, stealth, and slow, you have plenty of ways to mess with the enemy as long as they don't all dog pile on you first; get the jump on them instead of the other way around or you'll be having a bad time and start calling every other champion under the sun overpowered.

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Pros / Cons


    A very fun champion with great utility.
    The ganking potential is pretty sex.
    Wonderful escape mechanism when paired with his slows.
    Damage output in high numbers in a low amount of time - screw long fights.
    Low cooldown ultimate, everyone loves those right?

    Incredibly squishy and focused early on.
    Without proper farm early game can lag behind.
    Can become useless against heavy tanky teams if you're not ahead of the curve.

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The Game

Early Game:

During the early game, it is best to play defensively unless you have some seriously annoying lane partner with you (Singed with his slow and throw, Leona with her stuns-galore) and just Rake up your minion kills if you're afraid of getting attacked by jerk ranged champions.

Once you hit 4 you are able to pull what I like to call the 'Screw you I have a cape' and high tail it out of their. Simply wait until one gets in range (Don't do this if their partner can stun or CC you too much) and then Cutthroat (E) over to him, auto attack, Noxian Diplomacy (Q), and then Rake (W) before running away again. This way you do some pretty rude damage and they can generally only get a hit or two off on you before you get away. The reasoning for that is because your Cutthroat silences them, and your Rake will slow them so if they are a melee champion they can't chase you in a fit of rage.

Mid Game

Mid Game for Talon (at least for me) starts once you hit 6-7. From here on out I generally like to roam and/or jungle a bit. If any of the other lanes are pushed back I like to go up behind them and open up with the combo from early laning but this time with the added bonus of your Shadow Assault (R). Opening up with the combo and after you have them Raked, use your Shadow Assault and try to keep in line with them before attacking again to send the blades back to you. This can and generally will net you a few jolly kills if your team aids you in the process.

Late Game

By late game the build is coming along nicely (hopefully) and your sexiness is known all throughout the land. The team fights keep popping up left and right just like pimples when you were 14. The goal here is to know when to and when not to fight. Try to wait out just a bit in the nearby bushes until you see some of their heavy CCs or ultimates go off (you know the kinds, them big flashy ones that can 'turn the tide of battle' as they say.) Once those hit, head in with the combo as already stated and focus on the main target you should be (their carry, squishies, etc.)

Popping your ultimate right in the middle of a team fight is a great way to do a nice chunk of damage to everyone, but keep in mind this means you have no escape mechanism aside from Flash now; so if you are going to you better commit and do your best to fight until the bitter end broheim. No joke. Don't be one of those idiots who turn to run away at 2 bars of health when there is two of them alive with one bar. I have seen so many people do this and it makes me weep tears of QQ.

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What are these two builds?

Build 1:

This build is the more balanced damage dealing build. It rushes an early game damage potential alongside some defensiveness against CC and casters. You may be asking yourself 'Why Guardian Angel?' to which I would respond: "The swirliness effect the Guardian Angel gives makes you a less desired target to focus." That on top of the armor and added magic resistance it is a great defensive item.

You're also probably asking "What about Banshee's Veil?". That is a great alternative to the Guardian Angel if the team does not have a lot of AD. If they are mostly AP, switch the Guardian Angel for a Banshee's and you'll be good to buy elixirs a lot sooner.

Build 2:

This build is focused purely on mobility, ganking, and damage. The Boots of Swiftness are rushed early to give you that quick speed needed to move from lane to lane and gank like the jerk you are. Cloak and Dagger is utilized in place of Mercury Treads and even gives a bit of critical strike and attack speed to boot. Everything else is great for adding to that already crazy good damage Talon can dish out - this is for those who feel confident enough to get away without any pure defensive items.

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Where's the rest of the guide?

If you need any more explanation than this you are doing it wrong. The purpose of a guide is to give you a starting ground on what to work with, and this is what I have given you.

If you are new to the game and chose Talon right off the bat because he looks cool, then I am not quite sure what the hell you are doing and you should probably pick a less 'I get dead fast' champion. This is a quick guide for those wishing to get a quick idea on what Talon is about and how to use him in an enjoyable manner.

Always keep in mind that Talon is not a character meant to sit there auto attacking. Talon is the sort of champion that comes in, does his dirty work, and then if none of them are two hits away from death try to back out if they are looking at you with angry eyes. An assassin is called an assassin for a reason, he is not a brawler by any means.

Prim and proper, yo! Good luck!

As an added note, don't be a jerk about what you're doing. If you're doing well and notice your opponent isn't doing so hot, don't rub their noses in it. If they start talking trash and insulting your sexual-activity, don't freak out and be the bigger man. The community of this game is about as pathetic as the community of the local YMCA in the ghetto. If you're nice to them then they just might be nice and good sports right back at you - this is a game, not an e-***** waving contest. In the end you're just pressing buttons and trying to press them better than the other person.

Don't rage so much and people just might have a good time and enjoy themselves on a video game for once instead of leaving in a bad mood, guy. ****.