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Heimerdinger Build Guide by A.R.M.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A.R.M.

A.R.M.'s Confounding Heimerdinger

A.R.M. Last updated on January 1, 2012
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Heimerdinger is a champ most play as with leveling rockets first... but he's way too squishy to be able to survive being jumped when he goes rocketeer. Yet again I have a build that seems unorthodox, ap kog now ap 3.7k health heimerdinger with 115 health regen per 5 at full build (runes, masteries, items).

The reason for this is turrets, those things decimate, especially early game, most underestimate there power, those who don't try to get rid of them, but most can't touch them early game if you get blue buff and upgrade them asap. In other words if no jungler get blue, heimer is the champ that needs blue buff the most early game (even more than ap kog) if you want to rick roll the opponent.

The health and health regen is due to the fact that it helps you stay alive while your stun is cooling down, because more often than not, if you can stun someone who can actually kill you, you will most likely get away if you pop your ult with a turret near them, exhaust them, and ghost out (overkill in terms of escape).

Supports with heimerdinger is a great combo... for they can heal his turrets... the best 1 I've found to be is taric due to his targetable stun, heal (for turrets too).

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Pros / Cons

Heimerdingers turrets are so low at ap scaling that it doesn’t make much of a difference to go this more health (regen) based build than ap since it's focused on turrets, and the magic pen makes up for the lost ap.

The more survivability you have the longer you stay in battles and the more damage you do (as well as the more healing you do to teammates), basically this build makes heimer an off-tank due to having 115 health regen at level 18 with a full build (includes passive, runes, masteries...).

Can bust lanes in under 10 minutes easily with a support... for early game damage can't really hurts heimers turrets, and due to early game low health his turrets tear apart opponents early game (even if he has no ap for it's such a low scaling). The same goes for towers... just make sure you have a minion wave there before placing so your turrets have some time to damage it.

Exhaust helps break your opponent down so they die to your turrets... thus the reduced ap has less of an impact. ghost lets you outrun opponents while your run around your own turrets if they are stupid enough to focus you over your turrets, plus it's good to escape when you need to

If someone has lifesteal you might have a tough time if your stun isn't up... and skillshotting that stun is bs sometimes... (it may have looked head on, but you really stand a slim chance of hitting it unless your opponent is standing still...)

If you don't have your turrets on you or near you your screwed.

It is always best 2 have 2 next to you and 2 in your "inventory" (on your spell ready to be placed) to ensure survivability.

Early game with blue buff, this build, and skill sequence no opponent stands a chance against heimer if you play your cards right (not even a karthus, which you would think would destroy his turrets fairly easily).

Heimer's turrets farm like mad, gain xp and gold for him when they kill... he doesn’t have to be there, so if laning with someone that someone is going to starve for gold (thus taric).

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Magic pen, cooldown reduction, buff extension... self-explanatory... do what you want here, just self-explanatory... I find this mastery tree to work best for ap champs (if not a troll game).

The only other mastery tree I can imagine is tank, but there is 1 significant problem with that, you get your turrets slower than you would otherwise, and since this build is focused on the turrets which have ridiculously long cooldowns (or at least it seems so in the heat of battle)... but can be dropped to a 15 second cooldown, I would have to disagree with you. What you lose in health you make up in damage (for things cooldown faster..., plus your "tanky" enough with 3.7k health and 115 health regen per 5 (unless you decide to get the spell vamp quintessence, then it's 105 health regen per 5 and 9% spell vamp... which isn't necessarily bad... it's surviving a nuke vs surviving continuous damage champs... this 1 is designed for continuous damage... if you want to survive nukes... well you have enough health... and the spell vamp usually is just enough to bump you up if you skillshot you bomb right into a horde of minions... the problem is finding that horde in time (I still find the health regen and xp boost better (even though I sometimes fail at changing my runes)). On a similar note... cooldowns are key for I’ve just barely survived ganks at times and I would have died if it weren't for the absurd amount of health regen per 5 and the cooldown rate, plus if you don't get the cooldowns you probably would become heavily reliant upon blue buff for cooldowns... which heimer should not be..

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Time to suit up and rush archangels... with my skill sequence, masteries, spells runes... I manage around half the time to stay in lane until I have enough for my first item. AKA Archangels minus the meki pendant cost, but the other half the time it's a tear of the goddess and the next most expensive thing I can buy (boots or a blasting wand).

Before you chastise me for putting a warmog in, here me out, 115 health regen per 5 put into perspective is 22 health regen a second. So ignite can't kill you, your health those around you for 10-25 health per 5, and your turrets each do around 200 damage apiece every second or so. and if you ul t they get healed... and if you always carry spares you win.

The void staff is a sometimes item... you can get whatever you want here, hextec gunblade, zhonya's hourglass... Only reason I suggest a void staff is because when combined with your sorcerers shoes you get 60% magic pen which does wonders for your turrets in team fights.

All other items well health ap slow... self-explanatory... it works, you can walk up to a tower and tank it while your turrets tear it apart and be fully healed before you get both turrets back in 30 seconds. Note the item sequence is not like my kog build... you stay in lane A LOT longer and farm A LOT more for you have A LOT more sustain than other builds, thus you level ALOT faster (I find myself level 18 first and usually around 3-7 levels ahead of everyone else... averaging 4-5 head of the opponent by level 18).

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Well here we are again.

Health regen: if you haven't caught on my now, this is key for you not only increase your survivability, but your teammates survivability, and you still packing a pretty dent punch. Your punch is like ad zileans punch (don't knock it until you try it, start off mana regen then go ad to get the best results... for his bombs are a great farming device if you have the mana... he scales like twitch in deadliness... no champ is a better chaser/assassin), just more deadly for you get more than zilean because you’re a slow squishy and he's a fast squishy with revive.

Magic penetration runes... good on any ap champ... well since you’re not build straight ap this is worth it.

mana regen, well that's just there because I don't have a lot of ip and it works, plus if no blue buff it helps a lot (same reason as cooldown reduction... slight shifts in timing (being able to do things) gives one an edge.

Ap per level is useful in a self-explanatory way (other spells besides turrets do scale... plus the idea that +1 damage for turrets seeming small is false... it makes a huge difference.

Currently due to my lack of ip i only have 2 rune pages... 1 custom tailored to most ap champs... thus spell vamp runes... and an ad 1 custom tailored to champs all ad champs in general... mainly twitch though (I don't play alot of ad, and almost never tank) Anyways the point is I’m running spell vamp runes on heimerdinger... those runes actually have a noticeable difference; it comes down to am I worried about not finding a target to steal life from, or am I worried that some 10 health regen and a 2% xp boost isn't enough. Once I got a hextec gunblade for heimerdinger as my final item and soloed barron... I couldn't believe it... (This was without spell vamp runes).

Also due to a lack of ip I lack the ability to test out multiple rune setups, so please do not ask me to tell you other possibilities in terms of runes, for I do not make suggestions without believing in and testing their grounds... aka I won’t say that works or doesn't work if I do not know (I must test it multiple times to know).

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Skill Sequence

If you decide not to get blue buff to start the game then do the skill sequence suggested. IF you decide to get blue buff then do the skill sequence in the exact same way in all aspects but get your stun 3rd and then focus ult, turrets, rockets, and then finally your stun (bomb). If you get blue buff you cna be overly agressive even if they have a junger, for no-one dares fight you on your turrets if they're in their right mid... especially if there's a taric by your side.

Analysis of why turrets
IF you max turrets first they become op early game, sure you may have some missiles and bombs that do damage if you don't do it that way, but you can't push at hard. What this build is trying to get at is being the ultimate pusher, and if you fail at that, you have the powerful turrets to play defense with. Most champs can't kill these turrets early game, and if you keep running out of turrets early-mid game then your don't something wrong in terms of defending them.

As for the more reliable damage output, that i would have to disagree with, for if you’re getting ganked do you want to stun them and place 2 turrets that have SPLASH damage or do you want to try to nuke them off of you, and with the cooldown timer have a high possibility of death? Anyways the 125 health makes a big difference from when you get it on, thus why to go to level 4, and level 5 gives splash damage... so why not kill the opponent faster... don't underestimate the power of splash damage. Also turrets are best to upgrade first because they're not as mana intensive, so unless you have blue buff you should be sticking with the turrets.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and exhaughst so useful... these are my preference spells for any champ for they're good offensively adn defensively with a sensible cooldown timer.

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Creeping / Jungling

I wouldn't suggest jungling, but ever since they nerfed jungle there's some potential there... just heimerdinger is such a slow champ that it wouldn't really be worth it, although he'd be great at ganks for he'd just walk out place 2 turrets, no retreat for the opponent then... stun, missiles, ult --> slowed --> dead.

P.S. I did this relatively recently for I always just got it when i had 2 turrets... didn't expect to get it with 1 turret and auto attacks.

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Ranked Play

I don't play much ranked and I always forget to change my runes back to what I once had them, I notice a difference when it comes to rank in terms of the runes for I'm just barely dying and the opponent is just barely escaping, and with no ap the spell vamp is worthless...

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Team Work

Get yourself a taric, you'll tank me alter... although you can easily solo any lane, although a xerath kog lane is competitively just as broken... and could probably destroy a heimer taric lane. Kog and Xerath = best way to get rid of heimerdinger

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You don't even need to try here, just stay in lane and keep placing turrets for you get uber-farmed and the lane stays pushed.

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Get 2 turrets asap and never place any without both ready unless your running for your life and plan to ult it up to slow the opponent. When you get 2 turrets place them equidistant from the center of the lane so they both have equal range on the incoming minions, don't be afraid to place them just outside of the opponents turrets reach., although about 3 champion distances away from the turrets range would be best so if the opponent has some long range attacks (ex. zilean) then you can go up and harass him off of your turrets, for he won’t be willing to bomb or double bomb a turret if it means taking a missile.

NEVER stack 2 turrets on top of each other, if you think your being smart think again, any aoe will wreck them, it's smart to place the turrets a morgana or brand aoe distance apart... for that radius is the max 1 that does damage in most cases (it's the same radius as the clearly defined xerath ult). If you stack them on top of each other all champs can easily decimate them as well as a support won’t be able to heal them.
Beware of Xerath and more so kog for they can tear your turrets apart, but you can still counter them, especially if there’s someone there to heal your turrets, if vs. an ap kog do not do this build for you will be rendered utterly useless.

If your laning with a support like taric, let the minions engage the tower, place 2 turrets spread out yet again, with your turrets within their firing range of the tower, and when all minions die, taric will have to heal your turrets, and don't be afraid to use your ult to keep them going too... early game people can't really touch you... if you do this properly they won’t stand a chance. After you get blue buff the second time (a the 6 min mark roughly) let taric get it henceforth for he will then be able to do more with it than you will, for you will have the majority of the mana part of your build, and if you go oom... you’re doing something wrong with mana expenditure... for the build is designed to make it hard to go oom as well.

Use your BOMBS (E) to scout bushed for you, it provides an entire line of sight of the bush if you throw it into the bush, and the range is large enough that you shouldn't have to worry about anythign besides a champ with ridiculous range... aka kog, xerath.... any other champ you should be able to jsut walk behind your turrets and they can't reach you.

RARELY run away from your level 5 turrets if jumped, if you do and you don't have any... you are most likely committing suicide, and are better off exchanging blows at your turrets and then running after you stun them if you know you can't survive it, here is where I want you to be cocky until you learn what heimerdinger can and can't take in terms of damage when it comes to this build, for if you stun them while on your turrets you more often than not can kill them.

Don't be impatient, if it is a melee champ they will eventually stand still and attack you, don’t freak out that you are getting attacked, stay calm, wait for them to sand still, and rip them a new 1, for the more they walk around you the less they attack you, and the more your turrets do to them... patience is a virtue.

On a side not I once took down 2 tanks that jumped me, one of which being singed, the other I can't remember. I was solo they jumped me I had no turrets down, I placed 2 turrets I stunned them both for I waited for them to stand still, I hit them with missiles, I ulted and walked in circles, singed poison was worthless against my health regen. I came out of t with half health and 2 more kills under my belt. Do not ever underestimate the power of heimerdingers turrets, always focus his turrets first b if you want to suppress him, and keep track of how many turrets he has on him and their level, for level 5 turrets deal SPLASH damage.

You can BD as Heimerdinger, just walk up to a tower when fuly built even if there is no minion wave, place 2 turrets tank the tower while the turrets do most of the heavy lifting. Then retreat before the enemy comes and ganks you... or if their all attacking your team just keep pushing... they were noob enough to underestimate a heimerdinger without minions. The 30 seconds you have to wait is really just 10 seconds due to the time it took to destroy the tower. So feel free to mvoe onto the next 1.

I find it worthless to sand at a tower and repair it, for your losing xp and gold... the cost benifit analysis says just push.

No-one besides ranged champs such as kog and xerath can push against heimerdinger successfully when fully built and gaurding a turret with 2 turrets of his own. If there or either 2 of these champs you have to rely upon your team to take them out.

If you know you’re going to get stunned, just drop your turrets down... that usually scares the opponent off from attacking you, or at least delays them long enough for the cc to wear off.

Here's my favorite part of heimer, I touched upon it earlier... he doesn’t have to be there to get gold and xp, the same is true of buffs. If you want to safely try your hand at getting buffs as soon as they spawn place 2 level 5 turrets before it spawns in front of where the tiny minions that defend the blue buff golem would be. I more often than not do this, and then walk into lane and have it magically appear upon me, plus it provides turret wards that tell me if the opponent decided they wanted blue buff, and thus map awareness increases.

I haven't thoroughly tested this 1: get in a game with shaco and teemo, shaco's box will scare the opponent so your turret can tear them up, and teemo's shrooms will finish them off in there retreat... at least the shaco turret 1 I know works due to peoples reaction time. (usually the shot from the turret hits them just as they get feared because of its travel time and the shot being hidden in the bush, and by the time they realize what they ran into it's too late, especially if it is ap shaco or ap teemo. A shaco box and a shroom in-between a 2 heimerdinger turrets would be broken especially if heimer stood right on top of the boxes and shrooms.

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This build = your able to push a 1v2 to their tower and break it if you play correctly and luck is on your side (best situation) worst situation is you are just in front of your tower so it won’t hit the minions that attack your turrets and you get farmed while playing it safe... if you get jumped... the turret is just next door and you have a stun after all...

Here the runes, ability sequence, and items are important in the order provided. Do not forget there is a second sequence I suggested under the skill sequence chapter, although that is only if you get blue buff, for you will instantly push them to their tower if you get blue so soon if you harass like mad.

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Authors Note

You don't need to be a nuke, you just need an assasin near you or some cc near you to take care of those that will try to lifesteal you to death... hence taric.

This has now been spellchecked or beautified.... I don't really plan on making it pretty... I just plan on fixing the spelling. AKA enjoy for now... along with the joke that I have typelexia... for we all know someone is gong to say your grammers all wrong instead of trying the build.

Please do not vote on this build until you actually try the build out.