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Janna Build Guide by Cirnots

Support A random Janna

Support A random Janna

Updated on February 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cirnots Build Guide By Cirnots 10,466 Views 10 Comments
10,466 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cirnots Janna Build Guide By Cirnots Updated on February 5, 2013
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This needs editing.

Yeah, new season, this build needs a revamp. Maybe I'll do it someday.
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I'm bored.

So I'm downloading TF2 right now, sooo I'm a bit bored... So to pass the time I'm making this half-baked "guide."

Janna is, while I'm making this guide, my favorite support in general. She should not be used in all situations though. But I still love her. She deserves to be played more.
And yes, this guide is telling you how to play support Janna, not AP or tank or hybrid or anything. Support.
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Skillz 'n stoof.

Howling Gale is Janna's most useful skill, in my opinion. It launches a tornado in the direction you casted it towards, which will go quite a distance, depending on how long you let it build up before releasing it. It will deal a little damage and launch opponents into the air. It can clear creeps for you, stop enemies from chasing, And stop enemies from running. It's a great initiation skill. I level it up at level 2, and max it third so it has a nice low CD.

Zephyr, while it's active, will speed you up and let you move through minions. When casted on the enemy, it'll deal about as much damage as your auto attacks (unless you get AP) and slow that target. may be what I max last, but that doesn't mean it's a bad skill. You can also max it before Howling Gale, but I find that Howling Gale is better to max before it because Zephyr only effects one target. Only use it when you know it'll get you a kill or a lot of damage on the enemy, or if it'll save someone's life. Remember that it slows the enemy more than it speeds you up, but if active, it allows you to move through minions. Don't use it for harassing, it doesn't deal enough damage and it costs mana.

Eye of the Storm gives the player or turret selected (yes, turrets are effected by it) bonus damage and protects them from some damage. I level it first so that either I can easily harass the enemy (that bonus damage early on is cruel), or so my partner can safely farm. Cast it on your partner if they have trouble last hitting or are being harassed, or cast it on yourself to harass or if you're being harassed. Of course cast it on the person in a fight who is being most targetted, unless they're super tanky, which means you want to aim for the player with the highest attack speed. If you are taking down a turret, cast it on the person with the highest attack speed so you get the most out of the damage bonus.

Monsoon is Janna's ultimate, which launches enemies around you away, and slowly heal you and all allies in the circle over time, but it can be turned off mid-cast. This skill is for when you want to go behind the enemy and launch them towards your team, launch enemies away if you have a bad initiation or get attacked, or if you really really need to heal someone (like if you or someone else is Ignited). Be careful to save enough mana to use this, it costs a lot of mana early on.
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When do I play Janna?

I play Janna whenever my team doesn't need a tank, and we have a ranged AD carry who doesn't need constant sustain, and preferably has some fast harass.

"Good" partners

Because Graves I've played with don't really need mana, they can make their attack speed go up quickly with Quickshot which makes Janna's shield damage effective and, whenever he dashes in with Buckshot, she can shield him so he can't be harassed afterwards. Her tornado is also the perfect way of setting up a Buckshot for him. Because of Graves' True Grit, ulting someone towards him won't get him killed, it will get him kills.
She would like if I had a way to give her mana regen, but I can make it so she can harass safely with my shield, and a combination of her tornado, zeph, and her ult makes it easy for Vayne to pin people against the wall with her Condemn. She also can far more safely turret dive if you ult them towards her first.
Corki is a very good partner for Janna. Her shield lets him turret dive well, and it's easy to get an early kill at level 1 or 2, as Corki loves the early damage boost and CC. You'll have to try it to understand what I mean.

"Bad" partners

Getting a Cait as your partner is awful, really. Janna tornadoes them, Cait can't do much other than get an extra shot in. Cait can't chase if you use Zeph because she has no way to dash forward, only backward. If you ulti them towards her, she'll die faster than they will, unless she somehow gets them in a Yordle Snap Trap. If you're paired with a Cait, hope that she knows how to harass with your shield and know how to place her traps well.

"Okay" partners

Sivir is very mana drained, she would prefer Soraka. It isn't too bad of a pair, but I find if I'm with a Sivir we get bullied out of the lane really fast. At least Sivir can chase better than Cait can, and if you get to their turret, Sivir's fast attack speed plus your shield will make the turret go down fast.

Not enough experience with them to know enough to judge

I've laned with a Tristana once, it went well, but we may have gotten lucky. Tristana loves it that she can dive in with Rocket Jump and a shield with bonus attack, and it's hilarious to ult them behind her so she can Buster Shot people into your turret. But is it really a good lane? I dunno.
I've laned only ever with really bad Ashes as Janna. Maybe if I could play with a decent one we could lane well, but um, no luck so far.
Now I've had little experience with him, but it seems to work out pretty well with Janna+Ezreal. One shield on him will allow him to pop into someone and use all his skill shots and stuff without getting hurt back, and it's easy to keep Ezreal safe. But Ezreal is a bit mana drained, pray for early kills. But I had a bad Ezreal and a good Ezreal and they both got fed, so it must be an easy lane, right?... Right?
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Runez 'n Masteriez 'n stoof.

I get so many mana per 5 Runes because you're very mana drained, and you're useless without mana. You can also get mana per 5 per level to help with your late game problems, your call.
Greater Seal of Goldseses are a nice addition for support Janna IMO.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speedeseses are great because you already move so fast, that you just go ZOOM with the Quints! And a Janna that can't be caught and easily land her tornado and Zeph are great Jannas!

I go for a tanky set of Masteries because my Janna build is very squishy, and a dead Janna is a bad Janna.
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Itemz 'n stoof.

Basic items are pretty generic... Faerie Charm for mana and build it into Philosopher's Stone, two Sight Wards to protect from ganks and also to put in the bushes in your lane, and lots of Health Potions to stay in lane foreverrrrr (or at least until you get your Phil's).
When you need to go back or whenever it's convenient, get your Phil's and then later get
Heart of Gold, or if you have the money to buy it completely, get HoG first and then Phil's.
Boots of Swiftness for a support, really? But it's pretty cheap, and it makes you go fast! And as I've said, a Janna that can't be caught and can easily chase is a good Janna! Having to worry about only your team and not yourself is great. Not having to use your mana on protecting yourself is great. Getting to and from lane is great.
Chalice of Harmony is pretty much a core item for Janna, even with all those runes. You will run out of mana, fast. And you need it back. Oh, and it's cheap.
Stark's *cough* I mean Zeke's Herald is a great item for Janna, as it gives CDR and dat aura is great!
When do your
Shurelya's Battlesong, Locket of the Iron Solari, and Athene's Unholy Grail? Whenever you feel you need it and don't need the gold. They both have their own uses, though I honestly think Shurelia's is better for Janna because of the CDR and regen, and it's cheaper, but it's your call.

Oh yeah, and buy wards! Yay wards! <3
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Not finished. Like it ever will be.

I'm lazy. I want to put up videos with demonstrations on how to play Janna, but I ish so lazy. I might add them here... Someday. Yeah.

TF2 is at 99%. 8D

Edit: TF2 is so much fun. XD

Edit edit: Oh hey I edited this while I was bored and waiting for a friend. Enjoy. :V
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