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Twitch Build Guide by smackdatmonkaay

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author smackdatmonkaay

A smart rat is the enemies' worst nightmare

smackdatmonkaay Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this build introduces the concept that a succesful rat does not rely on those expensive hard hitting items like Black Cleaver, Blood Thirster, Phantom dancers or stacking IEs.

However, this build does require some expensive runes and quick fingers for those keybinded items such as SR, QSS and Youmuu's.

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I open up with a Doran's shield for HP regen and some armor. In contrast to opening with a Doran's Blade, the Doran's shield allows you to farm more freely without having you to go back constantly to reheal yourself. Though you do start with 10 less attack damage, a good last hitter shouldn't worry about this minute damage.

boots of speed, philosopher's stone and avarice blade should be your next purchase at around the 10 minute mark. This step gives you extra gold boost as the mid game begins where you have less chance to farm.

BF sword and Cloak of agility paves the way for IE which you SHOULD have by the 20th minute, or else you are either not farming correctly or been feeding too much.

You may choose to finish your boots before IE or right after IE, but Youmuu's ghostblade should be build immediately after IE. Use this item when you activate Pray and Spray. The speed bonus also allows you to adjust your position more easily if your shots are not lining up with your enemy. (you should have this item before the 30th minute)


As your opponent watches you dominating their team, they are now considering to focus on you during a team fight. They might purchase invis purple wards or carrying oracles with them. The next several items are defensive items for you to get out of trouble in those situations. As the game time prolongs, your gold gain should increase exponentially, the next several items should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Hexdrinker is REQUIRED if your enemy is karthus, but nevertheless, I build it to counter magic damage whether it be anivia or veigar, it's a life-saver and offers more to the arsenal than a Guardian Angel.

Shurelya's gives your team a chance to escape or chasing down an enemy. It also gives you HP, CDR and HP + Mana regen. Treat it as a ghost every 60secs.

Finally a QSS is the key to a stun like an Ashe's arrow to the face or Tryndamere's extreme slow from mocking shout. Make space for this item by getting rid of Doran's.

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How to play

Nothing much to say about the skill sequence. Pretty common for AD twitch, stealth first, expunge second and slow third.

Though I do want to mention that try not to activate Pray and Spray unless you see the right moment such as 2 or more opponents clustered closely together or 2 or more opponents in a straight/diagonal line with close proximity.

Because once you pressed R (or whichever button your ult is), you are un-stealthed immediately and this becomes vital for your rat's survival.

When to Unstealth? This is critical for winning a team fight. Watch for burst characters. DO NOT unstealth until your opponent's AP/AD carry is attacking someone. When they are not attacking, that means they are keeping an eye on you for you to appear!

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust for their carry or someone who is chasing you down (such as trynd)

Flash for that "oh sh!t" moment

NO NEED for ghost since you already have two of them.

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One amazing thing about this build is its cost.

13k is approximately how much it is to have this full build.


If a build requires 20k then that means the game is been dragging on way too long.

Why spend an hour just to clinch a nail-bitin' win when you can end it in merely 35?