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Talon Build Guide by zombie on roids

A true anti carry

A true anti carry

Updated on January 20, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author zombie on roids Build Guide By zombie on roids 3,664 Views 0 Comments
3,664 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author zombie on roids Talon Build Guide By zombie on roids Updated on January 20, 2012
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This is how i play talon in blind, ranked, etc... it's different build that maximizes damage without sacrificing survivability. It will work against most team compositions. Do remember adjustments are key to winning any game. So, always keep that in mind. As for talon he is one of the best characters in the game he is one of the few assassins that actually feels like an assassin. His burst is awesome. This build provides some survivability, but good talon players rely on positioning to survive. Any talon can get kills. It's the not dying that makes you good or bad.
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Pro's and Con's of the Blades Shadow.

Burst damage
feels like a cool assassin
lots of blades
lots of kills
isn't played a lot outside of high elo

requires skill and practice.
mana problems early game
will be focused if not played correctly
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My rune page is different in that since that I build it around early game. Early kills for talon often mean GG. The armor Greater Seal of Armor and magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist help you against anyone in lane will give you an edge on anyone. some people prefer scaling runes, which is also except able. I like going for first blood though. Others prefer mana regen seals. If you play smarter mana masteries will suffice. The armor pen reds Greater Mark of Desolation are pretty self explanatory on any AD character. They negate early armor give you the early punch. Health regen quints Greater Quintessence of Vigor are the best in my opinion, but a lot of arguments could be made in favor of almost any other quints such as armor pen, AD, or flat health.
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This my personal setup for talon. It gives him mobility, accounts for some of his mana problems, amplifies his damage, and helps with pushing down towers. As to why I take what I take.

In the offense tree I take improved offense summoner spells because I recommend taking ghost and exhaust or ghost and ignite as my summoner spells. With any physical damage dealer the three points in AD is recommended. I then take the attack speed points for the incresed armor pen. Some people take the CDR, but then you don't get the armor pen. So, there really isn't a win/win situation because talon can't utilize Attack speed or magic pen very well. The percentage damage increase is helpful and it adds to your abilities that increase percentage damage (cutthroat and mercy)for up to 28% increased damage. I then take ten bonus damage to towers for help pushing later in the game so that I can get to three points in life steal and the extra six armor pen.

The utility tree is actually very resourceful for talon. In my build I like to take the mana per level to get the mana regen and one point in reduced time spent dead. I then spend my extra four points in move speed because I emphasize mobility in talon for better positioning as well as chase and getaway. A different thought would actually be to invest quite a bit in this tree for CDR. Talon is very dependent on his abilities. He can benefit a lot from this tree. I just prefer to maximize burst damage and mobility.
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Items are the most important part of any characters late game performance. For Talon this is just as true as for any other champion.

I take a Doran's blade to start the game. I like first blood. This is item to go for it with. the life steal is unnoticeable but it is a plus. The health and damage are what make it a good first blood item. It maximizes stats for your starting gold.

The sooner anyone gets boots the better. On talon I like my boots of swiftness. Main reason being lane control. If I'm faster than my opponent I can overextend and have more of a chance to get away. If I dive someone I can catch them when they run because I'm faster. If they dive me I can giggle as they fail because im faster. If I see the mid lane overextended. I can get there faster for a gank. I like these boots. Other arguments vote for CDR boots or merc treads. I don't like the merc treads because if you get CC'd as Talon you will probably die or fail at getting your kill. It's kinda like prepaing for something that shouldn't happen in the first place. The MR is helpful, but my goal is to kill them before they kill me. If you play like i do, you really won't get CC'd much simply because they won't live long enough to do so. CDR boots could be used but that would require a different completely different build. I've seen it before. You would have to sub in a brulaizer that would later be changed into a yomumu's ghostblade. that would probably take the place of your atma's. It's very doable, but it takes away from other things that I like to have.

The bloodthirster is the damage king and will remain so until Riot develop's an AD caster item. I honestly think this one works just fine. One of these bad boys and NBK (nothing but kills). If you don't have a bloodthirster somewhere in an AD focus build you might put one in there because it gives up to 100 AD which is a nice boost.

At this point in the game you should be looking for surrender votes. If you don't see them, they have a reason nobody is surrendering. This means it's time to build some D. I like to get a chained vest and a negatron cloak if nobody on the other team looks fed. If someone is owning your teammates obviously prioritize some defense against them. If everything is going well, by getting both you build a general defense and some deceptive tankiness for the mid to early-late game. I like to finish atma's first for some more AD and a little armor. Then I like to get a force of nature for more move speed and an abundance of MR.

If the game is still ongoing the final parts of my build include the frozen mallet and then a situational item to replace the doran's blade. The mallet synergizes with your passive and atma's as well as gives you better chase and a lot of survivability. As far as replacing your doran's blade, there are a number of options. Another blood thirster, a last whisperer, tri force, warmogs, thornmail, banshee's veil. It is completely situational.
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Skill Sequence

Talon's skills work together very well. It is important to have all of them as soon as possible. At level one I take his W rake. It's got AoE some range and decent damage. It's a decent harass and late game farming tool. At level two I take cutthroat, but I max it last. It's a silence and gap closer. It also increases percent damage to the target. At three take Noxian Diplomacy. It is a great damage ability as well as applies vision and DoT to that target. Obviously take a point in his ult whenever possible.

Max order is personal choice. If you want to focus on single target damage, I'd max Q first. If you want AoE damage, max W first. My personal choice is to take on point back and forth on Q and W until they both max.
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Summoner Spells

Please do not down vote me because I don't like flash. It is a great summoner spell. I think 40-50% of the people I see in solo que run flash ignite on any champion. If you want it put the point in reduced time spent dead to improve it and run it with exhaust or ignite. But, the ghost vs flash debate is nothing more than personal opinion.

Ignite and exhaust are both great spells for talon. Exhaust is my preference because of Talon's passive. Also, the improved exhaust lowers armor and MR which further amplifies damage.

As far as any other spells. I don't think any of them fit what talon needs, but if it works or you let me know I certainly can't argue with success.
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Playing Talon

Understanding what talon is is the key to playing him. He is an assassin. In LOL terms assassin means anti-carry. One mistake Talon players make is thinking it is their job is to carry or to ks the carry. This is completely wrong. I've also heard some talk about roaming. I don't like that because a good enemy team will call mia and ward and you will be violently killed because you were alone. I may be wrong but I don't see any success in that unless you have a good team and it's part of the strategy.

As far as farming and such last hitting is always nice. I like to play aggressively in lane. Harrass and kill your enemy. A fed talon is the best kind.

Team fighting is where the term assassin kicks in. Your job is to wait for your tanks to initiate and then select and kill an enemy carry, without dying. A good talon finishes with a bunch of kills and assist and no deaths. Get in kill get out wait for cool downs and repeat. Also smart AD carries do not chases stragglers. that is one of your responsibilities as an assassin. Why because when your stuff comes off Cool down guess what usually happens. people are running away is the correct answer. If I get out of a teamfight i typically run away in the direction the enemy stragglers will be running. By cleaning up these people you can often cause a massive push that will end the game or put your team in position to do so.

Knowing who to kill is the most important part of talon in a teamfight. When all heck breaks loose you have to slip in and find the most dangerous player on the enemy team. Say you have two potential targets. your master yi has put a sona at half health who flashed away and is trying to run meanwhile the enemy leblanc with full health has just hit your brand with sigil of silence and will likely kill your brand in the next two seconds. The choice should obviously be leblanc. If you know why I'm sorry if you feel like I insulted your intelligence. If you don't i will explain it to you. The enemy Sona has no damage output and is running. She is as threatening as hello kitty. Meanwhile Leblanc is about to own half your team. By leading with cutthroat you may save brand with the silence. If you hit her with exhaust and your full combo she will likely die or run away with no intention of looking back. You may or may not get the kill but you saved an important member of your team, and took an important member of their team out of the fight. Another thing to note is your job is not to ks the carry. If master yi is cutting down their AD carry there is no reason to take the kill. Talon has the burst to knock people down at full health, so you shouldn't be ks'ing a lot. At the same time Talon's AoE damage may cause it on accident sometimes :)

Looking at other builds something you see on my build is the emphasis on being faster than everyone else. I have a lot of move speed because as i like to say speed kills. The ability to outrun everyone else on the field is something that is one of the most advantageous things you can have. It is because it makes your mistakes more forgivable and your opponents mistakes less forgivable. With most people still on level one boots, your combined masteries with level three boots will give you a ridiculous positioning advantage early game.
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Final Remarks

I hope you enjoyed reading my Talon guide. I wish you luck on the fields of justice. This was my first guide. Any constructive criticism will be appreciated. Please do not insult me though is all i ask. I will be trying to put in some pictures and such, but like I said, I'm new to this.

Thank you for reading :)

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