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Ivern Build Guide by CaptnRoss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CaptnRoss

A viable Support, Ivern

CaptnRoss Last updated on October 11, 2016
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Hey guys,
Dreamy Fool here with a new guide for a new champion. I'm currently in plat on the Oce server and I main support. I enjoy talking about my feelings, smokin doobs and playing off meta champions.

If you look at my win rate with Ivern it's like 14% and I'm totally fine with that. I'm mainly writing this guide to try and show case his potential. A lot of the early games was me just yolo'ing it and testing him out. However, in the games that I preformed well in Ivern really shined.

So if you can, bare with me as I try and make a valid argument for support Ivern.

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Pros / Cons

Utility king
After lvl 5 will always have a jungle buff available.
able to clear enemy jungle/ control scuttle crab
Brush is amazing for laning an besieging
Has a root, shield and proxy aoe knockup

Low damage mid game
Can fall behind easy
Team depended
The brush that you create can back fire
low mobility if caught out

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Once in a blue moon Riot releases a champion that not only has a range of interesting abilities but the personality of the champion makes me want to be a better person. Braum was the first example of this (what a great guy).

Ivern is a support for all seasons that provides a team with a teams worth of utility (in the same respect that Naut provides a team with a teams worth of CC). All his abilities are focused on giving your team both situational and terrain advantages with his Q and his W. He can single handily net your team a win during a team fight due to his ability to both be a front liner and a peeler at the same time. However, from my playing of him he does have a higher skill cap then most supports as his role in lane/jungle/team fights can be unclear. So with out any further ado, let's bust this nut wide open.

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Ivern's passive, Friend of the forest, allows Ivern to jungle without smite, or runes, or masteries. The draw card is that he cannot damage jungle monsters so leashing or doing a camp lvl one with your ADC isn't the best option. The cost ofr Friend of the Forrest is a portion of your health and mana. This ability while underused in lane still provides you with a significant advantage over other supports. The advantage lies with the ability to get a free buff from either the red or blue camps. This can give you lane dominance if you use the buff in the right way.

Rootcaller is Ivern's Q which allows you to root a single target for up to 2 seconds while at the same time provides your whole team with a dash into AA range onto that target. This is a great ability for picks but can work to your disadvantage if you bait a melee range champion into accidentally diving into a 5 man team. Root caller can also be used as an escape as you are able to use it on jungle creeps and dash to them without aggro'ing them. It also has a great interaction with his ult Daisy...

Brush maker is by far the hardest ability of his to use effectively. Basically it creates brush that works like any other brush except it doesn't appear on the enemies mini map. This abilities passive also grants Ivern some range and bonus magic damage on his AA's that lasts for 3 seconds once he leaves the Brush. This ability also provides all champions that have a special interactions with the brush to trigger (Teemo's stealth, caits head-shot, Rango's jump). However, keep in mind that the sword cuts both ways. Enemies can also use the brush in the same way so if you accidentally give you laning opponents the advantage by giving them the brush you are in trouble.

Triggerseed is Iverns bread and butter. It's basically a sion shield that you can place on a ally (or daisy) that scales from ability power rather then health. Once this shield 'pops' it does aoe damage and 70% slow at all ranks. This ability can be used to peel enemies and clear wave and is his main source of survival and damage. What makes Triggerseed particularly strong is it's relatively low CD.

Ivern's ultimate ability and arguable the cutest ultimate in the game. Ivern summons his long time friend and companion Daisy as a controllable minion that has the passive flower power causing the third strike on a target to cause a shock wave, knocking up all in its path. Daisy is what makes Ivern great at peeling, teamfighting and all ins. During the first initial summon Daisy has a 25% MS buff that allows her to stick to a target. On top of this, if you land Rootcaller on a enemy champion Daisy dash' to that champion and starts AA'ing. You can also cast Triggerseed on Daisy giving her added health and a AOE damage and slow. This allows for either Ivern to be a front-liner while Daisy peels or vis versa. Additionally if daisy is out of combat for more than 5 seconds she regens her health back.

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Let's start with mastries. Ivern is utility based and as such gains the most (imo) from the utility tree. This is all pretty much straight forward but the main selling points is the intelligence mastery and wind-speakers blessing. First of CD is one (if not THE) most important stat that he can build and by having an extra 5% on top of runes allows him to be more useful more often.

Now, I would love for some people to correct me and show me their logic when it comes to key stone mastries because there are many arguments as to the key stone he should use. I settled for wind-speakers Blessing as is buffs his shield which as stated, is his bread and butter.

Thunderlords is also an option but constantly trying to proc it can be dangerous as in the early game he can be squishy.

Mastries are as followed:

Greater mark of Hybrid penetration
While Ivern isn't the most pokie champion in the word thanks to his Brush passive he is able to get some damage off, both psychical and magic. Penetration gives Ivern some more presence in lane as he is able to dart in and out of 'cover' slowly wittering down your opponents.

I won't bother going into extreme detail as to the rest of his runes as I build Ivern as a utility tank. He needs health, he needs resistance and he needs CDR that is all. I'm sure a more damaging focused build would have AP runes sprinkled throughout the page.

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As I just said, 3 lines ago, I build Ivern as a utility tank. I've found that once you get to mid game you actually start to become really tanky as he has a high base health. Realizing this, the best items that sync with support Ivern are those that have an active and provide some defensive stats.

First, some of you might be wondering,'why relic shield first'. Well, firstly I flip flop between relic and talisman but I've had the most positive results with relic shield. Both have uses, but only one provides the health that you want. And since you will be wanted a lot of activated items then ruby sight-stone is a must.

After that (depending on the team) you will want locket. Even if you're team is vs'ing an AD heavy team there is still a spot of locket to provide just that extra bit of artificial health. (just build it later if you were to build it).

(All these items are also giving you CDR at the same time so to reach your CDR cap)
The final part of the 'core buid' is Zeke's Harbinger. This gives Ivern some much needed armor and AP at the same time maxing you CDR cap and giving an 'aura' to the champion of your choice. Zeke's works well with Ivern as he is always moving and always casting spells.

After you reach you complete you core then you can choose whatever item you want! I prefer Rylyai's for the health and the addition peel that can be achieved. (I might be wrong about this but I believe that Daisy's AA proc Rylai's passive).

And if we are talking about what elixir to get, get the Iron elixir. My reasoning is this...He becomes an even bigger flipping tree that skips into battle...also gives him more health and the trail thing (which is useful I guess)

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Skill Sequence

It was a toss up between maxing Q and Maxing E. I feel that having a stronger shield over a longer root duration is preferable as rank 1 Q still provides the dash ability which is what it's mainly used for during laning phase.

After E then proceed to max Q as the root duration and damage is (imo) better then having an incrase of magic damage on your AA's and CD on your Brush.

I put one point in W at lvl two just to start trading and creating opportunities for allied junglers to gank.

Max R when ever you can.

Note: Once you hit 5 always be on the look out for that extra buff or (if you are red side), Help them take it so you both rock to lane with a red buff.

Also Ivern is deceptively good at lvl 6 all in engagements. just land Q summon Daisy and rotate you shield and Brush abilities while Daisy locks them down.

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I'm not going to lie, I'm not the best with Ivern and my in game stats reflect this. But I feel there is so much potential for him to be a great support.

It's also important to remember that you can get to any rank you want using any champion you just need to enjoy find enjoyment in what you do. That way climbing ladder isn't so much of a grind anymore.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this 'guide'(even though I feel it's more of a discussion), and I hope that if you have any ideas that counter my own let me know! He's a new champ and getting perceptive from others is the best way to learn.

If you love your work then it's not work - Me, just now.