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League of Legends Build Guide Author ToxicG

Aatrox is a Beast

ToxicG Last updated on July 6, 2013
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Red (marks)-armor penetration
Blue (glyphs)-magic resist per lvl ( scaling)
Yellow (seals)-armor (flat armor not scaling)
Purple (quintesses)- life steal

Those gives me the opportunity of using blood price without taking the regret of being low or dying. They also give me a better heal with blood thirst.

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I do 23/7/0. In offense I max fury,summoner's wrath,sorcery,butcher,deadliness,weapon expertise,destruction,brute force, sunder,and executioner.

In defense I only max perseverance, and durability.

These masteries helps add more damage to help me get minion kills and kill turret faster and they also add a little sustain they also give me more damage.

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For items I use to very different builds depending on team and opponents also how the game is going.
For my first build if I am the main damage dealer on team or if they have a lot of tanks I use this build in this order, blade of the ruined king, ravenous hydra, blood thirster, black cleaver, and debatable between phantom dancers, last whisper, and berserker greaves.

If I am getting killed a lot or need more sustain I use blade of the ruined king, ravenous hydra, bloodthirster, frozen mallet debatable between warmogs, phantom dancers or warmogs and spirit visage.

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Skill Sequence and Spells

Take 1 point in blood price and blood thirst first farm minions and you can trade attacks with opponent with blood price and heal with blood thirst at lvl 2 I take a point in dark flight as a gap closer or engage then at lvl 3 i take a point in blades of torment for the slow. Max blood thirst and price at lvl 9 blades of torment at 13 massacre at 16 and dark flight at 18. Use massacre as a steroid to get enemies that are running with the extra range or the attack speed for more damage with blood price or heals with blood thirst or just for the damage when it's first activated, when you first activate massacre do it when your in the middle of enemies to hit more enemies with it.

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Pros / Cons

Aatrox has blood well which allow him to heal when he has taken fatal damage.
Dark flight can be used as an escape tool and so can blades of torment which makes him good at escaping.

Aatrox's passive and dark flight has a fairly long cooldown.

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Creeping / Jungling

When jungling start with 5 health pots and hunters machete still start with blood thirst and price start at red buff then move to wraths then wolves or golems by lvl 2 get dark flight and gank bot then get golems and wolves recall get vampiric secpter and health pots then ask someone do they want blue buff then gank mid then top then get wolves golems the gank bot ( recall somewhere in that sequence)by then landing phase is overdo stop jungling and participate in fights get kills and push turrets.


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