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Aatrox Build Guide by lieutenant squbbles

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lieutenant squbbles

AAtrox. The right blade build. Mid and top

lieutenant squbbles Last updated on October 29, 2014
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The right blade build

Aatrox Build

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The benefits of the right blade build.

With this build you will be the most dominate champion on the map. +16 movement speed, +295 attack damage, +30 life steal, +90 attack speed, +35% reduction of the duration of stuns etc.., +20 cdr, +20 crit chance, +15 health regeneration, +200 health, +45 armor pen. You get alot from the build. I chose the spells teleport and cleanse because you don't need flash, you have your Q. So when you farm enough you can go B and teleport right back with a blood thirster like you never left your lane. cleanse because u are a mass healer, all mass healers require cleanse. dr mundo even said so. also it will stop people who ignite you. If you notice I have no boots. Boots are the biggest waste of money in the game, i mean, if you area women. then buy yur shoes. this build gives you +16 movement speed, you run at 400.

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Skill Sequence

Start off with your E. You want to max that out first and poke as much as possible with it during the lane phase. Max out your W next. Then your Q. I find that maxing out the E first is most beneficial because it puts a stop to people who think they counter you. Like Teemo, Pantheon and Jax. Also it allows you to farm faster.

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Start out with a dorans blade or long sword. your choice. i dont care. Get enough money to go B for wards, cuz thats what smart people do. Teleport back. Place wards. rush a BF sword. Turn it into a blood thirster. Next, get the zephyr. This is a effective item for aatrox. I like to get a static shiv right after. reason why? **** you. thats why. If you notice more team fights going on at this point in game, get a hydra instead of a shiv. Then get the shiv. After that I get the black clever. Other beautiful item for aatrox. Now at this point in the game you can decide on a last whisper or ruined king.

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For your runes. all attack damage. round these parts we call that first blood runes. dont be a *****. get first blood.

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what ever you want. i have 29 on attack. so yea.