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Lissandra Build Guide by Vector Squad

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vector Squad

Absolute Zero AP Support Lissandra

Vector Squad Last updated on August 7, 2013
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I'm a League of Legends Player from the Philippines. I am currently on Gold Division. And it is just now that I've tried playing Lissandra support. She's like Zyra/Amumu/Nunu molded in one champ.

Support Lissandra is an unconventional support but it actually works against hook supports bot lane (Blitz, Thresh, Nautilus). Pair her up with Ranged carries that have crowd control abilities as well, when you hit Level 6, she guarantees a sure kill to your carry.

Ult on AD Carry, ADR autoattacks and follows up with another CC ability.

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Pros / Cons


1. Free skill every 18 seconds (Nunu-like passive)
2. Short-ranged skills? Don't go near, silly. Just us Q on minions right where the enemy ADC is hiding.
3. Level 6? E > W > R and EXHAUST the guy. You got yourselves a kill.
4. CC machine lategame. Free disable for enemy carries (Yi, Katarina, Khazix, divers)
5. Support that has a gap closer/escape tool
7. Doesn't need AP items, base damage of skills are quite high and very spammable during teamfights.


1. Needs her ultimate up for a sure kill
2. Squishy early game
3. Very Item-dependent
4. No sustain
5. Teammates will think you're trolling. Prove them wrong!

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Skill Sequence

Max W first since we'd like to lower the cooldown on it. Ring Of Frost is also like Amumu's Ultimate but spammable. When you go tank build, you can go dive, and root the hell out of the enemy team. Always Cast R on fed AP/AD Assassins (Master Yi, Katarina, Khazix, Zed, Talon etc.).

Your Ranged Carry under attack by enemy jungler? Use W and let your carry escape.... You're left behind? Use your E. Both of you are saved.

She absolutely feels like a Zyra 2.0.

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Always rush Philosopher's stone to increase gold income till late game. :)
Rush Sightstone too. You're a support, provide vision for your team. You don't need AP to
deal damage. You aren't a carry, your role in teamfights is to disable threats to your team. Root anyone who goes near your carry.

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I had someone try it at Platinum Division and it is also viable. Give it a shot.