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League of Legends Build Guide Author ClassicFrog

Actually Winning With Cassiopeia

ClassicFrog Last updated on December 23, 2010
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Cass is not a nuker, she does not do 1 on 1. In order to win with Cass you need to master the art of being on the outside of the fight. Right at the edge of your range and outside the range of your enemies. If you try to play Cass like any other AP character you will most likely die... a lot.

A well played Cass will be hated by whoever you are laning against. They will be shut down from farming at all since going near your mobs mean they will be poisoned. You will control your lane, try not to be middle as you will work best with a team mate always. As a defender you can keep 3 or more people from pushing a tower by absolutely wiping out all mobs before they get to the tower. so unless someone on their team can tower dive they wont be able to come close to it. Just play smart and stay behind the tower throwing poisons in front of it. if you are the only one defending then do not get lured forward and you will be a brick wall to their progression.

It is imperative you understand how squishy you are. if you even think the enemies are looking at you, you need to turn and run. you cant be a hero. you have no escape or shield mechanism. Your ultimate must be reserved for escaping. it doesn't do much damage and only stuns for a few seconds. When you get more used to how it works and when to use it you can try and use it more situationally but at first keep it in your back pocket for a moment when you are trying to get away.

For summoner abilities i always use clarity and flash. Clarity is vital early game because of the high cost of your spells and poor early regen. flash, again, is another way to get out fast.

Lets talk item progression. You want to start off with a Meki Pendant and maybe a health potion. then the moment you get about 625 go back for Tear of the goddess. You could wait till you have enough for boots but you are going to want to get that mp regen as soon as possible. next get mejai's then go back for Archangel's. Then just follow the build order getting pieces as you can afford them.

The most important part of this build is the skill progression. Do not let other people try to tell you different, Twin Fang isatrap. It is a death sentence for you to try to use this early in the game when you goal will be to stay away from other champs and poison from a distance. It scales horribly with ap and so is pretty useless late game too but we take it just cause there is nothing else to spend level ups on. Try to use Noxious Blast first then follow with a Miasma as the first spell will knock 10% off the second. do not worry too much about your passive, just know your spells get cheaper the more you use in succession so late game feel free to spam noxious blast as much as possible, you wont run out of mp.

When played correctly expect to get a ton of assists. You will start getting more kills late game when your Noxious Blast are doing 500+ damage and your involved in big team fights. For that reason go in trying assist, try to slow the enemy and whittle them down with poisons or stun them to save a fleeing friend or intercept a running enemy do it.

My games after i started this strategy usually land me somewhere around 10/4/15 when my team is halfway decent.

This build is a lot of fun and can be very rewarding if you don't mind getting assists instead of kills.