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Build Guide by Nihilo Abandon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nihilo Abandon

AD/AS Carry Vayne

Nihilo Abandon Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Vayne is a ranged assassin/carry with minor stealth abilities, mediocre escape, with the following attributes that give her her strengths:

* Movement speed increase from passive
* True damage on every third attack
* An ability to escape thanks to tumble and condemn
* An ult that increases movement speed, damage, and allow stealth for 1.5 seconds during every tumble.

This guide seeks out to focus on her strengths, and the item build is designed to keep in mind the fact she scales with AD, needs attack speed increases, is designed to chase escaping prey, and is extremely fragile when focused.

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Movement speed quints are nice early game and give a slight edge in harassing, and against certain foes such as Karthus, you'll be glad that you have them.

Armor pen marks are standard to every ranged AD carry.

Attack speed seals help land that third hit with your silver arrows.

Cooldowns are simply nice to have, mainly for Q and your R.

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Philospher's stone is nice to have until sometime mid/late game where it has outrun its use, and you can eventually sell it to help build your frozen hammer or bloodthirster.

The reason wit's end is rushed after boots and philo stone is because it provides attack speed, a little bit of magic damage, and a whopping 50 MR at full stacks. Extra damage + attack speed + survivability is great. This item is just ridiculous. Early/mid game this item just rocks, allowing you to survive greatly against burst mages AND deal magic damage, and more than madreds BR will (at least until later). I don't see the point to get a Sword of the Divine instead of this as your first item; the magic damage applies on EVERY hit, AND you get 50 MR. **** yeah.

Black Cleaver will give your Q a little more punch, give you more attack speed, and deal more damage on your autoattacks.

Frozen Hammer will give you more survivability AND let you have an easier time chasing people down, in addition to a minor attack damage buff. This is basically the replacement for Zeal/PD or Trinity Force -- the added survivability coupled with the fact that FH can allow you to pick on someone and make it easier for your teammates to get it on a kill, or to deny someone a better position behind their tank, makes FH seem, to me, a more obvious choice.

Bloodthirster is always great for the late-game when your making those final pushes against their nexus. I never understood why people rushed this item: to me, it's basically meant to be built once your team begins to push back against huge minion waves once your/their towers are down.

Infinity Edge is the final item, but I usually don't get to build it. You can replace it with whatever you see fit, such as Madreds BR or even the somewhat overrated Trinity Force.

While Trinity Force works on Vayne, it doesn't really let her do anything AMAZINGLY well, just everything a little bit better. I may change my mind on this, as the movement speed increase might seal the deal on it, but so far, I think Frozen Hammer covers that. Better to slow your enemy down and catch up to them, than to be able to run faster -- as they can always run into a position favorable to them if they're not slowed by attacks.

You might also want to build Philospher's Stone into the new item with tenacity -- however, that item isn't amazing and does not provide 5 gold ever 10 seconds, and seems underpowered to me. Your call, however.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost are typical summoner spells for ranged carries -- however, exhaust and ignite are also viable. As you have a stun (albeit an unreliable one) exhaust does not seem necessary, and your stealth really DOES NOT give you total control in approaching someone who has overextended. Teleport is also a summoner spell you may want to choose -- if you happen to solo a lane then it is required, though, Vayne works best laning with a strong lane partner such as Alistar.

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Team Work

Vayne can mid quite decently, but most people overestimate her power there, and as she hasn't even been out a week, that will work to your advantage. However, if you happen to run up against someone like Teemo, just switch lanes. One recent game Teemo was smart and went mid, leveled up his blinding dart, and I just immediately asked Kat if she wanted to switch. Rammus called me a nub when me and kat switched lanes. I went 14/2 or some other ******** that game.

If the other team has a ranged carry, such as Caitlyn, Ashe, Corki, or Tristana, you MIGHT get owned there. Other ranged carries, such as the unfortunately underpowered Kog'Maw, you will destroy. If you follow my runes, then you'll find you will have an easier chance against some of them, however.

I recommend letting someone else mid -- you dominate more in lane with a partner.

Apparently, Vayne can jungle according to a few stonewall videos, but I don't see the point. She's just too good in lane to waste your time jungling -- let someone like Nocturne, Amumu, or who else jungle, instead.

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Skill Sequence

Vayne's Q is good, but DO NOT underestimate her "W". " W" is your primary damage dealer from early/mid game to late game, and once you have attack speed ramped up, W is far, far better than your Q.

Her E is quite good, but her primary problem is that her ult's stealth is a punisher, not an initiator: your opponent has to be careless for you to use it. The 1.5 seconds of steath is usually not enough to sneak into position to stun, unless your opponent is overconfident or whatnot.

Be careful using Q. It's like Nidalee's pounce, except less buggy since you can't jump through walls. But it is still a little buggy.

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Once you have Wit's End and Black Cleaver, your farming is actually decent. Just focus on minions that aren't targeted by your team's minion wave (unless you don't want to push).