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Talon Build Guide by NocturneFTW!!!

AD burst King

By NocturneFTW!!! | Updated on August 24, 2011

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Talon is one of the best AD burst in the Game. He is great at bursting any carry down, but will have trouble killing tanks and staying in lane. I prefer laning Talon with a support on your side. The heal from your support will make sure you can stay in lane longer and outfarm your enemy. Talon is all about getting in and out of fights at the right time.
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I take AD carry runes. I get armor pen quints and marks, flat armor seals, and attack speed glyphs or magiv resist per level glyphs. The armor pen marks and quints will allow you to kill most carries easily without a problem. The armor seals will gain you more sustain in lane. And magic resist for team fights and attack speed for farming. Trinty force is good item for talon cause it is a well rounded item for Talon.
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I always prefer doran's blade than shield b/c the 10+ dmg and the life was, in my opinion, better than the shield. Mercury Treads would also be an option depending on the enemy team. If the enemy team is heavy in cc, I recommend that you get mercury treads instead of beserker greaves. Sheen will give you more dmg at harrassing and a bf sword will let you farm better like ad carries. I like gettin bloodthirster early for talon due to his incapability to sustain in lane without getting dmg. Which will constantly make you recall. Trinity force is good well-rounded item that is really good for Talon. Then I get a frozen mallet. Frozen mallet will proc your passive therefore increasing your basic dmg. I get youmu's ghostblade last to increase your dmg output and is a godo item to get in and out of battles.
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Skill Sequence

I master rake first because rake is your best move at harassing ur enemy. The best time to rake against an enemy is when they walked in to range. This will ensure that you land both times on the enemy. To maximize the dmg with rake, stand right behind the enemy. This will allow all 3 blades to hit ur enemy and increase the dmg. I get cutthroat next because of the damage amplification on ur target. Using rake and cutthroat will aplify ur dmg by a whole lot and make sure you do the most dmg you can do to ur enemy. I put 1 on noxian diplomacy on lvl 3 and get it last because you need the skill to reset ur attack timer. And get ult when ever its avalible.
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Pros / Cons

-Really good at bursting down carries
-Generally fun champion to play
-Good at farming due to RAke
-Can be easily countered with armor.
-He is worth 6300 which is expansive
-Hard to time jumping in and out of teamfights.
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Talon is a really good killer of carries, somewhat like Irelia. He is one of the best assassin I seen in the game. Talon is well balanced champ and anyone who calls him op is a dumass:)
League of Legends Build Guide Author NocturneFTW!!!
NocturneFTW!!! Talon Guide

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AD burst King
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