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Ashe Build Guide by Axemasta

AD Domination With Ashe

AD Domination With Ashe

Updated on April 14, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Axemasta Build Guide By Axemasta 2,460 Views 0 Comments
2,460 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Axemasta Ashe Build Guide By Axemasta Updated on April 14, 2012
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Introduction to Ashe

Ashe is a versatile champion who can easily adapt to multiple roles, whether its supporting an AD carry, building AP for crushing skill shot ultimates or in this build, building devastating attack damage that cripples even the tankiest of foes.

However because ashe does alot of damage (or can do with the correct items) she is mildy squishy and can be easily shut down early game if the enemy jungler / lane decides to focus her.
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For my rune setup I prefer to run a more aggressive page especially for ashe. If she can secure early game kills and get fed she will carry the game hard, and we are talking very hard (thats what she said). For my marks and seals I have balanced them out into critical hit chance and damage, these combine well with her passive and you can really get an edge especially in lane if you are landing more critical hits, forcing your opponent(s) to stay away from you. For my glyphs I take 5 mana glyphs so that she has an extra 50 mana early game and can spend more time harassing with slowing q arrows, and then some extra attack speed to add to her deadliness. I haven;t added too much attack speed because when she gets her phantom dancer she is as rapid as a machine-gun anyway so adding to that would be wasting rune space, this just helps harass/kill early game. And finally for the Quintessences' I have added 2 attack speed runes as these will really boost her early attack speed making her alot more deadly, and finally a small amount of armour and magic penetration, but really when you get your last whisper you are sorted for armour penetration so this slot can be swapped for something more aggressive if you would like.
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These are quite standard masteries, offensive for obvious reasons (you are the ad carry afterall) and then one point in utility to reduce the cooldown on flash, saving your life! and then some simple defence to reduce squishiness. Not really alot to cover here.
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Ok here we go, the good stuff. Alot of builds on ashe start with a dorans blade, but if you want to lose (especially in ranked) boots and 3 health pots are a must. If your team goes to counter-jungle or chase the boots give such an edge on the chase, especially because most people don't start boots. Now once you've saved up some coin its time to invest in a dorans blade and if your lane is struggling I wouldn't hesitate to buy a second one as they will come in handy. Now its time to get your tier 2 boots, berserkers greaves are the obvious choice, you can switch to something like merc treads if your getting heavy damage but I don't suggest it, you need the attack speed so get these boots. Now buy a dagger and a vampiric scepter. Now its time to start dealing serious damage, so get savin for an infinity edge. Once you have slaved over farm to get your infinity edge go for a zeal and then phantom dancer (the dagger earlier will help reduce the cost), now you should start to be tearing the enemy team. Now its time to get a bloodthirster, now I suggest taking time away from teamfights and getting the 40 stacks from minion waves as the added attack damage and lifesteal is crucial. By now you should be dealing tons of damage and you could backdoor the enemy base easily, but you'd probably get jumped by multiple enemies so I would get a Guardian Angel so that you are that little bit safer when in enemy territory, it also means your even more use in a teamfight. Finally build a last whisper to slice through the enemy armour, if the enemy isn't building armour and your a good skillshotter, get a rabbadons deathcap so your ultimate can deal TONS of damage (this is more for fun if your very far ahead).
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Skill Sequence

Easy this, max w first as its your best skill, get q second as you can easily harrass and it has gotten me alot of level 2 kills from overextending and giddy champs. then make sure your w is as powerful as possible before getting e, only get e if the enemies keep running into the brushes. Now max W first, Q second and E third, and R whenever you can.
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Summoner Spells

After experimenting with ignite and flash, I have decided heal is a much better option on ashe, as she is squishy it will help alot early game and will surprise divers who think they have you, but then you pop a heal and kill them. And flash, I really don't need to explain why take flash on her!
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All in all ashe is really good and can carry a game hard, this build has got me from 2/3/4 in a game, to a solid carry from me with a final score of 21/10/15 in a ranked so I am very pleased with this build (enemy team were renekton, lulu, leblanc, gangplank and twitch).

Other than that I hope you have fun playing with ashe and if you are sceptical about this build, try it in a bot game and tell me if you don't get over 50 kills XD
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Axemasta
Axemasta Ashe Guide
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AD Domination With Ashe

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