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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatFLiPKiD

AD/DPS Nocturne - Your Worst Nightmare

ThatFLiPKiD Last updated on May 19, 2011
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Welcome to my AD/DPS build for Nocturne. This is the very first guide I've ever written for any champion, so please bear with me. I'll try to refrain from putting up huge walls of text and I'll make use of icons whenever possible. I'll keep in mind certain things that I always look for in other guides. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment and let me know! Constructive criticism is always welcome!


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QUICK! I'm in Champ Selection with Nocturne now I have no idea what to do!

No problem!


Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Seal of Alacrity
Greater Glyph of Alacrity
Greater Quintessence of Desolation




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Umbra Blades [Passive]

This, in my opinion, is an incredible skill. Every 10 seconds, you attack multiple targets, healing you the more targets you hit. The best part about this is that the cooldown is decreased every time you attack normally! This is a free lifesteal right there, making Nocturne very good at staying in lanes for long periods of time. The amount of health you receive is not based on your damage either, instead it is entirely based on how many targets you hit, so you can be regenerating a lot of health at just level 1. If you have some Health Potions and a Vampiric Scepter, you really have nothing to worry about while you are farming. You could lane forever if you wanted to.

Duskbringer [Q]

Duskbringer is a very effective skill to harass with. It can hit multiple targets and constantly deals physical damage. It also causes enemy champions to leave trails. When you are on the trails, you move faster and deal more damage. If you feel that an enemy is getting too close, use Duskbringer in their direction and they will most likely back away. If not, you are still in advantage because of your increased attack damage and movement. This is also a great ability to use when chasing an enemy who is trying to escape.

Shroud of Darkness [W]

This ability works like a charm. At each skill level, you passively receive more attack speed. When this skill is active, it is a spell shield. So let's say you are trying to gank a caster. You got him at very low health, and he uses an ability that stuns/disables/silences you in an attempt to escape, if Shroud of Darkness is up, that spell will be blocked and your attack speed will double for 5 seconds. That person just got pwned.

Unspeakable Horror [E]

If you're in a 1v1 and you think you're about to lose, this ability just might save you. As long as you stay near the enemy while using Unspeakable Horror, they will become 'feared' and start walking around in circles like a weirdo. In the meantime, you can still keep auto-attacking and finish him off, or if you think you stand no chance, you can escape. This can also be used to keep an enemy still so they don't run off while you beat them up. ;)

Paranoia [R]

Paranoia has to be one of the best ganking skills in the game. It reduces the sight radius of your enemies. That's champions, minions, turrets, everything. While Paranoia is active, you can also dash towards an enemy SUPER fast. The dash radius is incredible huge. The 'circle' reaches the edge of your screen, so really you can dash to anyone. Once Paranoia is up, your enemies will be isolated from each other. If they are far apart, enough so they can't see each other due to the reduced sight radius, you can gank without worrying about a second enemy getting back at you.

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Pros / Cons

~ Great farming with a passive that heals
~ Amazing ganker
~ Not heavily dependent on items (in terms of damage/atk speed)
~ Excellent movement speed
~ Good at both laning and jungling
~ Fast at taking down turrets
~ Decent ability cooldowns
~ Scary and looks BADASS, even with the classic skin (best skin imo).

~ Squishy
~ Uses up mana very easily
~ Costs 6.3k IP

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For runes I use:

Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation for good damage early game. Cost: 410 IP (3690 IP for 9)

Greater Seal of Alacrity for a decent attack speed early game. Cost: 410 IP (3690 IP for 9)

Greater Glyph of Alacrity again for the attack speed. Cost: 410 IP (3690 IP for 9)

Greater Quintessence of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation for the damage. Cost: 1025 IP (3075 IP for 3)


Greater Seal of Evasion for better survivability. Cost: 820 IP (7380 IP for 9)



I use these runes because they can be used for other DPS champions such as Teemo. Feel free to use any other runes in conjunction with these if you want to. Even without runes, Nocturne can still be good. It's not always going to be about the runes or masteries that you have, it's how you play.


Don't buy runes until you are level 20 unless you've been winning non-stop and is filthy rich. You can only purchase Tier 3/Greater Runes at level 20+. I stuck to a few champions and started saving IP when I was about level 10, so by the time I reached 20, I was able to buy all of my runes and spent the rest of my money buying more champions.

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For masteries I follow 21-0-9.

OFFENSE: I mainly focus on damage, critical damage, and attack speed in Offense. Nocturne has excellent damage and attack speed early game so adding on to it will make your life even easier.

UTILITY: Mana, mana regeneration, and neutral monster buff duration (very useful). Nocturne relies heavily on mana. Get the blue golem buff for amazing mana regen. and cooldown reductions. You don't want to run out of mana during team fights, otherwise you'll get caught and DIE!

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Summoner Spells


Sometimes you'll find yourself in deep trouble when you dash towards an enemy only to find that the whole team is there ready to take you down. Ghost will help you get out of these kinds of situations.


Even with the additional speed you gain from Duskbringer, some champions may still be able to get away. Perhaps they used Ghost or Flash to quickly save themselves from getting raped by you. Maybe they stacked a bunch of movement speed items. Whatever the case, Exhaust will solve this problem. Use this to slow down your enemy and catch up to them with Duskbringer. Then finish the kill.

Other Summoner Spells:

Clarity - If you are too lazy to get the blue golem buff.

Teleport - In case you see an enemy with low hp that just escaped from a gank. Quickly teleport to an ally near them and use Paranoia's incredible range to finish them off.

Flash - Great for escape. If you also have Ghost, Flash then Ghost away!

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Skill importance:

[R] Paranoia
[Q] Duskbringer
[W] Shroud of Darkness
[E] Unspeakable Horror

Skill sequence:

Paranoia > (Shroud of Darkness) > Paranoia Dash > Duskbringer > Unspeakable Horror > Duskbringer

P.S. You can always just auto-attack an enemy to kill them. Nocturne is actually very good at doing this because he has a pssive skill, Umbra Blades, that give you health every several seconds of auto-attacking.

~ Use Paranoia to isolate an enemy. If you are lucky, your enemy's teammates will be selfish and make a run for it once they can't see anything.

~ If you feel your targeted champion might be a threat to you (tank/fed/overpowered/can disable you), use Shroud of Darkness.

~ Dash towards him.

~ Use Duskbringer in case he tries to get away. Your normal attacks should finish him off.

~ If you think you are going to die or the enemy will get away, use Unspeakable Horror to stop them.

~ If they are STILL alive, a final Duskbringer should do the job.

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Starting Items:

General Item Build:

VS Casters/CC:

VS Tanks/DPS:


Berserker's Greaves - Attack speed won't become much of an issue, and you can calmly focus on buying your attack damage items. If you're facing a caster-heavy team, you may decide to buy Mercury's Treads instead. It's up to you.

The Bloodthirster - Excellent for farming because you get some extra lifesteal in addition to Umbra Blades, plus it gives you great damage.

The Black Cleaver - Great item for Nocturne because not only does it give you attack damage, but also increases your attack speed. By the time you get this, you are already very strong and able to gank easily and quickly with or without the use of your ultimate. I find that by the time I get this, I am able to run up to a lonely enemy with Duskbringer, keep them still with Unspeakable Horror, and kill them just by auto-attacking.

Last Whisper - Additional damage. The armor penetration will help take down tanky enemies as well.

Phantom Dancer - Once you have your Phantom Dancers, I guarantee that you will be THE nightmare of Summoner's Rift. People will fear you when they see your ult. There's no escaping you once you've caught up to your enemy. If you're fed, you'll be taking everyone down just by auto-attacking.

Infinity Edge - Additional damage... not that you'll probably need it as you should be owning almost everyone in a 1v1. I rarely get to my sixth item because as stated above, Nocturne is already a killing machine before the build is even finished. The game would have already been over because you were able to mow down the turrets at lightning speed or the enemy gave up and surrendered.

Banshee's Veil - Very effective against those annoying champions who stun/disable/silence you every chance they can get. Plus you get extra health and mana.

Frozen Mallet - Great for chasing enemies who run away at full health, not even bothering to try and fight back because they know they have no chance.

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Don't be afraid to walk up to groups of enemy minions to farm, even if there's an enemy champion. Even with Nocturne's Umbra Blades, I still usually buy a bunch of health potions, and since The Bloodthirster is your next item after your Berserker's Greaves, you can get the Vampiric Scepter as it is part of the build.

You shouldn't have much a problem staying in your lane. If the enemy starts attacking you, just use Duskbringer. It won't do enough damage to kill them, but it will scare them and push them away. Not everyone has played Nocturne, and not everyone knows what Duskbringer does. Before I knew what it was, it scared the hell out of me. The trail you make when you get hit by it used to freak me out.

If they try to fight back, use Unspeakable Horror. If you aren't level 6 yet, don't go for the kill unless you are CERTAIN that you'll get them. They might have a teammate ready to take you down. Just go back to farming. In every game, you should always try to get the most minion kills.

Always remember: Effective farming = A very happy Nocturne. (:

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Nocturne is a champion who is very good at both jungling and laning. When I play him, I mainly stick to laning. That can be top, bot, or even mid. It really depends on who you are going against. In my opinion, laning is the fastest way to level with Nocturne because of his passive skill, Umbra Blades. Every 10 seconds, you have the chance to attack multiple targets, and the more targets you hit, the more health you receive. The 10 second cooldown is reduced by a second every time you attack normally. In other words, Nocturne has his own free lifesteal, making him a very good farmer.

When you reach level 6, you get your ultimate: Paranoia. You are now able to gank. Especially if you farmed successfully and is one of the first people to get your ult. Before you start ganking, it is important that you get the blue golem buff. It reduces your cooldowns, but most importantly, regenerates your mana like crazy. You can spam your skills and you won't run out of mana.

To kill the golem, use Duskbringer > Unspeakable Horror, then auto-attack. Repeat. Don't be afraid to use up all of your mana trying to kill the golem (don't use your ult though, you really don't have to). You'll get it back in no time. By auto-attacking, you will also regenerate health because of your Umbra Blades. You should walk away with plenty of health and your mana that is quickly regenerating. At this time, you can start going for kills.

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Nocturne is a very fun champion to play. People might think he's cheap, but who really cares? All champions are good and bad in their own way. Nocturne is melee but at the same time you can say that he is ranged. He's a bit of both so if you're a fan of either, then Nocturne is a good choice for you. He lanes and jungles effectively, and has great damage and attack speed early in the build. Personally, I am a fan of DPS champions, such as Teemo. When I found out that Nocturne could be used with the same runes I had for DPS Teemo, I decided to try him out. I didn't think I would like him because I honestly don't like to use champions who rely on mana a lot (I suck at using mages, so I tend to use characters like Teemo who doesn't use as much mana or Katarina who don't use mana at all), but I found him to be entirely different than what I thought he would be like. Nocturne is like his own kind of champion. He's a MONSTER! :D

Regarding my guide, I hope it helped you out, even a little bit. Hopefully you can use my guide to come up with your own builds satisfying your personal preferences. This is my first guide so it's not perfect. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. All constructive criticism are welcome. (:

Thank you for using my guide!

~ ThatFLiPKiD