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Elise Build Guide by Andylink007

AD Offtank AD Elise, Solo top and Jungle guide (WIP)

By Andylink007 | Updated on October 29, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Elise
  • LoL Champion: Elise
  • LoL Champion: Elise


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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+High burst damage
+Good base movement speed
+3 more spells than normal
+Spiderlings are really useful
+%dmg based on HP
+and has escapes and snares

-No real blinks
-Needs to Manage CD (unless you're AD)
-Hard to switch forms fast in a teamfight

Elise is a well rounded champ, not too weak, not too strong and definetly NOT OP
she dominates top, much like Jayce, its even safe to say that Elise is the "QUEEN" of solo top
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Her skills

First things first, lets talk about her skills
Neurotoxin: Elise deals 50 / 95 / 140 / 185 / 230 base magic damage plus 8% of target's current health (+2% per 100 AP) as bonus damage.

Venomous Bite: Elise lunges forward and bites her target, dealing 50 / 95 / 140 / 185 / 230 base magic damage plus 8% of target's missing health (+2% per 100 AP) as bonus damage.

Volatile Spiderling: Elise releases a venom-gorged Spiderling that explodes after 3 seconds or when it nears a target, dealing 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+80% of ability power) magic damage.

Skittering Frenzy: Elise and her Spiderlings passively gain 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 % Attack Speed. On activation, the Attack Speed of Elise and her Spiderlings is increased by 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 % for 3 seconds and Elise is healed by 4 (+2% of ability power) health on every attack.

Cocoon: Elise fires a skillshot that stuns the first enemy struck for 1.5 seconds.

Rappel: On enemy cast: Elise reveals nearby enemy targets, while she and her spiderlings lift up into the air, and then descend upon the target enemy.
On ground cast: Elise reveals nearby enemy targets while she and her Spiderlings lift up into the air, becoming untargetable for 2 seconds. During that time she can cast Rappel again to descend upon a nearby enemy.
Cooldown: 26 / 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 seconds
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Why AD?

Her skills in Spider form uses no mana, so keep that in mind.

So why AD Elise you may ask? Isnt she like Diana where you can mid and jungle?
well yes, but if you look at it using MATHHH then you realize that AD does and WILL do more damage in the jungle and vs top.

Q deals % of current HP+2% per 100 AP, now that sounds pretty good right? well if you were ap, what would you do when all your spells are on CD? just wait there and let the enemy escape? I know what you can change into spider and chase, but it still wont do as much damage as if you were to say, "auto-attack"? maybe if you were to land some crits using IE or some bonus magic damage using Wits end, then the kill would be in your hands much faster wouldnt it?

Q in spider form is perfect, its a follow up of her Q in Human form, and again, the ap Ratio is 2% per 100, thats not a lot of dmg, and you could do more with your auto attacks.

annnnd basically only her W is AP, but it isnt very useful as it just collides into minions and it cant go over walls.
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The perfect combos would be

(Spider) W Q -> into (HUMAN) Q E W and then repeat for the kill, normally I would save her E for last but its up to your playstyle
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My way of playing Elise

Elise is an assasin, much like Diana and Akali, normally you would Snare them in Human form, deal some damage, and finish them off with the spider form, as you do move faster and deal more damage, due to the spiderlings. I would save her E for escaping or going back in, since your not naturally tanky, do some damage, back out, let the tanks tank, and use your E to finish them off, you can also use your E to avoid heavy CC ults like Fiora Anivia or Brands, E is also useful to pinpoint where the squishy ADCs are so you can assassinate them while they search around for targets to attack, this is especially useful during the middle of a teamfight, you can also use E and a last stand, where you can kill the squishy targets, so you dont die alone
League of Legends Build Guide Author Andylink007
Andylink007 Elise Guide

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AD Elise, Solo top and Jungle guide (WIP)
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