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Sion Build Guide by AoiAoi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AoiAoi

AD jungle sion Yeah hes scary

AoiAoi Last updated on February 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone i am AoiAoi and this is my first guide. I hope it helps some of you find a new jungler with good cc ganks and a beefy late game with tons of damage and sustain. Sion is a great carry with pretty high base stats and an awesome AD steroid. plus he has a built in warmogs minus the regen.

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Because of his high base damage and steroids sions early game damage is damn near the highest. armor pen and attack speed will give you the pew pew power you need to get that early game dominance. i recently tried lifesteal quints and they seemed to work well too but i would much rather the extra arpen for those early game squishies. also you can sub for armor seals and mpen glyphs if you want but i still prefer the attack speed for faster jungle clears.

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21/9 pretty standard take all the physical damage stuff and lifesteal while concentratin on armor and health in defense. also you want to put your mastery in smite because , hey everyone likes more gold!

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Summoner Spells

flash ghost ignite exhaust cleanse

Not so good
everything else
especially stuff like clarity, heal and clairvoyance. let your support take care of these if possible

the reason i take flash/ghost is for easy gap closing in ganks.
ignite/exhaust is for those pesky lifesteal/spell vamp champs or those high burst or annoying melee carries, cleanse if you have alot of enemy CC

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Creeping / Jungling

since sion is such a mana hog i always start at blue. you can solo blue without a leash but if you have a nice teammate or two you can get a strong leash to maximize your jungle speed.
my route goes blue wolves wraiths red golem's wraiths wolves. you can rinse and repeat as necessary. i usually gank after blue level 2 bot and after red top or mid depending on need and availability.
sion can solo dragon pretty easy at 6 with his ult and wriggles. dragons aspd debuff can make it a pain in the *** though without teh attack speed runes.

Sion can also solo baron very easy with a full build so keep that in mind if you ace and your team is defending the nexus or something.

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my item sequence is pretty standard. cloth armor red potx5. build your wriggles > boots of speed > Zeal > merc treads or ninja tabi based on team comp and who is doing the best > finish phantom dancer > spirit visage > Infinite edge > atmas impaler > at this point i sell my wriggles for a frozen mallet for that sticking power that makes you a nightmare.

I like the spirit visage over a blood thirster mainly because it gives awesome stats while being pretty cheap plus the MR and heal increase make thornmail useless against you!

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Situational items

feel free to sub out for armor pen for tankier armor stacked teams and GA both are very situational and i recommend the item build i already stated above. also banshees vail or QSS are pretty good items on sion as well. i especially like QSS when vsing a morde. its always bad when you carry the enemy team to victory.

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Pros / Cons

Beefy late game with a good amount of armor and MR
Hard CC for ease ganking
Fast jungle speed and good farming for HP
Excellent sustain for pushes mid-late game
You will hit like a truck late game People will fear you

Low MS early game.
Mana hog early game
Thats it though you are sion and very beastly

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Team Work

in a team fight you should pick a squishy and destroy them. rinse and repeat. if you farmed well enough and are very beefy you will probably be able to initiate but let a true tank do that if you can. Sion can easily turn the tides of a team fight with his ult and don't hesitate to hold onto it until the fight is underway. remember to save a stun for those annoying channels like Nunu, Kat, and Karth if possible.

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Creep waves are so valuable to sion not only for gold but for the added HP. with this build every little bit of farm helps especially when you get your atmas. try to push back every lane you can but remember to ward so you dont get caught in a 5 man gank

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Sion is a beast CC jungler who can sustain his lanes even if a gank fails. farm that creep wave and heal your teammates. if this game goes to uber late game your enemies will run at the sight of you. also your back may hurt from all the carrying!

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Unique Skills

One of the reasons i like this build over pure AD or pure AP is because it gives a little bit of MR and armor while really accentuating your ult and healing. ap sion has a huge shield but is really kinda nerfed hard by MR especially banshees vail and pure AD sion is too easy to burst down with ignite. the bonus lifesteal healing you get from spirit visage negates 30% of the healing reduction from ignite if you think about it plus with enough farm you can still easily hit 500 AD the benefits of this build outweight the benefit of a pure AP or AD build.
as for tank sion or hybrid sion, you can pretty much ignore tank sion and hybrid sion is not strong enough in one side or another to really be as much of a threat as this build. you can simply focus fire down a hybrid as easy as you can an AP or AD.