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Shaco Build Guide by SilentSwindler

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilentSwindler

AD lane Shaco: melee and ranged

SilentSwindler Last updated on February 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Good day fellow League players. This will not be the flashiest or prettiest guide, but I once again wanted to put in my unique play style and give it to the world. The first build on the left is AD laning (focused attack damage) Shaco fighting against melee players. The second build is my attack speed variation of playing against melee championsThe third build is AD laning Shaco playing against ranged champions. Note: This style is extremely difficult to make work.
I do not expect people to do this build exactly as it is written. This guide is my play styles, which hopefully will help others out in fighting the specific champions.WARNING!!!: All three of these builds leaves Shaco EXTREMELY SQUISHY!!!!!! You won't die immediately(hopefully), but you better learn how to sidestep and dodge.
Others might have a better guide that fits you better, and if that's the case, just don't leave a comment and use their build. Just please don't knock this build if you just find it hard to believe that it works.

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Fighting against melee champions

The key against melee champions is fighting however you want and what the situation calls for. You're a melee champion, and they're melee champions. It's fair game. Play how you want. This guide will just show you how I play against them. Like in the intro, the first build is focused on an AD item build. The second build is more for attack speed and pushing a lane.

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Attack damage build

The attack damage build against melee champions is the same item build as my build against ranged champions. This is because My play against ranged champions, as will be described, focuses on attack damage, in order to deal the most damage for every two-shiv throw. I start out with boots of mobility because you can't deny the extra 5 movement speed is perfect for running away or ganking a low health champion running away back to base. The black cleaver is my next item because of the extra AD and armor pen. The first phantom dancer is meant to help push lanes with the extra attack speed and crit strike.

The infinity edge is for the extra crit% damage, making deceive, my main ability, that much more dangerous. The blood thirster is for the extra attack damage and the bonuses can be replenished fast by just pushing an empty lane if you died. Finally, the last phantom dancer is for more attack and movement speed. That finishes that build.

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Attack Speed Build

I start with boots of mobility once again for the massive movement speed boost. This style is great for ganking between lanes and pushing enemy minions. Though without the proper runes, you lack some real attack damage against enemy turrets.

The phantom dancers are chosen for the obvious reasons:
1. The extra attack speed, greatly increasing minion kill amounts.
2. The increased crit strike chance, dealing a bunch of damage to all.
3. the increased movement speed, making you run across the map in ten seconds.
You could replace one of them for a wriggle's lanternfor lifesteal if you feel like.

The Black Cleaver is for the increased attack damage in order to do some damage. Also, with the massive attack speed, the armor reduction stacks get the three stacks almost instantly.

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Fighting against ranged champions

As Shaco, a squishy melee champion, I was finding it difficult to effectively fight in lane against two ranged champions, even if my ally champion is ranged. For this, you can't choose your first ability until you see who's in lane with you. I came up with this method of poking that is somewhat effective against ranged champions. It is a tricky play style, and I don't recommend it to people with either a low fps or a bad reaction time. This style requires constant movement and mobility. It focuses on using the Two-Shiv active and high AD items. Used right, it is great for poking the enemy champion. Plus it is fun to watch them run away from one shot that takes away a third of their health. I used this build once playing mid and it worked out fine. Then again, I was fighting against Ahri and I main Ahri more than Shaco, so I knew how to dodge the attacks. Though I would suggest trying this in mid just for the fun of it. It would surprise the enemies.

Why so serious? :)

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Skill Sequence

Since I don't keep track of exactly what level I rank up what skill, I'll give you a general overview. I will take my best guess at the levels for ability ranks and if it isnt right, I will fix it after I figure it out.
Note: I upgrade Hallucinate at levels 6, 11, and 16, just like any ultimate ability.

Against melee champions: I get Deceive at level 1, two-shiv at level 2, jack in the box at level 3, and level up Deceive first.
Against Ranged Champions: I get two-shiv at level 1, Deceive at level 2, jack in the box at level 3. I fully rank up two- shiv first, and then rank up deceive next.
I only use jack in the box as a getaway move, to stall minions while pushing, or as a ward in nearby brush. It doesn't seem very useful as an attack strategy to me.

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Items for Ranged Shaco

With all three of the builds, I start out with basic boots out the gate, giving me good starting movement speed. Then as soon as I have the money for it, I recall and buy the boots of mobility. The extra 5 movement speed will get me back up in the lane even if my ally is recalling and the enemies are attacking the turret. I then move on to a black cleaver, which I usually get between 9 and 12 minutes into the game. The passive of the black cleaver helps out against the minions, since starting out with two-shiv leaves you weak against fighting multiple minions. The extra AD from it increases the damage output of your two-shiv, and the extra attack speed also helps against minions.Since the game is starting to heat up and people are switching lanes, I then switch gears to adapt. I work towards a zeal and then a phantom dancer to help with crit strikes and give me extra movement speed. This helps me push a lane faster when my team mates are out pushing another lane or defending a turret. I am left open with a lane to push and minions to feed me.

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My typing is quite extensive, so I suggest getting up, stretching out, and looking away from the computer screen for a minute or two. Don't want to go blind now do you? :)

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Items for Ranged Shaco continued

I left off with the first Phantom Dancer. Next on the list is an infinity edge. The obvious reason for this item is the extra critical strike damage received from it, making yourdo that much more damage. Considering that this is later in the game, two-shiv has now receded it's importance and deceive is now dominant.

Fifth comes the, giving more attack damage and some lifesteal, making you last a little longer in team fights. Even though since you're shaco, you'll be going after the almost dead champion that is trying to escape.

Lastly, the final phantom dancer is for a little bit more attack speed, crit strike, and movement speed. This helps if the game is REALLY dragging on. Pop, push an empty lane with some minions, and destroy an enemy turret before the enemy can do anything about it. If you're lucky, you can attack the inhibitor as well and do some damage before the enemy champions get to you. Side note: use jack in the box to stall enemy minions that are advancing on you and your minion wave. And that's about it for ranged Shaco. It's an early game style, but effective if done right. Try it a couple times and see if you can do it.

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Okay, I know there is one flaw that I have found with this build. I don't actually have any armor penetration runes, or items for that matter. Since I don't have an actual rune page for Shaco, I have built what I feel helps out my build and style. Also, if I used armor pen marks, and used crit damage glyphs, every four glyphs would only equal one mark.

The point of all the crit damageand are to increase the overall damage of deceive, since in all three of these builds, and deceive becomes the dominant ability in my play styles. This is because Deceive has the 100% crit chance, and the more crit damage I do, the more damage it does in one ability shot.

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Summoner Spells

I useto finish off enemies near the start of a game when they're running under tower and they're almost dead. Plus, having ignite is always good if you end up fighting a tryndamere.

My second summoner spell choice isfor a very good reason. I know that I already have deceive, but let's say your deceive is on cooldown, you're running away into the jungle brush from an enemy chasing you that's in lane. They thing they have you cornered and you're going to die. At that moment, you use over a wall and get away. Then the enemy team rages as you run back to under tower or into another bush and back to base. *Insert troll face here*

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Pros / Cons

All of Shaco's abilities are meant to help him get away.
Deceive has the guaranteed crit chance.
You can be a total troll to the enemy team.
He's a clown! Who doesn't love clowns?!? :)

he is really squishy, but that's the reason your moves let you run away.
He has no ability power.
This build does not focus on armor penetration.
It is somewhat difficult to play in lane shaco to begin with.

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This guide is basically outlining the different types of styles that I play as Shaco. I don't believe everyone should play this way or anything like that.
If you wanted me to outline and detail every little thing about Shaco, you should either read a ridiculously long and boring guide, or go read the abilities and tips that are already on the league of legends client mod for you to read and learn about the character. That's just how it goes.
Go do some of your own research and actually play the champion if you want to know about it. That's how you know if the champion is right for you.