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Poppy Build Guide by TESS

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TESS

AD Poppy

TESS Last updated on August 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Poppy is one of the best ad carryes in the game with a really high late game brust and here ultimate can win you the game if you fall behind. If you played vayne as an ad carry you will find Poppy even harder too farm with cause of here really weak laning phase and melee range attacks.

Poppy can burst down your opponents ad and app carry in 3 seconds and run away with 10 hp in almost every fight.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is really good for kills and vs champions with life steal

The reason I use Flash is that its good for escaping and chaising.

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When your playing poppy you reall dont want to push your lane. It will often end up with alot of enemy minions pushing you too the turret so farming behind the turret too lvl 6 is the key.

If you got alistar you can play more aggressiv. Cause Alistar can zone the enemy really well and save you from an ignitiate or a gank. Alistars CC abilltyes also makes you able too ignitiate bether and pick up some kills after and

If your playing on low elo and dont got a jungler or just cause your palying on "EU Nordic & East" and no one wants too be a jungler just cuase they just insta lock a champion and play the game. You will want too pick up the blue if you sapwn on the right side of the map, this will make you able too spam your devestating blow on minions and get more farm.

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Taric gives Poppy more sustain in lane and a good cc.

Maokai is really good with poppy cause he got allot of cc that can make it easier for poppy to jump into the enemyes ad and ap carryes face, maokai is also tanky so he dont need too be too careful when running into theyr team. Maokai's ulti vengful maelstorm protects the team cause they will get targeted when Poppys ulti goes of.

Alistar Synergies really well with Poppy cause of his zoning abillityes "CC". Alistar can alsot destoy a gank or ignitiate from your opponents. Alistar also works really well with Poppy in teamfights cause he can CC theyr ap and ad carry hard, making your able too just jump right into theyr face and they got less chanse of escaping and will make it harder for them too get good posisioning in a teamfight.

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Diplomatic Immunity

Diplotaric Immunity is one of the best ultis in the game, it makes Poppy able too jump into a fight with no fear.

How to use Diplomatic Imunnity:

You should spare until you get targeted, playing against people that knows Poppyes abilltyes you will creat fear jumping into all of them. You can use your when they starts targeting you.

But if the enemy is skilled and have allot of CC you will have to use on their support or another cahmpion that dont doo alot of damge if theyr closer.

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Playing against alot of CC

You can Swap for . They can get some other to use a abillty on you too break this shild, but it can help you alot if you get focused hard by CC. Swaping this items will remove your lifestill from bloodthirster and some of the dmg so if you can avoid swaping this items you should do it.

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Twisted Treeline

When palying Twisted Treeline you can singel handead carry your whole team with some kills and alot of farming. The only thing that can destoy your late game in this map is tanky opponents and if all of them do alot of dmg and your not sure who to use your ulti on.

Playing top in Twisted Treeline:

In twisted Treeline Poppy can play top, but the opponents can tage atvantage of Poppys poor early game and just detsoy here farming by zoning here from the minions and dont pushing the lane. If this Happens ask your bot lane to try to gank top just to creat fear in your opponent and maybe tower dive him when you got and up. If you die and your opponent die you will benifit more from the kill and just snowball into late game.

Ganking bot is also a solution if your getting hear***ed and zoned top. If you get a succsesful gank at bot with an assist and maybe a kill you can go back to top and play more agressiv.

Playing bot in Twisted Treeline:

When your playing bot in Twisted Treeline you should find another support then cause is good for your laning phase but wont help that much in late game. Another duo champion that can help you is . works good with Poppy because of his two CC. Alistar can zone the enemy making it easier for you too farm and when you reach lvl 6 and got your ult up and ready, you can just aim one of your opponents onto the wall and you will get a kill. And after that you can chase the other opponent too their turret and use diplotamic immunity too towerdive him. Alistar Aslo helps your team more in late game

The black dots is must have wards and the red dots is for junglers and late game if your turrets gets destroyed. Warding the top buffs is good if they got a jungler or your top opponent is trying too out farm you.

cost alot and is not a must have ward, only if you really want too denay theyr dragon vision or maybe force a dragon. If you really wnat too denay vision get your most tanky cahmpion on your team too buy a its much bether cuase you got it on you and it only disepears if you die and its mutch cheaper then buying alot of

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CC counters Poppys nuking abillityes really hard. She can get CC hard in a team fight and nuked before she can use here ultimate.

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Item choice

My item choice is based on a hard nuking dmg. I see alot of poeple that builds Poppy as a bruiser, with here ultimate I really dont like here as a bruiser when you can choose too build full ad and just nuke your opponents ad and ap carrye in 3 secs

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Counters poppy hard cause of his two CC. One of the CC is a hard silence and the other is a hard fear that just destoys your abilltyes to jump into theyr face and nuke them down.

Dmg and tankyness does not counter beacouse of here ulti and nuking ablillityes, the one thing that makes poppy almost useless is hard CC.

As I said earlyer dmg doesent counter poppy is true but not until she gets here ulti. So getting harassed in early game by Ashe can be really painfull too deal with.

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My rune settup is armor and physical dmg too last hit bether without wating mana with your devestating blow. You dont really need attack speed, only if your jungling here. Helth runes is noth worth it when you can get a really good sustain by starting with or having as support. The reason that I choose too dont start with boots and 3 pots is that your gives your movment speed if yu need. Staring with boots wont really help you caue you need to be in melee range to get minion kills and will then be her***ed alot, so sustain is much bether.

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Ranked Play

Solo Que:

Solo que is riski with Poppy but can be alot of funn if you get a good support or manage too play top and farm and get a kill. With farm Poppy can just snowball mid-late game and try too do some sucsesfull ganks and turn back too your lane too farm even more.

Ranked team:

Ranked team is much bether cause then you can communicate much betehr with your team and support, and maybe get a good gank from your jungler. Poppy is maybe one of the best ad carry too play, not only beacouse of here dmg. The main reason is here ulti and CC. Your ulti makes your able too just start a sucsesfull team fight and maybe turn a losse into a win.

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Heroic Charge

is the key too nuking somone. If you cant sucsesfull aim somone at the wall you can get kited and end up dieing before you even get a kill.

Taric gives Poppy sustain and a cc. By aiming somone at the wall and getiing a good stun from Taric right wnen your stun ends, can give you a kill before lvl 6 and .

Heres a clip of me and my friend getting a good CC onto our lane opponent:

You can see on this clip that with Poppys and Taric stun its almost inpossible too survive.

I know my opponents got a ******ed bot lane without ad carry and support, but they were both lvl 30 with 200 ++ wins. The reason too this is that im palying on "EU Nordic & East" and its too many that that dont know the meta, they just insta lock what champion they wants too play and go where they want too go.

Another way too get a good is more risky but works. You need to have your flash up and your support with cc ready, and your ad carrye opponents cought out of posision. You can flash right into his face and use to stun him while Alistar, Taric or just somone with CC use CC right after your ends. And you can also use an ignite on him too be sure to confirm the kill so he dont just flash away with 2 hp.

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Last Hitting

This guide will provide you the mechanics and strategy behind 'last hitting', one of the most important mechanics of the game to learn for nearly any non-support and non-jungle champion. The gold advantage of last hitting is immense, and you will notice a commonality amongst top tier Platinum players and those in lower ELO: The average last hits based on Game clock are staggering. If you think last hitting is just about hitting the creep when it's about to die, you are sadly mistaken – there is much more to know. If you are playing AD or AP Carry and you can’t get 100 minion kills by 10 minutes and 220 minion kills by 20 minutes then you need to read this guide!

Understanding your opposition – “Know yo’ Minions!”

Neutrals! Get to know them - here is some basic information:

The blue and purple team minions spawn every 30 seconds from the Nexus in order to support the champions. Minions begin spawning 1 minute 30 seconds after the game has begun. Every 3 minutes the minion waves will grow stronger, with every type of minion gaining different stats. Minions deal 50% more damage to turrets than they do to champions and other minions. Minions have an "Upgrade Cycle" that activates every 3 minutes. Despite spawning only at 1:30 the cycle already begins at 0:00. Meaning that after 3 minion waves a minion's power and gold worth is already higher than the first 3 waves.

Melee Minion: Charge directly against the enemy. Three spawn each wave. Melee minions have more health than Caster Minion.

Health: 445 (+20 per cycle)
Attack Damage: 12
Armor: 0 (+2 per cycle)
Magic Resistance: 0 (+1.25 per cycle)
Attack Speed: 1.250
Gold Given: 22.5g (+.5g per cycle)
Spawn Time: 30 seconds
EXP Gain: 59 (+4.6 per cycle)

Caster Minion: Attacks enemies from a range. Three spawn each wave. Fires bolts of energy that are the same color as their teams.

Health: 280 (+15 per cycle)
Attack Damage: 25
Armor: 0 (+1.25 per cycle)
Magic Resistance: 0 (+2 per cycle)
Attack Speed: 0.670
Gold Given: 16.5g (+.5g per cycle)
Spawn Time: 30 seconds
EXP Gain: 29 (+2.8 per cycle)

Siege Minion: Perfect to take down turrets (Takes 50% less damage from towers.). One spawns every three waves until 35 minutes in game, at which point one spawns every two waves. Siege minions have more health than melee minions.

Health: 700 (+27 per cycle)
Attack Damage: 40
Armor: 15 (+3 per cycle)
Magic Resistance: 0 (+3 per cycle)
Attack Speed: 1.000
Gold Given: 27g (+1g per cycle)
Spawn Time: 90 seconds
EXP Gain: 92 (+6.4 per cycle)

Super Minion: One is spawned each wave in place of the Siege Minion once the enemy lane inhibitor is down (also takes 50% less damage from towers). Two spawn per wave in each lane when all enemy inhibitors are destroyed. Much stronger than any available type of minion.

Health: 1500 (+200 per cycle)
Attack Damage: 190
Armor: 30
Magic Resistance: -30
Attack Speed: 1.250
Gold Given: Not sure – need to find it
Spawn Time: 30 seconds
EXP Gain: Not sure

How do Minion’s Know what to Aggro?

Every few seconds, they will scan the area around them for the highest priority target.

When a minion receives a call for help from an ally, it will evaluate its current target in relation to the target designated by the call. It will switch its attack to the new target if and only if the new target is of a higher priority than their current target.

Minions prioritize targets in the following order:

An enemy champion designated by a call for help from an allied champion.
An enemy minion designated by a call for help from an allied champion.
An enemy minion designated by a call for help from an allied minion.
An enemy turret designated by a call for help from an allied minion.
An enemy champion designated by a call for help from an allied minion.
The closest enemy minion.
The closest enemy champion.
Note: Single-target spells such as Annie's Disintegrate or Kassadin's Null Sphere will not generate a call for help. Because they are continuously reevaluating their target, minions will lose interest in an enemy champion if that champion breaks off an engagement with them, provided that there is any other target left for them to choose within range.

How Much Gold Are Minions Worth & How Many Are There?

I've created this spreadsheet which takes in account the increase in gold per cycle on minions. Test yourself; how many minions can you get by the 10 minute mark in the game? Most of the pro players will be at a 85-95% Minion kill count. The difference between the actual percentage and 100% should account for being zoned, ganked and having to return to tower.
Take a look at the spreadsheet, you will also notice how much gold you will have by killing minions. If you are 100 creep score over your opponent, you will be approximately 2,500 gold richer than them. You can now see why Minion Killing is vital to pro-game play.

All credits to TeamCurse for this explenatiion for Last Hitting