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Shaco Build Guide by Nixz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nixz

AD-Shaco-Best Build

Nixz Last updated on January 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide and this way to play Shaco is not just good or just fun to play its both. So do what I say that you should do and you will definitly get many kills and have fun :) .
Start with a Dorans Blade and go fast to the blue buff golem. set 5 jack in the box behind the golem and wait until i spawns, then you've got the blue buffand go to lvl 2. Look over the map and see if any enemie has low health, if anyone has it go there, stealth,exhaust him and then you've got a kill and if you're pro and lucky maybe a double kill. then just play around, ganking and gets lots of kills, but remember always do a suprice for your enemies so stealth until you stand next to them and take the blue buff so often it respawns because you will definitly spend a lot of mana... And one more tips is his passive, he do 20% more damage when he backstab someone... and the frozen mallet are maybe littlebad to the build but i choose it because it give some hp andit make your basic attack slow your enemies... hope this guide helped you guys, Enjoy!!!! Btw I get at least 20 kills every game with this method

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I choose AD runes because you play AD-shaco. The runes I choosed is Attack Damage and Armor Penetration that raise your Damage, then some Attack Speed and some crit-chance is allways good and if you think that CC and AS is bad so go and buy more Damage.

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I choosed Offensive and focused on Offensive Damage and NOT Offensive AP ofc xD
That will give you some Damage,Attack Speed,Crit-Chance, Life Steal and a little armor too. I also layed 1 mastery each on 2 that make your spells better. :D

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Standardly I start with a Dorans Blade that gives some attack damage and health and a little bit of lifesteal. then i bought boots of speed that I upgrade to a boots of mobility that gives you the speed you need to ganking on different lanes. After that I bought the bloodthirster because lifesteal is good and it even give 100 attack damage when its max stacked, on other AD-champions i often buy Phanton Dancer before but shaco dont need the attack speed because his combo do a lot of damage and you dont need to hit that fast in the start.But then a Phanton Dancer when you already got the bloodthirster, and now you have lifesteal,damage,attackspeed and critchance. now lets raise the critdamage with a infinity edge that also give more critchance and damage.
now lets get some health, more damage and a passive that make you slow your enemies with you basic attack, so lets buy the Frozen Mallet. Now you are nearly done with your build, now you can buy whatever you want but i choosed one more the bloodthirster that raise you damage and give even more lifesteal so if you full stack both you will get 200dmg and 50%lifesteal that is very good :D

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Summoner Spells

You have 4 abilitys plus your passive.

Start with the passive, the passive is "Backstab" that means if you backstab (attack from behind) anyone with basic attack or "Two-Shiv Poison" you will make 20% more damage thats really good to use when then try to escape from you because when they try to run away you attack from behind and kill then faster.

Decieve: Deceive make your teleport a short distance and stealth for 3.5 secs or until you start to attack anyone and your first attack after using deceive will be a critical strike(in 6 secs)but the crit will not be 200% of your damage which a normal critical strike be, it been a crit cane that depends by 140%-240%(depends by the lvl of your deceive). thats really good when you have to escape from anyone, just teleport throught a wall and then recall. its also good when you want to make a surprice for an enemie, just stand in a bush, deceive til them and start to attack.

Jack in the box: this is really good to hide in a bush, if you had around 100hp and anyone run after you, if you have like 3-5 jack in the box in a bush just run to the bush and you can deceive and easy kill them,even if you have 100hp and they full hp because jack in the box first fear in 1 sec and then shoot with dmg 30-60(depends on lvl) with a attackspeed on 1,4 thats really good.

Two-Shiv Poison: You throw a knife on a selected target that has a passive if you backstab anyone with this you even will slow them much so they cant escape from you that easy and you will probaly kill them :D

Hallucinate: Your Ulti... Your Ulti make a copy of yourself and its make you do a lot of more damage and the enemies dont know which of you them should kill and if they choose wrong you will get the double time to kill them.
One trick I do is that i stand in a bush, do my ulti, click autoattack on any enemie and then just click to go a step cause your copy will still go to the target and start attack,then can you deceive and go to themand they will probaly start to attack the wrong one which make an good combo

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Shaco is not a good farmer butit doesnt matter because if you do like this guide you will get a lot of kills and earn money on that, and as all other AD champions you will be a good farmer when you one-crit minions in the late game and that needs to stack the bloodthirster as fast as possible.........

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Creeping / Jungling

Shaco is a good jungler but i have chosen to not use smite as a spell because its important for shaco when you play him like this to get a lot of kills and exhaust will help you with that... its also important to not feed the other team and if you die much in the early-game you will not have a chance to get a good late-game so i choose flash as the other spell because you can escape easy, just flash thruoght a wall or something....
And the jack in the box is a nice ability to jungle with. and the most jungle you need to do is take the blue buff as often you can because you will waste a lot of mana all the time.

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Chapter 8

i donr have so much more to say about shaco, he is, i think, the funniest champion in the game because you can just play with him so unseriously and still pwning your enemie, just go and trolololol around and was the best.
I think shaco is one of the best champions in the game because he do a lot of damage,can always escape if you need, and he is everywhere all the time, shaco here, shaco there, shaco everywhere!!!!!
Sorry for my bad english but i really hope that you undersand what i mean with everything, if not? leave a comment and i will explain one more time with better english and with more details.
Enjoy the Guide and Own the Game// Nixz