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Sion Build Guide by AMarineBiologist

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AMarineBiologist


AMarineBiologist Last updated on December 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is ad sion as a dps machine

Focusing on damage and attack speed, if you get stuned or run away while your ulti is up when you should be healing, you are going to most likely die if you cant run away

1v1 you should be able to crush most champions, provided you arent kited or cced

skill sequence
summoner spells
How to fight in teamfights, 1v1, and laning

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I focus on getting Armor pene and surivialbity
armor pene marks - 9
flat armor seals - 9
magic resist glyphs - 9
magic resist per level glyphs - 9

Quintessnces of armor pene - 3
Im not too much into buying alot of runes for specific champions so That general set is good for most

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basiclly i go 21/7/2
or 21/8/1

i find imp recall is quite a value for one point
many do not use it

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Other items that can be useful

Wards- pick up 1 or 2 vision or sight wards (depending on if the enemy has invisible champs) when you go back sometimes (you still want to build your damage items) dragon, baron, reds and blues are great spots to place them

If your allies have teleport they can teleport to wards or mushrooms, very useful. Team fight coming up? throw down a ward so your allies can teleport to you

Consumables- health pots and mana pots are useful, especially early game, ad sion has mana regen problems so having one mana pot can give you just enough mana for a stun or your ulti.

Elixirs - The green one can be quite useful early game as crit and attack speed just help you and your heals, the fortitude elixir is great as well more health and attack damage.
Oracles can be great on sion as he can escape (from radically high ms) and shield.. only if you need it or you want to wipe out the enemys wards (or mushrooms, ya teemo im talking to you)

Wriggles lantern can be a great item for sion, instead of a bloodthirster early game get this for cheap and farm away. Remember Use the sight ward in it, the lantern's activated ability

if you need more survival early game don't be afraid to get a dorans blade or 2

Executioners calling instead of bloodthrister for when you face Health regen ( Volibear, swain, ad sion, ww, etc)

Quicksilver sash - a escape with magic resist, underused item, especially as you have at least 2 zeals you have the movement speed to escape.

Guardian angel - Instead of The Last blood thirster or Infinity edge For more survival

Trinity Force - Not my favorite but can be useful as all stats are used

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Skill sequence and description

Passive - 40% chance to reduce incoming ad by 30/40/50 damage, gives sion more durability

Q. get CRYPTIC GAZE(does damage and 1.5 stun with roughly a 10-8 sec cd) first almost always
the stun is too useful

W. (Sheilds sion from 100-300 damage and If it does NOT absorb the full amount after 10 seconds it will explode dealing 100-300 damage. you can also activate the shield again {after roughly 5 seconds} while its active it will explode and no longer shield you)

If you choose to activate it before it ends by itself it also starts the cd for the shield again. so if you pop your shield and take some damage and want to get your shield up again, blow it up (preferably onto enemys) and hang back till the cd comes back up

I Like getting his shield at lvl 2 to give me a little more cushion.
has an effect of frightening off people fighting you sometimes, no one wants to get hit with the aoe.. even if it only does 100 damage

key to using his shield as a nuke is to activate 3-4 seconds before you engage, this way it will absorb some damage and you'll be able to activate it again for extra damage.
E. Enrage max this out first as it gives a great ad bonus, keep it toggled on almost all the time
last hit minions to build up your health pool

you can tell enrage is activated if sions axe glows red

R. Cannibalism
the key to ad sion, late game the lifesteal and healing given to your teammates is a game changer
use to heal to full on a wave of creeps to keep your lane presence
Remember that if u arent attacking you arent healing. so stun as much as possible those who could interrupt your attacks

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and flash are my favorites, as your move speed should be quite fast with items

Ignite can be changed with exhaust if your team needs it, but exhaust helps you stay in melee range for your ulti to heal you
plus it neutralizes the enemys ad carrys

Cleanse is an option as well, for the same reason quicksilver sash is viable

Ghost can be used instead of flash if you prefer it, you can run through anivias wall and creeps to engage

Any others are probably not the best choice, leave the support summoner spells for the supports

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hard cc (stun)
good Regen while attacking making you hard to kill
High ad damage

can be stunlocked into death, or if you run away instead of fighting while ulti is activated
no escape ability
stacking armor is effective against ad sion
small range (I think his shield explosion has a longer range than his stun.)

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How to fight in teamfights, 1v1, and laning

Pop your shield and charge in, if enemies run away use stun to catch them, if they stand and fight run up close to them and attack once or more then stun to prevent their escape

Keep Enrage toggled on all the time

If you are about to die or it is a 5v5 team fight Shield then ulti and then you stun. be amazed by how much your allies get healed (crits give even more burst heal)

Last hit as much as possible, i like to shield 4 seconds before i attack a wave of creeps then activate the shield again for damage on the whole wave, then you can pick them off one by one.
start with the ranged creeps first if possible, they have lower health and are easier to last hit.

A risky tactic is to play recklessly until your enemies start looking at you from the High board
(want to tower dive you) then as they do, ulti and stun and shield as quick as possible, they might be shocked by your regen!

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If you dont understand when to engage this build might let you down

Hard cc wins games much of the time that being stuns, fears, taunts, and suppression.

If you have a carry (especially one with hard cc) with you it can be easy to get first blood. stun ---> exhaust while attacking should kill most champs if you focus fire one of them

Have map awareness WARDS WARDS WARDS win games

Creep score also wins games last hit as much as possible. (while enrage is toggled on of course)

Your ulti costs mana remeber that before you pop the shield and you die for lack of lifesteal
if a team mate is low health and near you pop your ulti and attack mobs near him, you just might save a life.

I like to, if able get blue around lvl 6-8, preferably the enemy's blue
Im low health (300) low mana (150) you pop your ulti and blue is easily yours and you have full health. Soon to have full mana.

you can do the same with red

Lanes all pushed? get in the jungle! if you have a jungler, steal the enemys jungle!(careful though) its quite easy Your sheild and attack damage plus your non-ulti lifesteal can sustain you. Dont forget the jungle when trying to build up your bloodthrister(s) stacks