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League of Legends Build Guide Author RushingHour

AD Sion:A comprehensive guide to the only Tank AD Carry

RushingHour Last updated on May 22, 2011
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Hi people and welcome at my personal build for AD Sion,if you are not
patient i don't suggest this guide,because I will explain all my
choices,step by step,hoping to give you a taste of how powerful can sion
be,especially in late game.

I also explain my tactic of playing Sion,which believe me,it deserves at
least one try to see what you can do...

I will also explain why not AP? Although I believe it's obvious.

To end with my introduction,next to every chapter i will write something
in brackets,it will be (Must) or (Optional),by using the term must I
mean chapters I that will help you extend your knowledge in things that
can help you a lot while optional are chapters that don't need a lot of
attention,but will still be good for your basic knowledge in Sion,and generally in LoL.

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Pros n' Cons(Optional)

Very good AD with stun.
Can be a tank because of it's amazing skill,enrage.
Can push easily.
He is handsome.
In teamfights,he can heal his team to turn the tables.


Can be squishy early game,really squishy.
If you don't last hit,you don't get all the possible power.
He is fat.
Expensive items,even though you get them in an order which boosts your stats early and mid game phase.All the items cost 18300.

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Why AD and not AP? (Must)

First of all,I will explain my opinion for choosing AD instead of AP sion

Sion has 4 skills like almost everybody other champion.Doing AP Sion
disables two out of four,one of them is his ultimate,which grants you so much lifesteal that makes you able to turn the tables in an almost lost
1 v 1,or even in a healing other champs nearby...the other
one is Enrage,a skill which if you can handle well,you can be a Heavy
AD,and a Tank,simultaneously,never,in any champion,last hitting at
minions wasn't so important,but I will explain in skills chapter.

Now think what an AP sion can do.Stun,Shield,Stun,Shield,that's all
folks :D.Ulti to get a buff or heal yourself and enrage to make last
hitting a bit easier,and to enlarge his health,not a lot,cause he casts
mostly spells.Stun and shield Work for sion to save his a** or get that
last damn hit on that jax rambo that harasses you all the time(doesn't
have to be jax,harass can be done with lot's of players,i just note the
most annoying to me :P) or even start a teamfight letting you have the
advantage,they don't do damage,because you are an AD remember? but they
still are a shield and a stun.both usefull for the reasons I said in
this paragraph.

To sum up,AD has 4 usefull skills, AP has 2,let's say 3,I give 0.5 to
both enrage and Ultimate.

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Runes (Optional)

Runes are clearly for AS and to increase critical damage,crit will happen
often late game,but the AS speed rune can be usefull from the start,in
the first paragraph I will explain why Crit damage increase,in the
second why AS

Runes to increase crit damage are a very promising investment,i
calculated that with infinity edge , you will deal 83.56 , you decide
whether is a big or a small number,to understand this better,let's give
an example to understand this better.If I do dmg to a champion equal to
250,a normal crit will be 500,now,if you add the 80%(83.5 actually)extra
damage,you will deal 200 more damage,it's simple, if 10% of 250 is
25,then 25*8=200 so 500 goes to 700(250 can be bigger,just think about
I really changed my decision 2-3 times,but I think that this is the
better choise for a good Sion.

Now,AS,really?you can have so many other things to get instead of
something you will get from your items anyway?you get a start AS bonus
equal to 12.5,which helps all the game,among with the boots,is good for
start because you go to your lane with half of max attack speed your
boots give,+ your boots,this can help a FB,cause of other people wrong
estimation to your AS and MS.

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Clearly offense stats,with a bit of utility to make the 21/0/9,not a lot to say
here,I think my choises are obvious,just note one think,at utility I
put my last point at the buff increase,after 30 mins of battle,Greed
gives you 180 gold,360 after one hour,so...I believe that the buff
duration increase is better.

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Berseker Greaves : Clearly AS,someone can buy boots of ludicity to get
the stun faster and be able to get more hits on the enemy,but,i don't
think that escaping from sion is something easy...and I also don't
believe that if the enemy loses a fight you will be able to stun him for
a second time...if you are able to stun him once with the normal CD,I
think that you can do it twice even without the small amount of CDR that
the ludicity boots give,if the enemy won't flee,some may say that stun
cdr can be a good escape from a gank or a lost 1 v 1,but really,if you
get to stun him once,and then he is still behind you,I don't think that
you will be able to get a second stun in time even with cdr,so the 25%
is really better from it,really nice item to be your game boots.

Trinity Force : An item which gives all the starter stats that sion
needs to be competetive and because at early game,MR is not so big,you
deal both AP and AD,the good thing about that item it's that even though
it's 4000 G,it is seperated to 6 ---> 3 ---> 1,so that you can
improve your stats at early game,almost every time you recall.

Phantom Dancer : Phantom dancer is a must item for every AD player,it
gives all the necessary stats for a good DPS player, 55% attack speed
30% critical are all insane and cheap at this item,i combined it with
bloodthirster because at this point of the game you are gonna need some
more damage so instead of buying phantom dancer right away,you complete
some of its items,then you complete some of the bloodthirster,and then
you get it.

Bloodthirster : This item is great for so many reasons, first of all,20%
lifesteal,Attack damage and even more with every last hitting you
get,so...just what sion need in that part of the game,AD and
Lifesteal,which go perfectely with your high AS...Sweet.

Infinity Edge : It just continues Bloodthirster job,but it adds more Critical
chance + critical damage,plus damage.Even Sweeter.

Madred's Bloodrazor : An item with AD and AS,plus a good passive which let you deal huge damage especially in high hp chars.Will help get you more attack speed to dominate your opponents even harder,plus that the crits will deal more due to the AD increase.

Other options,those can be replacements only for Madred's IMO :

Black Cleaver : AS and AD are all nice,plus the passive to put down chars with a bit of armor,for heavy armor,prefer the next item.

Last Whisper : the best item for strong defenses,as it takes 40% of them away,I can only replace it with Black Cleaver ,other items are too valuable for me.

Survivability, :

Banshee's Veil : Good option for AP teams,especially with across maps ultimates like Karthus,Ezreal,Lux etc.

Guardian Angel : for balanced teams but again with across map ultimates.

Thornmail : Good for AD teams,hurts a lot due to it's passive.

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Skill Sequence(Optional)

Nothing too important here,I just put stun first to help you and your teammates get a FB to that rumbo lee sin , Jax etc. then i put the shield and last enrage,which is the first finished kill,due to his great ability to extend health,it really helps.

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Last hitting,never been so important at any char(MUST)

Okey guys,this is the chapter where I talk about my own Sion strategy,from the start of the game,i avoid teamfights(as much as I can,but if I can get to kill somebody without risking too much,I will,for sure),and try to get the last hit on minions to extend my health,just think about it,every last hit grants you health,if you focus on killing minions,you can extend your health,plus getting gold,plus when you buy bloodthirster,you earn stack from it,so it so nice that if you do that early game,late game you will own,you will be an AD carry with HP that normally a tank has,and it never stops to's the only skill I know with unlimited possibilities. IMO if people find out that,it will be farm farm!

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Summoner Spells(Optional)

Exhaust : A very good spell that works throughout the game,early,mid,late it's all great for that spell

Ghost : to be honest,I prefer flash,but I see most of the people with sion prefer it,I don't know why,but it's a really good spell anyway,that helps you to get the last hit or stun to finish off your target,and opposite

Other possibille spells:

Cleanse:lovely spell,can use it if you are the rambo style sion,or you like to push lanes and you risk yourself to be ganked with CC.

Flash : Flash is my favourite,but I think that ghost is better for everybody...I use the flash to start a gank,or flee from a gank,to turret dive stun - kill and then back fast,but ghost works better for everybody.

Ignite : Bored of running your opponent into tower,risking your own death,to while he is left with 50-100? ignite works for you,just do it and see him die slowly slowly :P

Bad spells:

Revive : hello I am gonna die a lot so I need revive.

Rally : Not for us.Just not for us.

Clarity : you are an AD champ, no need,you man you will use will be enough for you..

Teleport : let a stealth or aa support to get it,not for us.

Heal : can turn the tables,but no,it works only for first 5 lvl's then it gets useless due to lifesteal and to the big hp pool.

Clairvoyance : again for support.

Fortify : Although how much I love this spell which killed a WCG game btw,not for us,support again.

Promote : really?

Smite : No jungle,no smite.

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Why choose that build when there are so many others?(Optional)

As the title says,It has a very unique skill,he is the only AD champion that can be a tank simultaneously,and this build works great with it,tested.

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Ending with my build and guide,I would like to thank the guys that read the guys and tried my build, I am sorry for any spells mistake,I tried to be as simple as I could,I would be grateful if you could rate with comment,that's why I won't accept bad jugding,without any reason,again thank you
P.S. first guide,please don't be very strict,say your opinions in a nice way,and if you try it and it works,please post a picture or just say it,if you have any problems or questions,don't be afraid to ask,I check this build 3 times a day,if you don't like the build and the general idea,I respect your opinion,if you only write it with kindness,again thank you.

P.S.2 Soon I will be uploading a video and pictures to show that it works

P.S.3 The build will be updated with pictures of the items etc. as soon as possible.

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1.000 ---> First Build
1.001 ---> Changed madred's with another bloodthirster
Decided that because bloodthirsters it's better to have 200 AD and 50% Lifesteal in the end instead of madred's passive plus a small amount of damage and armor.