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Sion Build Guide by pogigod

AD sion, crit healer

AD sion, crit healer

Updated on October 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pogigod Build Guide By pogigod 2,183 Views 0 Comments
2,183 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author pogigod Sion Build Guide By pogigod Updated on October 17, 2011
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Hello, Im new to making these guides so forgive me if i dont cover everything. I used to play tryn alot before his rework, and one of the things with him was you actually didnt need attack dmg items early on because of his increased crit dmg. Well when he got reworked i started playing sion and i noticed something awesome. Sion DOESNT need damaging items early on because of his "E". It gives him all the damage he needs early on.

Anyway, with this build you have to be EXTREMELY carefull early game. You dont have a getaway so your really easy to gank before 6. You dont have a champion to harass with at all. Your only objective before level 6 is to farm, master last hitting. Remember that once you hit level 3 you can hit the casters and kill them in one hit after tower hits ect. You farm up fast and get that Wriggles ASAP, that is once you can start getting bossy in the lane. You will have a perminate ward in your bushes so u wont be easy to gank, and your healing alot and one hitting alot of minions.

Once you have merc treds and wriggles you go for those phantom dancers. It is entirely up to you wiether u get 2 zeals first or go straight to a phantom. Once the second phantom dancer is finished you should have 200 CS and NOONE should be able to 1v1 or even 2v1 you. With your ult active your healing for about 300hp a second, and doing a ****ton of dmg to enemy champions.

NEVER and I repeat myself NEVER stop farming as sion, its the most important thing to do. It gives you that extra HP and the dmg from your atmas. I dont know how many times ive been dropped to 50 hp in a team fight after being stunlocked, and being able to heal to full in a matter of 4 swings. That is the reason merc treds are so vital to sion. In late game team fights they HAVE to focus you, if they dont your heals keep your team up and ur just a a ****ton of dps. But if they focus you, they better hope they can burst you, becuase once your ult is up, ONE auto attack will be healing for 700-1200 depending on how lategame it is.

I'm proud to say ive never lost a game with sion in which i finished my build. Its just almost impossible in team fights to kill him unless you blow ALL your stunns and dps on him so he cant auto attack, but like i said before then your team should just finish them
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I know this is VERY wierd to have all crit dmg runes, but when end game your critting for 1k+ it works. I've actually attacked a minion wave in a team fight before so my crits would do max for healing, when your healing all your teammates for 600HP every second it makes a huge difference in a team fight
League of Legends Build Guide Author pogigod
pogigod Sion Guide
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AD sion, crit healer

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