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Sion Build Guide by TipTopBoz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TipTopBoz

AD Sion - No Weakness

TipTopBoz Last updated on June 15, 2012
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This build WORK. Sometimes people look at my build and say : haha what a troll! When I get in front of them with this build, I can guarantee you they are not laughing anymore, since they died in a matter of millisecond.

Sion is a champion scaling on attack speed, lifesteal and attack damage.

You need to buy item that give you that. Maybe one exception, is attack damage, but like I said at the start of my build, you can just switch one phantom dancer for atma Impaler, you will be attacking a bit slower but you will hit much more harder. It depends of how you feel it.

A good sion is a sion with a RED AXE. If you have a sion in your team, and his axe isnt red, hes either forgoting to activate it, or just new to the game. Tell him to turn his enrage on, if it happens.

I didnt talk much about laning in my build, I will do it later, but I can still say a little word about it. Sion is a solo top, but can go mid, ap or ad, it works both. Bot lane is not your place, you need farming, you cant take creep of your ad carry like that. But if it's not ranked, or your playing with a friend, you can go bot no problem.

Sion is an excellent jungle, just because of his stun. I will write an entire build for Jungle sion, when I will have the time. Jungling is hard, and when you dont have a natural jungler, its much more harder too, but it works pretty much since you have a wriggle in your build anyway.

Well, for now thats about it, please post comment and vote to improve my build.

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Pros / Cons


-Best ULT of the game.
-Killing machine late game.
-One of those champion who can take 2 guys at the same time.
-Terribly fun to play.
-Free health, free damage, no need of item for both of them.( how I play it at least)
-I dont feel like Sion is weak early game.


-Pretty ugly.
-No green aura like on the standard skin :*(
-cant win on a 1v5 if too much crowd control :(

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Summoner Spells


Flash, because it's fun to flash out of a fight instead of just dying like a moron.
This spell is good on everybody, it gives you an escape move when you are in a hard situation.
Take it.

Why would you not take flash? If you are playing a champion that already have a flash, like Ezreal, or if your champ does have an escape move already. But this spell is just a necessity.

After that, you can contest my choice. I took Exhaust, because I love to see people running away with my ult on but whatever they do, cant run faster than a turtle. I use it in an offensive manner but you can use it to survive to a gank by slowing your ganker. Just because it's a spell that you can use in two different ways, I prefer it to ignite.

You don't need ghost, with this build, you can compete with Master Yi speed anytime.

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About the runes...
Pretty simple.

You wanna do ATTACK damage. You want to kill EARLY.

Take armor penetration runes, thats all you need to hit hard early.

Since your a "tank" (kind of, sion can virtually do anything), you need armor and magic resist, and if you by the chance you go mid, you will need that extra magic def. against a pesky Ahri.

I believe you can take other rune and all, but I dont see what can be better than that, for what I want.

attack damage runes??? I feel its a waste since Enrage give me that for free. I prefer buying runes for the thing I lack.

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Pretty simple.

You want Veterans's scars for the +30 health to be able to survive at the early stage of the game. The rest is all offense, you want attack speed, you want lifesteal, you want attack damage, etc. More armor penetration too is good.

Since your a fighter, take armor resist and magic resist whenever you can, since you dont have space to build defensive item.

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Skill Sequence

About the skill sequence....

Pretty simple, you wanna max ENRAGE as soon as possible, since this spell is going to be your "health item" that you will improve throughout the game.

What you need after is your shield, that will mostly use in a defense purpose, since your not going AP.Still, with this you can take a bit more damage, and can farm much more easier.Try to activate it when your opponent is going for a spell(example: Nasus "Q").

The last spell of Sion is his stun, take one point pretty early, and max it at the end. You can use it either to get the **** out of a gank or just killing your opponent. If you farm well, you will get enough life to survive any gank, too.

The last thing is your ultimate, put a point whenever you can, because it's simply one of the best ult in the game. This ult can make a 1v2 turn in your favor. If they feel a bit greedy and want to dive you when you are at about 40% of your health, start your ult, stun the weaker one and hit him. With the tower on your back, you can get surprising result.

Then again, if you feel like getting ganked pretty early,you can take your stun level 3 instead of level 4.

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You start with a regrowth pendant, to get enough substain to survive versus anybody you would get at top, with a potion.

If you killed you opponent one or two time, and you have enough cash to get philo and your Mercury Thread, do that, otherwise just get your philosopher stone and a pair of normal boot.

The second trip is to get your wriggle, where you gonna start to farm like a boss, and this is a really good item that synergize with your ultimate, which give you much more lifesteal.

You need to get stronger in every aspect of the game, its now that you gonna start your trinity force. When this item is finished, your pretty much unkilleable. I personnally add three Phantom dancer for more attack speed, then again synergize with your op ultimate. If the game is long enough, replace your wriggle for a bloodthirster.

I know the build is kinda ******ed, but it actually works pretty well, since im winning pretty much all my games with Sion with this build.

Dont get any health item, you don't need those kind of items. If you manage to farm well, like 250-300 CS, you will get your 3500-3600 pretty easily. If you want more damage, take an Atma Impaler instead of one of the phantom dancer.

Thats pretty much it, good luck with my build de crinqué!